The Lust-list March

I do A LOT of online window shopping. If I see something I like on Instagram, I immediately try and find it online. I put everything I like into my cart. I rarely follow through with purchasing, but I figure If I keep a Lust-list of all the things I really really love, When I win Lotto, it will be easier to pay someone to get me all the things I want… 🙂

So, here are my favorite things out right now…


ASOS Galactic Dress $42 up to size 18. I saw this on Instagram on @danievanier and knew I wanted it


So, the next item on the Lust List comes from Fashion To Figure, who don’t ship Oz 😦 so its a little bit of torture window shopping their beautiful clothes…


Fashion to Figure Cut the Line, Geometric Print Dress $34 sizes (US) 1X 2X 3X

I love the Aztec print, the mint is perfectly paired with the ice-cream sorbet bottom.


Lane Bryant Ombré Sateen Jeggings by Seven7 $75 sizes (US) 14 – 22


Tesco F&F Signature Floral Peplum Dress. £28 sizes 6 – 22

This one is way out of my price range… But, they are having a 50% off sale on Monday…


One One Three £139!!! Sizes 14 – 32

And the most frustrating piece on my Lust List is this swimming costume


It was in the Swimsuitsforall runway show at British Plus Size Fashion week – but nowhere to be found on their website. I contacted their customer service, but got a generic ‘our stock changes regularly – keep a look out on the website’ response…


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