Forever 21+ : Spring Haul

This is my second time ordering from Forever 21. Although I often lust after their Plus Size clothing range. My first haul was a few months ago – when I was just beginning out blogging. aww, n00bie. Read it here.

This time around – things were different. OK, postage was still ridiculously expensive, but it was uber fast. like less than a week. I also has a little more of an idea what size I should be ordering – I went for a size smaller than most of the items I ordered back in January – so it was still a little gamble – but a gamble that paid off as EVERYTHING has fit perfectly!

I’m so excited to show off my haul!

The postage damage was $58. It arrived in less that a week – which is unbelievable in terms of postage speed from the US!

HOT TIP: I typed Forever 21 discount code into google and came across one which got me a 10% discount. It’s worth a shot! It snuck me under a postage bracket, so ended up actually saving me quite a bit of money.

Size wise – I’m going to draw comparisons between Forever 21 plus size clothes, and other plus size and straight size retailers (Like City Chic, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, ASOS, Autograph) . They are just my opinions – but I hope they help!

Fab Skinny Jeans

I don’t have a photo as I’ve been wearing them constantly since they arrived, and now, they are in the wash!

Size Ordered: US12
Size felt like: AU16 from a straight size store. A 16 from Dorothy Perkins or New Look. Slightly smaller than a 14 in City Chic or Autograph.
Paid USD: $14.80
Pros and Cons: The fit and cut is amazing. The material is a little thin – but, HELLO! I just paid less than $15 for plus size jeans. I would buy them over and over again. Good amount of stretch. Held their shape after an entire weekend of wearing them. Not too low cut (but not high cut). “Fab” is definitely the appropriate word.
Buy them here

Eye-Catching Cutout Sweater

Size Ordered: USXL
Size felt like: AU16. Similar to a XS in City Chic or a 14 in Autograph. On par with a 16/18 in Dorothy Perkins or New Look or ASOS.
Paid USD: $24.80
Pros and Cons: Love the Khaki colour of this – and the cold shoulder. Like of a military vibe, but really sexy, without actually showing anything off. The jumper did show some signs of wear only after a few hours – but I was wearing a pointy necklace (and drinking) so I don’t think it can really be the jumper’s fault. The length is good, hits me just below the bottom of my fly.
Buy them here

Splash-Making Geo Swimsuit

Here’s the model.


Size Ordered: US 1X
Size felt like: Smaller than a CC XS or Autograph 14. On part with a straight size AU16 I guess. I havent ordered many swimsuits from overseas
Paid USD: $29.80
Pros and Cons: The colours are phenomenal. I am SO GLAD I read the reviews on this one which all said to size up. So I did. I’m 5’7 (169cms) so not tall or short – and this one is quite short in the body. The print hides a million sins and the colours are amazing. Cant wait to wear this one in Fiji. I’d pay $100 for it if it had cups instead of a shelf bra.
Buy them here

Cutout Polka Dot Bow Tee

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: City Chic XS, Autograph 14. Straight size 16/18.
Paid USD: $10.80
Pros and Cons: I lusted after this for so long and now I have it – It’s great, but I haven’t worn it. I’m not sure how I will style it. and its a little thin. I still really like it – but it is in danger of getting pushed to the back of the closet.
Buy them here

Celestial Skater Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: Smaller than City Chic or Autograph. Straight size AU or UK 16.
Paid USD: $24.80
Pros and Cons: Technically, I bought this for my sister-in-law. Sorry Mel, but I’m hoping *hardcore* that your boobs wont fit in this stunning dress so I can steal it all for myself!!! Its amazing. I LOVE IT. But buyer-be-warned – Its tight in the boob-department. I was able to squeeze and squash my double D’s in there – not sure Mel will have the same luck. I can always borrow it if it does fit! The material is light and floaty – perfect for wearing out in the heat of summer!
Buy them here

Geo Peplum Bodycon Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: CC XS, Autograph 14, Straight size 16/18 (mainly because of the stretch)
Paid USD: $22.80
Pros and Cons: It’s on the short side – but OMG I love it. Such a great peplum length. So sexy, and yet office appropriate. I’ve worn it twice in the office already. The print is great – heaps of stretch. So comfy to wear, and so polished. Material is a thick stretchy material.
Buy them here

