Aussie Curves {Texture}

In thinking ahead for my Aussie Curves challenges I inadvertently ended up with a catchup outfit!

Looking ahead to androgynous and military week has got me feeling lost – I’m a girly girl and I usually overdress for the occasion to boot – so the next couple of style challenges have me shopping my wardrobe trying to come up with something that is both ‘me’ and fits the challenge.

So today, my body felt like rebelling and wearing the most girls outfit I could… And boy, did I go for it.

This 50’s style cable knit jumper always feels glam and girly – and the bonded lace pephem skirt is a little va-va-boom sexy, but toned down by the conservative sweater top. Finished with pearls and pink lippy, I looked in the mirror at all the fabulous texture in my outfit and knew I had to do an Aussie Curves catchup post!!

So here it is!


Whole Outfit: Dorothy Perkins 🙂

Aussie Curves is a weekly photo challenge for Australian and New Zealander Plus Size Bloggers and Fashionistas size 14+. To join in the fun, find the Facebook group! 551731_4546414217835_273813776_n


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