Online shopping binge

Warning: there’s no makeup in the pictures in this post. Readers easily offended by dark eye circles and uneven skin tone should turn away now! 🙂

So with the proceeds of my market stall burning a hole in my pockets, my online shopping ban was lifted and I gorged myself on Easter sales…

My peplum addiction continued with three more from City Chic. Now, the one listed as ‘Neon Coral’ wasn’t showing up on their website, but the purple one seemed quite tame so I ordered it anyway… I love it, I’m just not quite sure how I will wear/style it… Any neon tips appreciated 🙂
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I also did a stint at Crossroads. Their sale was pretty incredible, 40% off everything, including sale stock. So for $90 I got 2 shirts and three dresses. And postage was free. The shirts I had my eye on for a while and I was so excited to pick them up in sale. The dresses were all impulse buys and I’m pretty darn happy!

I always have issues in the bust with Crossroads. I bought an 18 on all of the clothes, and they are all a little tight on the bust. Nothing that a minimizer and a few safety pins can’t handle though…

My favorite item has to be the Collar Tips Shirt. Front cut out details, gold buttons and collar tips, hi-low style… It’s fabulous in so many ways.



I’ve paired it here with my Kmart velvet patterned jeans (damask) in deep blue, and my tab heels from Betts.


The other top was a Chambray press stud shirt with a light blue lace yoke. This shirt came with a nude suede belt – which was ridiculously small! It didn’t even go half way round my waist! Don’t know what went on there with the sizing but it was a fail. I have a tonne of belts that will work, so I’m not worried, just annoying.


Yup – that is the belt that came with the top around my thigh!!

My biggest splurge was at New Look and when my packages arrive (yes plural) I will do a separate review :)<


5 thoughts on “Online shopping binge

  1. I absolutely love everything you got! I feel like I would have bought the same things when shopping!
    I really LOVE the collar tip shirt, the cutouts look really good with the shirt, did they have any other colours? 😀

    Melissa ❤

    • Hi Melissa !

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 the collar tips shirt only came in cream – which works really well with the gold tips and buttons… But means I will have to be on my very best behaviour whenever I wear it 🙂 x

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