Basic Peplum Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: CC XS, Autograph 14, Straight size 16/18 (mainly because of the stretch)
Paid USD: $17.80
Pros and Cons: Easy, breezy, beautiful. Again, a touch on the short side – but the Forever 21+ line is junior plus sizes – they are meant for younger ladies – it’s a youthful hemline. Material is thinner than the other peplum dress, but no issues.
Buy them here

Destroyed Acid Wash Skinny Jeans


Size Ordered: 12
Size felt like: At first, smaller than an Autograph or City Chic 14, but after a few hours, they had a bit of give.
Paid USD: $27.80
Pros and Cons: I’m in love and have gone to destroyed denim heaven. Learned my first lesson this weekend re: wearing destroyed denim – wear sunscreen on your thighs! Lets just say I have very interesting sunburn this week.
Buy them here

Bold Peplum Combo Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: CC XS, Autograph 14. Straight size 16.
Paid USD: $24.80
Pros and Cons: Love the back – this was an impulse buy and I didn’t even notice the cut outs – its done really well so I can still wear my normal bra. Again, on the short side, but not unwearably so. Material is thick and stretch. Very comfortable to wear, with some wow-factor at the back.
Buy them here

Aussie Curves {Vulnerable side}

Aussie Curves

So today’s the day shit gets real. Its Vulnerability Week in the Aussie Curves Challenge.

As a general rule, I don’t talk about my weightloss on my blog. I get emails, I respond to comments on Facebook or Instagram – but I’ve never posted about it. Why? Because its intensely personal and related to our struggle with fertility. Other very brave women have been open about sharing their TTC (long term trying to conceive) journey online. When I started my blog, my husband and I worked out what was ok and not ok to share. Our quest for children is one of those things on the ‘not ok’ list.

So, the weight loss? The short version: I was sick – doctors, many doctors, dismissed me as a lazy fat girl who obviously made poor food choices and didn’t exercise enough. I wasn’t in some medical ‘too hard‘ basket – I was in a medical ‘can’t be bothered basket‘. That assumption by those doctors has cost me and my body dearly. Until one doctor, decided to listen with her ears instead of judging with her eyes. She put her faith in me, I trusted her, and after many months and a lot (a lot) of tests, she was able to diagnose my issues.
I began to lose weight. 10years worth of weight. The real reason I don’t talk about my weight loss is because of this great expectation about how much happier I should be now. There’s two things that really irk me about that assumption. Firstly, it came at a cost. The weight loss and my ‘recovery’ are tied to feelings of anger, inadequacy, loss and grief. Secondly, my life is not better now simply because I now weigh less.

Lets get something straight – my life is fabulous. It always has been. I’m lucky. I’m charmed. I have a beautiful family, great friends, I’ve travelled the world, met and married the love of my life. My weight did not make my life any less fabulous, and being skinnier does not make my life any better. It doesn’t even make my wardrobe any better!

Vulnerability week was my suggestion. Why? I guess it’s because I feel like a bit of a fraud when people ask me about my weight loss secrets. I have no secrets. I feel like a big of a fraud when I get compliments about my body. Yes, I dress well, I know how to stand in photographs, I edit all my pics and only post the ones I’m happiest with online. It’s like an edited version of my life where I always look my best. I feel like a bit of a fraud when girls write that they wish they had my body, or my confidence. Confidence is not something you can just sit there and wish for – you have to work at it – consciously put effort it to change your own way of viewing your world.

I am fairly confident, but being confident doesn’t mean that little voice of doubt in your mind doesn’t exist. It exists. Some days, it’s only a whisper and it’s easy to ignore. Other days, it screams at my reflection in the mirror and makes it hard to walk out the door. I don’t have many of those days, but they do happen.

So, as far as I’m concerned, vulnerability week is about de-powering that voice, by accepting all parts of myself.

In many ways, my vulnerability about my arms has only come about since my weight loss. When my arms were round and in proportion with my body – I never really took notice. I wore strapless dresses without a second thought. I only ever wore a cardigan or bolero when I was genuinely cold. 70kgs later, and the skin that used to house my lovely plump arms now bothers me. It’s bothers me more than I would like to admit.

