OMG Onsen

An Onsen in a traditional Japanese hot spring bath. My bestie and I headed out today for our first Onsen experience.

While you can get indoor, outdoor, mixed and single sex Onsens – the one thing that is constant is that you must use an Onsen naked. That’s right, public nudity – two words that strike fear right into the heart of most curvy girls.

So, in my head I have been waging an internal struggle between wanting to experience this amazing cultural (and not to mention healing) Onsen, and not wanting to have my rolls out in public… And what I realized is that being fat has held me back from so many things – last year I didn’t go white water rafting with my friends as not only did I not want to be seen in a wetsuit, but I was sure I wouldn’t be able to pull myself back into the raft if I fell out. I haven’t been to a nightclub in ages because of the looks from gorgeous girls. I read a really interesting blog yesterday by Modish Maracas about women reclaiming their arms – with the main point being – the only people who care about fat arms are fat girls. At the end of the day – no one is going to be looking and judging my big fat ass – they will be too worried about the way their own butt looks to be judging others. My bestie (who has an amazing body) confirmed this – even she was worried about getting her body out in public. Which is probably a bit of a sad comment about the way women look at themselves – but it is a notion for another time…

Plus, I figure if people are going to stare at my butt, it’s not going to be because its a huge fat ass – they are going to be mesmerized by my giant nasty ass bruises from snowboarding 🙂

So, off to the Onsen we went 🙂 we chose to go to one at the other end of town, women only with an outdoor pool overlooking a garden and the volcano – heaven! Service was in Japanese only, so we read up online about what we should and should not do, and headed off for a brave, naked adventure.

And, it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

I’m more determined than even not to let my weight hold me back from life – and this was such an amazing experience, but it would have been easy to talk myself out of it…

And because I can’t blog without a picture, here are a couple of happy snaps…

Sunrise in niseko and me on our apartment balcony



Red faced after a 40 minute (naked) soak in a traditional outdoor Onsen… Me, and my bestie, Tee.



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