Aussie Curves {Animalistic}

It’s funny where you pick up your prejudices. I used to love animal print. In my teens I was totally guilty of wearing animal prints whenever I could. Then the movie Road Trip came out. You know the scene, the skinny white dork “boinks” the big black girl and takes her underwear as a trophy. Bragging to his friends the next day, he proudly displays her leopard print underwear, to which his friends, in disgust, claim “Did you kill a Cheetah?”.


Much more than glossy mags or twig bitches at school – this throw away line in a pop movie made me sit up and pay attention to my size and what people may be saying behind my back. I threw out all of leopard print clothes the next day. I can clearly remember being totally distraught that even if I was able to find a guy that liked me, he would never want me because his friends would make fun of him. This is kind if heavy for a fashion blog, but it does highlight that ‘changing the way society views plus size women’ is about more than putting curvy girls on the runway and removing photoshop from glossy magazine spreads. The anti-fat culture is in the face of women in all aspects of our lives. You cant stop all of it. But, as I have learned, you can choose what you pay attention to. I think part of body confidence is about filtering your world so you see the positivity. Its about owning the way you view the world. It’s about following @honorcurves and staying the hell away from searching #ana. its about laughing off a stupid line in a teen movie. Im not saying its easy – it requires you to actively participate in the way the world is presented to you. Anyway, that was my resolution this year – don’t be a victim. Listen to the 100 compliments and not obsess about the one criticism. See the positivity. The world may not be a better place, but it only takes a bit if effort to make it seem that way. You may think I’m just wearing rose-coloured glasses – but who wouldn’t want to – have you see Ashley Rose’s Nature post? – Rose coloured glasses are freaking HOT!

Please excuse while I step of my soap box and slip into something a little more animalistic..


Starting with an Oxblood peplum from New Look. Get it? Oxblood. Is that bad taste? Anyway, I’m clutching at animalistic straws here!


I have decided to rock my animalistic accessories this week. I do own a leopard print belt, an online impulse buy from Virtu. I wasn’t expecting it to actually be fur, but the texture is a nice touch.

I own three owl necklaces, owl earings and on my recent trip to Japan, I bought an owl ring. I wonder is simply owning so many jewelry owls is weird – or is it only creepy if I wear them all at once? Erring on the side of caution, I had decided to only wear one owl and chose my beautiful ring, but then disaster struck and I broke it 😦 I have put it in my husband’s ‘projects’ pile so see if he can fix it. I’m not holding my breath for a speedy recovery, So I’ve gone for some feather earrings instead.

This skirt was an impulse purchase from Crossroads. I love the texture, but it’s always been a little bit of a puzzle deciding how to wear it – after trying on every other top in my wardrobe, I finally tried a peplum, and I think the pairing looks quite good. Happy days!


Top: New Look
Skirt: Crossroads
Belt: Virtu
Earrings: Diva


Sitting around the table at lunch I mentioned the Aussie Curves challenge this week, complaining explaining how stumped I was – and one of my beautiful colleagues brought me in some of her animalistic fabulousness – and with the Sydney weather playing havoc at the moment, I could resist a bonus ‘Singing in the Rain’ style picture…


Aussie Curves is a weekly fashion challenge for Australian and NZ bloggers size 14+.

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4 thoughts on “Aussie Curves {Animalistic}

  1. Hey. Was wondering if you were able to help me. Very new to word press and wanting to join in the aussie curves challenge. I thought this week was STRIPES from looking at the aussie curves website but just looking at the fb page i think im wrong. Ive written my blog and was wondering what i do next? Where do i get the ‘blog hop’ Danielle talks about???

    • Hi Jenna! First step is to find us on Facebook – search for Aussie Curves and request to be added. Dani or Melissa will be quick to add you 🙂 this weeks challenge is Retro. The full year’s worth of challenges are listed so you know what’s coming up too. Blog Hop works differently on the free WordPress accounts. On Blogspot or on a paid-for WordPress – links to all the other blogs from Aussie Curves on the same topic show up as little icons. Unfortunately as mine is a free WordPress, it doesn’t show up like that… Feel free to drop me an email if any of that doesn’t make sense…

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