Aussie Curves {Heels}


Choosing between my shoes is like my own version of Sophie’s Choice. Ok, I’m being a little dramatic. But I do LOVE my shoes. Even my sketches…

Bianca: There’s a difference between like and love. Because, I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack.
Chastity: But I love my Skechers.
Bianca: That’s because you don’t have a Prada backpack.

I used to live in high heels. From about 18-21 I was always in sky high heels. Then, I headed of traveling and there wasn’t much room in my backpack for heels, and after a few years of flat-footed travel, I couldn’t stand wearing heels anymore. It didn’t stop my lust, but the searing pain of wearing heels did stop me from buying them for a few years. I’m back in the wagon now, and while I prefer a wedge (noone wants to be a fat girl on grass in heels – talk about a sinking feeling) I do have a few heels that I can’t do without.

I thought I would also give you guys a peek inside my wardrobe this week. My husband moved out of our wardrobe a couple of months ago (he uses the spare room wardrobe now) so I have just enough room for my stuff… Jewellery storage is still a bit of a nightmare for me and work-in-progress zone. I would get it set up properly – but we are building a new house this year, and I will have a built-in jewellery section so I’m just living with the chaos for now. On the plus side – I’m constantly finding things that I forgot I had – which is a lovely little bonus 🙂


I like my shoes up high where I can see them – but I do find they get dustier stored this way – mainly a problem for my suede heels.


Ummm, yes, that is four layers of shoes… And I still have to put some on the floor…

My Taller-than-my-husband Heels

From Torrid, the platform in these heels are amazing! There very little strain on the arch of my foot – which is good as I am pretty terrified of falling off them to my death each time I wear them. If they weren’t so heavy, they would get worn more often.


My Instant-Glam Heels

It’s bittersweet that I post about these heels as they do not fit anymore. I only ever wore them once – on carpet – so they are still pristine. They are just too wide for my feel now. The glitter wedge is perfect for adding a little bling without going overboard. They are from New Look.


My Comfy-Heels

Are actually wedges – they are from Target. I love that the lace up front means you can adjust the width. They are light, with a nice platform, as close to wearing flats as you get in heels!


My Can’t-live-without Heels

They have featured in almost every post for Aussie Curves and get a work out a lot at work – they are my Nude Heels from New Look. Slight platform, solid thick heel, shiny and nude. They are my go-to heel as they go with almost anything and don’t detract from my outfit.


And because I can’t write AC post without a full outfit pic – here’s a pic of me… In heels…


Top: Jay Jays
Skirt: New Look
Heels: Torrid

This skirt is part of my latest New Look haul – read the full review here
Or you can read my other recent Haul Posts here, here, and here.

My show-and-tell for Heels week is done and dusted… Time for me to ‘do the rounds’ and see what the other girls came up with…. Aussie Curves is a weekly fashion challenge for Australian and New Zealand bloggers, sizes 14+. Join in the fun!


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Aargh the hardest dress code: Smart Casual

My husband and I are headed to an afternoon engagement party today. My very beautiful friend Liz proposed to her lovely boyfriend James, and are having a backyard afternoon celebration, with the most dreaded of all dress codes… Smart Casual…

This is the outfit I ended up with.


Dress: New Look
Denim Shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Wedges: Target


iCurvy Blooper Reel

I saw a couple of the Aussie Curves do Blooper posts a while back… I enjoyed reading them so much I thought I would put one up myself…

Enjoy… Me being a dick…

First up, some behind the scenes magic from my Black and White Post… That backdrop was nicely cropped for the post – but is actually above my bed. I didn’t even bother to make it…


I take my photos using my iPhone, Gorillapod attachment and a self timer… So I occasionally get photo bombed by hubby…



Who the hell am I talking to?


Let’s call this… Trying an ‘artsy’ shot… And failing…


Weird lollipop head angle…


And finally this face…


Dorothy Perkins Haul – Part 2

You can read part 1 of my Haul here

All the planets were aligning for me over Easter – with more clothes sold on facebook and eBay (and therefore some money in my pockets) Dorothy Perkins emailled me about a 25% off everything sale with free international postage!

The prices listed are the price prior to the discount being applied.

Black and cream geo dress

Size: 18
Fits like: 16-18
Pros: I LOVE this dress and am devastated by the cons…
Cons: minor issues – it’s quite short, and is narrow in the thighs , but practically unwearable because of the arms – they are way way way too tight. I love this dress so much I’m going to try and get it altered to make more room – maybe even slash them open along the top. I’m gutted by the arms on this dress…
Paid: £32.00
Find it here


Black/ink lace lampshade skirt

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: Love DP bonded lace, gold exposed zip
Cons: I’d love to be able to wear it a little higher so a little bit more length would have been handy.
Paid: ON SALE £15.00
Find it here


Lace and pleat dress

Size: 16
Fits like: 16
Pros: Hard to find one…
Cons: This is a big disappointment – lucky it was on sale. Where do I start – its super super thin, so short it’s unwearable, the colour is a weird grey. Despite the multiple layers of the dress – it’s still completely see through.
Paid: ON SALE £7.00
Find it here



Beige floral print dress

Size: 16
Fits like: 16
Pros: Thick material up the top – I like the sheer back, the print reminds me of Matisse, loads of skirt layers
Cons: Neckline is a bit weird – high and arm hole cut in wide too, bit short to wear without tights
Paid: ON SALE £15.00
Find it here


Optical spot lampshade skirt

Size: 20
Fits like: 20-18
Pros: easy work skirt, love the lampshade shape, love the texture
Cons: a little short – but that probably my bias
Paid: ON SALE £12.00
Find it here


PU colour block bodycon dress

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: The white trim are the pleather – I thought it would be the black… It’s a lovely touch to a great dress. Great subtle colours.
Cons: not lined, need to wear skin coloured underwear underneath.
Paid: £32.00
Find it here




New Look Haul – Part 2

Back by popular demand… Here is Part 2 of my purchases from New Look.

