Instagram Decides…

One of the lovely #aussiecurves ladies alerted me to the fact that Kmart was stocking a leather-leather look A-line skirt for $15. It’s a look that I have wanted to try for ages, but didn’t want to make a big investment as I didn’t know if I would actually wear it or not. So I rushed down there early one morning before work… And I went a little cray-cray picking myself up some bargains…

Everything I bought was an 18 in their straight size lines. About 18 months ago, I found Kmart’s plus size range to be full of hidden gems – but since their brand overhaul, the plus size range has really suffered. I find all the tops to be the same – baggy cut t-shirts with big printed design (and maybe some diamantés) and baggy elastic waist pants. It’s really disappointing.

Lets be honest, the quality is not outstanding. I think Kmart’s clothing line is much more like Primark in the UK now – disposable fashion. Great to buy something bang on trend, super cheap, and chuck it out after a couple of wears. It’s not environmentally friendly, but sometimes I can’t help myself 🙂

Leather Look A-Line Skirt


So, first up is the leather-look skirt. It’s super stretchy. I maybe could have gone the next size down. Sits OK – there is no substance to the waistband, so if you wanted to go the tucked-in or crop top look you could be in trouble. Although the elastic back of the waistband means you probably couldn’t do that anyway.

Leopard-face Tee


Another look I waned to try and wasn’t sure it was me – but for $7 I don’t mind experimenting 🙂 The top is nice and long – BIG tick. V neck – another big tick. Cap sleeves – tick. Material is not too thin – very surprising. Only downside is that for a big-boobie lady like me, the leopard’s eyes sit on the underside of my bust – so you can’t really see them. If the print was slightly higher or lower it would be perfect. Still – very happy with this one.

Sheer Floral Top with Stud Collar


Ok, it’s not great quality. It didn’t come with a singlet underneath. But neither of these are deal breakers for me. The last time I bought a sheer floral top, I loved it, wore it three or four times and now it’s way too big. Not the best $/wear ratio for a $70 Autograph top. I’m going to get better value from this $15 beauty even if I only wear it once! Arm holes are big enough – which is nice to see – this is one of my issues when I buy straight sizes – they don’t adjust the arm holes when they go up sizes and I and up with strangled armpits. Also – high-low cut – I like.

Sheer top with contrast Peter Pan Crotchet Collar

It’s the cut that has been holding me back from trying this style. I hold to my ‘shape’ rules pretty strongly these days, and with zero waist definition, these trapeze tops couldn’t be further outside my rule. But, this cheapie won me over. I still don’t think it’s the most flattering thing I could wear – but given how sheer it is (probably through quality of material rather than actual design) you can still see the shape of the singlet underneath – although not really in photos. Anyway, it’s good to step outside your comfort zone sometimes 🙂

The Neon Cardigan

Instagram Decides…

$15 and one HOT colour for autumn winter, this was the very first item I picked up. Not usually a cut of colour I would go for, I made an impulse decision and bought it.

But, then got home and started to chicken out. While I love the colour, I was concerned about wearing the equivalent of a great big NEON sign screaming “Fat Chick Coming Through!!”… So I let Instagram decide…


Loads of positive comments later, I realized that it would scream whatever the hell I wanted it to scream.



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