If you follow my on Instagram (@iCurvy) you would have seen a cute version of this photo the other day. Here’s the real version.

Aussie Curves_Vulnerable3.jpg
It actually caused a mini breakdown in the shopping centre when I saw it. A quick re-shoot, change of pose, edit, and a different version was posted online.

But this photo has affected me for the last couple days. I came home from shopping and immediately changed my outfit. I thought about it when I was trying to choose what to wear on Sunday, and this morning. I thought about it when I was about to run and scoop my 2 year old godson up at his birthday party, I thought about it again at my husbands football game when I saw a family friend in the crowd and went to wave.

I believe that it takes conscious active effort to build your own confidence – compliments from others, and a supportive community (like AC) is wonderful, but it only goes so far. YOU have to decide to be OK with your body. You don’t have to love it all (although I firmly believe that life would be better if I could). I’m not sure I will ever get to a stage where I love every part of myself. But I will work towards it – and right now, I’m OK with the parts of my body that make me feel vulnerable. Those arms are the same ones that carried my backpack around the world, they are the same arms that embrace my husband each day, the same ones my dad proudly walked down the aisle, the same ones that accepted my degree, the same ones that I use to cuddle my nieces, nephew, and godson. They help me to express my love and warmth to the world. They fly about in animated conversation – the same way my Italian grandmother’s used to… They are mine. And they are same ones that, hopefully one day, will hold a baby of our own.

Aussie Curves_Vulnerable2.jpg

For the record, yes, I thought about that picture when I picked out my outfit on Sunday… But it was 28 degrees so I wore a singlet top anyway. Yep, I thought about that picture when I saw my friend at the footy, but I still waved my arms around like a crazy woman so we could catch up and share some laughs sitting in the sun, and absolutely, I thought about that picture when I was about to scoop up my godson, and it didn’t stop me – he was up, off the ground and flying around above my head in a second – giggling his head off. That’s the stuff life is made of… I hope I never let my insecurities hold me back from the stuff that really matters in life.

I hope that yours do not hold you back.

I figure, as an old lady, looking back on my life, I’m not going to remember all those times I covered up and was relieved that no one noticed my arms – it’s the moments with friends in the sunshine, it’s the giggles of the children that mean the world to me, and the embraces with the man I love. Right now, I owe it to that old lady to pack my life full with as many of those moments as possible.

Aussie Curves_Vulnerable.jpg

So not many pictures this week – for the record, my “Fresh” outfit – the muscle tee is from New Look and the skinny jeans from Forever 21. Today’s peplum dress is also from Forever 21… Which means… You guessed it… I have a haul post coming later this week!

I look forward to seeing how the other Aussie Curves ladies have interpreted this weeks theme. I thank each and everyone one of you who likes and comments on my pics or blog for helping to grow my confidence strong. I hope that I am able to do the same for you.

551731_4546414217835_273813776_n disclaimer_aussiecurves12

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Who doesn’t love a flash sale!

So y’all loved my post on where to buy great work pants… And now I have some news that’s definitely squeal-worthy!

Remember these fabulous wide leg pants from Christine Kardashian? (I’m wearing a size 2 – AU14)


Well… What if I told you, you can snap them up for only $50AUD (Including delivery)?

Want even better news? their entire current collection will be on sale for $50 each!

For some amazing pieces like the wide-leg jumpsuit that I’ve been lusting after – that’s $395 down to only $50.

The Flash ‘Fifty’ Sale

What’s the catch? Well, we all wait with baited breath for the sale to begin as it will start with once Christine Kardasian receives 1050 likes on Facebook. Which is great news – because you can help this sale launch ASAP by heading over to their Facebook page and hitting the like button! Super keen for designer clothes at a bargain price? Share the page. Get your friends, your mum, your sister, that girl from high school that you didn’t even talk to but are somehow friends on Facebook to Like the Christine Kardashian Facebook Page

I’m as keen as you guys to get this sale up and running. More information about the sale can be found here.

Here are a couple of pieces I have my eye on:




So… Hop to it! Get liking, and score some Australian Designer clothes for an absolute steal!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I’m just as keen as you to take advantage of the sale! I need that jumpsuit in my life!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney!

