A peek inside…. My puppies

Get your mind out of the gutter!

My “peek inside” posts will hopefully give you a bit more insight into me and my life – not just my outfits and clothes – afterall – there is a little more to me than what I wear and the clothes I drool over 🙂

So, drum roll please… I’d like to introduce you to my puppies – Boston and Squirt.


Boston and Squirt are both Pug x Tibetian Spaniels.

The Good Dog

Boston aka the Good Dog is three years old, well trained, thoughtful and more human than dog. In a weird genetic throwback – he has somehow ended up with long hair – which we have trimmed in summer – or whenever he has to huff to get it out of his eyes. This makes me feel very guilty (bad mum) and he gets a haircut…

The Bad Dog

Squirt aka Bad Dog was the runt of the litter and suffers from an extreme case of ‘little man syndrome’. Although very affectionate, he yaps at everything, and is always sooking if he feels like he is being left out of ANYTHING!

But – I still love them both dearly.

No eyes 😦 Huff! I need a haircut… Oops! Bad mum


Thinks he is missing out on something inside the iphone

I think they can tell that my husband and I are off on holidays soon (the massive suitcases may have given it away!) because they are being extra affectionate.







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