I got 30% off this entire order, including sale items (Happy Days!) and free international shipping.

Overall I’m really happy with the order – there are a couple of things that are a bit of a miss… But only if I’m being really picky, I’m still going to wear it all.

Because I am a size 18, I can order from both the plus size range (inspire) and straight size range.

Again, there’s no styling here – I grabbed an old Jay-jays black tee, Torrid Black Heels and my Dorothy Perkins jeggings to try things on with…

Read Part 1 here

Inspire Black Nerd Vest

Size: 18
Fits like: 18-20
Pros: love the fit – slightly narrower through the waist which gives a nice shape. Not too thick, not too thin. Good length
Cons: if I’m really picky, the arm holes are a little too big
Paid: £7.99
Find it here


Black Ditsy Floral Skater Skirt

Size: 18
Fits like: 18-20
Pros: elastic back to skirt – would fit up to a 20/22 easily. Great length
Cons: material is quite light/thin – which is only a con in windy weather!
Paid: £14.99
Find it here


Blue Aztec Print Midi Skirt

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: great length, good stretch
Cons: waist is loose. Waist band is flimsy. Not sure why blue is more expensive than monochrome (below) as the are identical!
Paid: £14.99
Find it here


Monochrome Aztec Print Midi Skirt

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: see above – same skirt in a different colour
Cons: as above – waist issues are pretty minor
Paid: £12.99
Find it here


Black Colour Block 2 in 1 Stripe Peplum Dress

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: Stretchy, good length, good fit. Nice easy work dress.
Cons: Peplum is a little shorter than I would like. Arm holes dip a little low for me. I didn’t realize until the pictures – but a little thin/see through in the skirt
Paid: £12.99
Find it here




Coral and Mint Empire Peplum Vests

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: nice length front and back, great colours, perfect for easy weekend tops
Cons: needs an iron. A little too thin to wear to work – but purchased for weekend so I’m still happy…
Paid: £6.99
Find it here



Stone Belted Skater Skirt

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: I’m really surprised by the colour, I was expecting a real stone/grey colour, but it’s a pinky nude. Belt is plenty long enough. Nice thick material – will stand up to a bit of wind, and I’m happy with the length too!
Cons: Maybe it’s because I was really unsure on this one and bought it because it was on sale.. But I’m really really happy with it!
Paid: ON SALE £8.00
Find it here



Inspire Black Shapewear Leggings

Size: 18
Fits like: 18/20
Pros: nice and long, high waisted. Thickness is ok.
Cons: if I’m wearing shapewear, I really want the to be sucking me in . They are nice leggings, too thin to wear on their own (but I’m not into that look) but I wouldn’t go as far as calling them shapewear…
Paid: £14.99
Find it here


Inspire Coral Sheer Pussybow Blouse

Size: 18
Fits like: 20/22
Pros: nice colour
Cons: bit big but wearable. Would’ve so much nicer if it had a tapered shape – even the hint of a waist would do wonders.
Paid: ON SALE £10.00
Find it here


Blue and Red Aztec Vest Dress

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: Nice and stretchy, good length, great colours and pattern
Cons: arm holes are again a little low (bra shows)
Paid: £9.99
Find it here


Black Peplum Dress

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: Easy work Dress, Great length, happy with the length of the peplum too.
Cons: would be better for summer as its a little thin, but no issues really. I want it in the other colours!!
Paid: £9.99
Find it here


These things are no longer on their website – but I thought I would post them anyway 🙂

Grey Vintage Button Front Floral Dress

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: hmmm. I like the print?
Cons: This one is a real miss. Super thin material, boob area is very very small, weird length between dress and tunic.
Paid: £12.99


White Wifey Print Tank Top

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: LOVE it! Love the arm holes, good length
Cons: thin
Paid: £7.99



Ok, so that’s everything! I have Part 2 for my Dorothy Perkins order coming later this week, and I have an Autograph package coming on Monday too!

Have you bought anything from New Look? What’s your experience been like?

I can’t wait to actually style some outfits! Nothing more satisfying that a wardrobe of new clothes 🙂


Aussie Curves {Pajamas}

OMG, OMG I have been DYING to share my pajamas with you all since I got them for my trip in January to Japan.

I know I talk about how much I love my clothes. But my awesome ONESIE is one of my all time favorite pieces. This one is from Jays PJs and is the bees knees!

I bought a “luxury design” XL but there is plenty of room – I could easily have gone the L.

I’m toasty as can be, there’s a hood, there’s a bum-flap… What more could you ask for!!

Jo Onesie[1]

While it does get a little toasty to sleep in – there’s nothing better than coming home after a long day of work, putting on my onesie and cuddling up on the couch. 🙂


It’s short and sweet from me today, but I’ve shown you mine… it’s time to see yours!! Aussie Curves is a weekly fashion challenge for Australian and New Zealand bloggers, sizes 14+. Join in the fun!


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Melbourne Outfits

I was off to Melbourne this week for a fleeting visit – unfortunately it was for a conference, so I had very little time to do anything else.

I did get to go out to dinner with one of my besties… And may have slipped out for some retail therapy 🙂

Being in Melbourne, I decided to pull out a couple of outfits that I generally wouldn’t wear to work – feeling very fashionable – here are the outfits I stepped out in over my 2 days in Melbourne 🙂


Top: Target
Pants: Bellecurve
Jacket: City Chic
Flats: Target
Necklace: Etsy





Top: City Chic
Skirt: Target
Boots: Autograph