Thanks to Styling You and Maybelline, last night I got a behind the scenes peek at the opening night of Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney 2013 (mbffs). #luckiestgirlever

In what could only be described as a state of outfit paranoia – I had a massively difficult time choosing what to wear… I didn’t actually decide on an outfit until the morning of, and I packed 2 spares just in case.


In the end – the Sydney cold snap dictated my outfit. I had been waiting on a Metallic Kardashian Kollection Blazer from Dorothy Perkins (it didn’t arrive in time) but then I found my white tuxedo jacket hanging in the back of the closet and the outfit came together from there… The hero of the entire outfit is undoubtedly these sky-high Stiletto shoes from Wanted. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have them… And by the time I got some in my size delivered to a store near me, they were on sale for $40! BARGAIN!!


So the neon pop meant that the rest of my outfit had to be neutral. I knew I wanted to wear my Harlow Wet and Wild Scuba leggings – I have been working up the courage to wear them as pants and last night was the perfect excuse. The denim shirt was a last minute choice made whilst standing in my bra exasperatedly cursing at my closet – and as soon as I slipped it on, I knew it was perfect!

To add a little bling, I wore a Guess watch my hubby bought me for Christmas a few years ago, and used some blingy stud earrings as collar tips to add some spice to the top. With the pop of neon yellow in the shoes, I felt unfinished without another pop – so I headed off to Kmart at 7am before work yesterday – and they pulled through big time with the neon yellow bangle! Seriously – where else could you go at 7am to find a last minute neon accessory! It may not be cutting edge designer fashion – but Kmart saved my butt for mbffs!


Shirt: Denim Top from Dorothy Perkins
Pants: Wet and Wild Scuba Leggings from Harlow
Jacket: White Tuxedo blazer from Tempt
Collar tips: Studs from eQuip
Shoes: Chevron Stilettos from
Wanted – Get them here
Bangle: Neon bangle from Kmart

Arriving at Town Hall with plenty of time before the trends show – I was slipped past the waiting paparazzi (ok, they were not at all interested in me – although some tried to take some pics of my shoes as I walked up town hall steps – talk about intimidating – please don’t fall, please don’t fall, PLEASE DON’T FALL – luckily i was able to master the stairs and was whisked away by fabulous fashiony-types to a private room where I was treated to nibbles and champers. Hosted by the vivacious Nikki from Styling You and Maybelline, we chatted and had photos taken (and scored an amazing gift bag of goodies!).


Next we were off on a behind the scenes tour! With only an hour until show time – I couldn’t believe the calm backstage… The dressing area was full of beautiful clothes and an army of dressers and assistants dutifully standing by their racks – but not a model in sight… Until we got to hair and makeup! It was a buzzing hive of activity. I can’t believe the incredible Nigel Stanislaus (Maybelline New York Makeup Director) took time out to explain the trends look for this evening show. From a hair and makeup perspective – it was all about youth.






Created though contouring, an animated Nigel spoke us through a how-to for chiseled cheekbones. The most prominent look was the Boy Brows – thick, straight and strong was being showcased. I’m not sure I could pull it off – but the models looks amazing. Next it was over to the head Hair designer from Redkin, who explained that the hair tonight was also about youth – through texture. Most of the girls had strong side parts with low sitting pony tails. No stick looks here – it was about natural looking hair. For me – kinda like a kid whose been out playing all day.



From there it was over to take a look at the runway, where we met the flawless Ruby Rose (Maybelline ambassador) who was rocking the boy brow look. Her hair was so many shades of pink, purple, blue and white – she looked like effortless perfection. Lets just say, it did my self esteem no favours standing so close to someone that beautiful! She chatted away, obliged for some happy snaps – could not have been nicer and more easy going. For a woman in such high demand – she certainly didn’t treat anyone like she was in a rush, and we had a great time chatting away and talking about the trends show.



Finding our seats, I turn to my left and happen to be sitting next to Katy Potaty! She was so lovely in person! More excited chatter, before a glitter cannon went off and it was time for the main event!


…and it surpassed my expectations. Running for a full hour – I lost count at about 15 designers who had showcased their work. I tell you what – digital mirror prints are going to be massive next season. Other trends were use of textures like leather and lace for summer, loads of exposed zippers, colour everywhere, and super itty bitty bikinis!


