Shop Stop – TS+14 and Virtu Clearance

It was another lazy Saturday with a trip to my favorite Sydney lunch hot-spot Kitchen by Mike, and since we were in the area, I managed to convince my hubby for a quick stop in to the TS+14 and Virtu Clearance Store in Waterloo.


I have to compliment the staff there – who were very attentive and were lovely to have a chat too. There was quite a lot of TS clothes on sale – I have to be honest and say that generally they are not my style, so I didn’t really spend much time in that section.

There were a nice selection of Virtu summer maxi dresses for under $50 and scarfs for $9. Channeling my inner Suger I decided to try on some pencil skirts. Both were on sale for $30. The floral one had sweet little hummingbirds on it too (and there was a blazer in the same print for $50). The striped one had a fabulous texture – the white stripes are raised – almost like very small straight ruffles. When they are closer together it looks like a fat white stripe, when they get further apart, it’s looks like a black stripe. Very effective pattern also available in hot pink and hot orange. I wish I had gotten a better top to wear them with (but I was trying to be quick as hubby was being very patient waiting in the car) but I just wasn’t in love with either – and evidently it was written all over my face!


I did get a great grey sweater dress for $20! But I’m stumped for #aussiecurves military week, so you may just have to wait until then to see it! I also picked up a couple of belts for $5 each, and all their statement jewelry was $12 so I couldn’t help myself!


So, all in all, it was a very restrained shopping trip for me. Would I drive all the way there just to go shopping? Probably not. Generally TS stuff is not my style, and to be fair – I don’t think I’m their target demographic. There are some Virtu goodies to get for a fair price, but not a lot of jaw-dropping bargains (like you can get at the CC Clearance store). That being said, it’s definitely worth popping in if you’re in the area… And I’m leaving as a happy customer 🙂


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