After the show we headed downstairs to the Style Hub, and were met with an array of treats from the various sponsors. And cocktails. And nibbles. And icecreams. And freebies.

Maybelline had a touch up studio – which I immediately got them to darken my brows a bit – and I tried their new Whisper Colour lipstick. I went bold with a hot pink shade to match my neon pops – Pink Possibilities it was a fabulous shade on me if I do say so myself.


My fabulous shoes were getting fabulously painful, and just in the nick of time, the house lights came up and it was time to say goodbye. Not before another goody bag was thrown my way – with a great mix of little gifts from all the sponsors. I cannot believe how lucky I was to get to go – I had the most fabulous night.

This chicky is a blogger, not a model. I carried flats in my bag, and as soon as we were out the door… The stilettos were off and my feet were rejoicing in flats.

A huge thank you to Nikki from Styling You for hosting the night, and of course, Maybelline for all their fabulousness and gifts.

For anyone that wants to get along, I believe you can still purchase some tickets to some events over the next few days – you would just have to check out the MBFFS website for more info…

There are a heap more photos – I will post them all on my facebook page – see the album here!

I’m still on my fashion high, and I don’t think I’ll be coming down any time soon!

Aussie Curves {Work}

Aussie Curves

This week’s Aussie Curves Theme is Work… and I’m going to tackle an issue that comes up on the AC wall all the time… Where to find great work pants.

Plain Black Work Pants are an absolute staple of my work wardrobe. Like a great canvas for a bold cami or statement necklace, great black pants are an essential wardrobe piece… But finding the right style can be very hard… I struggled for years finding great plus size work pants, but i think I’ve finally got the formula right, so I’m going to show you my three favorites.



These are my favorite pants *in the world* and I wear them to work all the time. I actually own three pair of these pants – one I keep for ‘good’ occasions, and the other two get worn weekly. Dorothy Perkins Supersoft Eden Skinny leg Jeggings are available up to a size 22. Size down for a great long lasting fit. I’ve had these 16R for months and months – still no bum sag! My ‘good’ pair are 14R and are the newest pair. They also come in Tall – not required for me, but I know it’s important info for some of you!


They are the least corporate of my work pants, and often get a run on days I have a lot of internal meetings (or those rare gems when I have no meetings!). I pair them a-lot with my slouchy Best & Less Blazers (yes, I have them in all the colours) or patterned/coloured blazers for a funky yet professional look. In these pictures, I’m wearing them with a plain black singlet, statement necklace from New Look, and my collarless Ombré blazer from Suzanne Grae…




A few weeks ago I was sent these gorgeous Wide Leg pants from Christine Kardashian after being named their In-betweener Blogger of the Week. The cut and fit of these pants are impeccable and they have quickly become a wardrobe staple. I love how dressy they are – and I can effortlessly look corporate, stylish and comfortable at the same time. I’m wearing a size 2.


The high waist is uber stylish – I tend not to wear a jacket with these pants – and if I was going to, it would have to be crop length to emphasis the great cut and line of the pants. Heels are a must for me in Wide Leg pants – the higher the better to elongate my shape.

To show these pants off properly, I always wear something tucked in – like my Dorothy Perkins Alphabet Shirt with cut out shoulders, and I’m also wearing a blingy necklace from eQuip.




The City Chic TDF work pants range coped a lot of flack – but I’m not sure why – I love them! And because they were unpopular – I got them for only $10 at the City Chic Factory Outlet in Campbelltown (naturally I bought a few). I’m wearing the pear shape, size 14. They are vanilla – easy to wear, easy to style, but a bit bland and safe. But, play a very important role in my work wardrobe, and regularly are paired with a peplum top for an easy no-thinking-required outfit (usually Monday morning!) that always looks good.


Here I have gone with a plain black singlet and this cute City Chic pinstripe jacket with suede elbow patches.


There you go – that’s my round up on Plus Size Black Work Pants or Trousers. I know it used to be something that I struggled to find, so I hope I’ve been able to show some different looks and you can find one that works for you!

What cut do you prefer… Skinny? Wide Leg? Or Bootcut?

Make sure you check out all the fabulous Aussie Curves ladies and look out for the #aussiecurves on Instagram.
551731_4546414217835_273813776_n disclaimer_aussiecurves12

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Floral Pants – Three ways (Part 3)… The round up!

For the last two days I have been styling these statement Floral Pants from Autograph. Getting a good cost per wear is important – and being able to style a strong print piece in completely different ways is the best way to get value from a statement piece.

After covering off Work and Casual – it’s time to have some fun and style it for a Night out!


Today I’ve paired the pants with a black and mesh bodysuit from New Look. The bodysuit gives me a great smooth line, and always stays in place. Not wanting to take away from the neckline of the bodysuit, I decided on a statement belt and some big gold earrings to match…



I added some sky high platform heels from Torrid – I’m not particularly short or tall (169cms) – but I do find that some killer heels with ankle length pants makes my legs look extra long. I usually avoid 7/8th or crop pants for fear of making me look short and stumpy – but with a good pair of heels – I think they actually have the opposite effect and make me look taller. You know that ‘rule’ about having a garment finish at the skinniest part of your leg – I think my ankles are the skinniest part of me leg – and the 7/8th length is quite flattering. This style managed to surprise me!



Top: Mesh Bodysuit from New Look
Pants: Autograph Floral Pants
Belt: City Chic
Heels: Torrid
Earrings: A present from Secret Santa last year
Jacket: Sequin Bomber Jacket from Harlow



In a stroke of serendipity – these pants are now ON SALE (All pants at Autograph are $40 for a limited time) so if you like them – be quick to snap up a pair!

So that’s it – getting value from a statement pair of pants by wearing them different ways… Which was your favorite look?


Disclosure: This post was made in partnership with Autograph

Floral Pants: Three ways (Part 2)

Remember these pants?

You should, I was only talking about them yesterday! Aren’t they fab?

So yesterday I styled up these great Autograph Fashion Floral pants for work – and today I’m having some fun and going bright – really bright!


This neon top was in Sussans – and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love! I actually find wearing it with a print tones it down a bit – with plain black pants it can be pretty blinding. With so many fabulous hues in the print of these pants – it’s easy to find a bright coloured top to match in.

I’ve kept the accessories simple and black – there’s more than enough going on without introducing another element.


Pants: Autograph Fashion Floral Pants. I’m wearing size 14.
Top: Sussans Neon Pink Top. I’m wearing size 12.
Wedges: Kmart
Necklace: hmmm… It’s really old, I’m sorry I don’t remember…

The same look can be achieved by choosing any one of the fabulous colours in the print! On the Autograph website – I also found this Turquiose Lattice Back Shirt, or if your quick, you could snap this Autograph Fuchsia Peplum on SALE which would also look great paired with these pants!

Aaaaaand tomorrow I’ll be styling these beauties for a night out!

HOT BREAKING NEWS!!! These pants are now on sale for just $40! All Autograph pants are on sale for a limited time only so make sure you head over there now to check out the sale!

Disclosure: This post was made in partnership with Autograph

Getting VALUE from a statement piece: Floral Pants (three ways)

There are some freaking fabulous spring prints hitting the shops right now. Bold, colourful, vivid statement pieces – the perfect introduction to spring time!

So, I began by asking all of you – what stops you from purchasing a bold print? All the answers were along the same 2 themes – what “plus size girls should/shouldn’t wear” and “getting value from such a memorable print”.

On the first issue, I could write an essay on the topic, but I have recently read two blog posts which sum up my own feelings perfectly. The first is an empowerment post by the beautiful Killer Kurves – talking about the ‘rules’ plus size women put on themselves – I love the sentiment of her post, which is… If you like it, wear it – dress for you! The other post was by The Curvy Fashionista, asking readers/followers to consider the impact of their words and compelling the plus size community for acceptance and diversity.

These fabulous bloggers have been able to sum up my thoughts on the first matter far more eloquently that I am able to… so I will stick to the second concern – getting value from a statement piece (and since that’s the title of this post, it should have been kinda obvious where I was going)…

I’m all for repeating outfits in different groups and different settings. I break my purchases down into an acceptable cost-per-wear dollar figure before committing to buy. A bold statement print, especially something that’s fabulously memorable, can be more difficult to get a good cost-per-wear out of… So here are some ideas for getting the most value out of a Statement Piece.

For the next three days, I will be showing you different ways of styling these awesome print Floral Pants from Autograph Fashion. Today, I’ll style then up for work, and over the next couple days, I’ll show you some more ways to wear them.


For me, being able to wear something for work means I’m able to justify the purchase even further as I’m always at work. I work in a fairly corporate HR environment but I like having some fun in my wardrobe. These pants are perfect for a Friday when I have meetings. I’m rarely in jeans in a casual Friday – it’s just not right for my position – but I love to find ways that I can still join in on the casual Friday vibe while still looking corporate.


This slouchy blazer fits really well with the chilled-out but corporate vibe and was an absolute steal from Best and Less. I do a fair amount of walking at work – with 80 Buildings on 70 hectares and back-to-back meetings, sometimes it feels like a cross country dash, so flats are a must – I love these flats from Target – the metallic toe cap is like a piece of shoe-jewellery!


I’ve kept these pictures very genuine (I literally have taken them on my way to work) – I have to wear a security pass and lanyard at work – so I haven’t put on a pendant – although looking at the pictures – I think the outfit could have really popped with a shiny long pendant… Something like this would have been perfect!


Pants: Autograph Floral Pants
Singlet: Autograph Basic Tank
Blazer: Best & Less
Shoes: Target


Come back tomorrow and I’m going to style these pants with a more casual look!

Disclosure: This post was made in partnership with Autograph

Aussie Curves {Feminine}

Aussie Curves

It’s feminine week in the Aussie Curves Challenge, and I started out this week the same way that I start most mornings… staring blankly into my wardrobe hoping that inspiration will jump out at me. This week it did – it almost knocked me completely off my feet as I was digging around right in the back. You see, I have a collection of tshirts carefully packed away into a storage box way tucked in the back of my closet. I picked them up from all over – backpacking, concerts, tours, pub crawls, music festivals… While the smells (thank god) are long gone, just looking at them I am transported back and can hear the sounds and laughter, and remember an incredibly fun and carefree part of my life.

But I never wear them. They are boxy. Man-ish. Masculine. And then, I saw this post by Liv at Wait Until the Sunset. She solved the great puzzle of how to make a band tshirt feminine – a girly floral skirt! Genius!

So the other day, this cute floral skater skirt was on sale at New Look, and it made its way into my cart, across the world, and into my wardrobe!

As I began digging through my box of treasured memories, I got so excited about the thought of wearing them again. So many memories, so many wonderful places – I couldn’t possibly pick between them. I pulled out my Splendour In The Grass festival tee, and one I picked up my first time at Oktoberfest in Munich (I’ve been three times). Both of these tees mean so much to me – its lovely to have them out and about instead of locked up in the back of the closet. So instead of picking one over the other, I have done the look with both – and you can see how versatile this look is as I think it looks great with either shirt!



So short and sweet today – thanks Liv, I’m a total convert to the floral skirt/band tshirt look!


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Style Me Friday {Leopard Print}

It’s time for this week’s Style me Friday Challenge, and I was all excited to push my boundaries and get me some leopard print.

I know Eboni rocks the hell out of her Leopard print, but I’ve always had a phobia about wearing it, stemming from the American Pie movies… I’ve posted about that irrational fear before

I headed to the shops with every intention of conquering my fear… But I just couldn’t find anything that really grabbed me… Until I saw this blazer. I’m so jealous of Eboni’s white blazer – it’s so versatile and looks so smart. This Suzanne Grae Blazer seemed to be the best of both worlds – stylish blazer, with a little animalistic edge.

To keep the look up to date with this season, I’ve gone for monochrome, with gaudy four tone metal chain for some serious cool factor.

I love the rock look of this outfit by Style Pantry. I always associate Blazers with a Work look, so I loved the easy breezy weekend rock vibe of this photo.

Doing something I NEVER really do – I’m wearing leggings as pants today.


Jacket: Ombre Collarless Blazer – Suzanne Grae
Leggings: Wet and Wild Scuba Legging from Harlow
Top: Black Singlet from Kmart
Necklace: New Look
Heels: Torrid
Sunglasses: ASOS