A Peek Inside… 10 Things About Me


So, the Aussie Curvettes have decided to do ’10 Things About Me’ posts to learn a little more about each other… Here are mine…

Cake Decorating

About 18months ago I started Cake Decorating… My nephew asked me for an Omnitrix cake for his 5th birthday, and after I spent a while trying to learn what an Omintrix is (it’s from Ben 10 btw) I decided to take a stab at it, it was really fun, so I did some classes, and it all kind of grew from there…

I really don’t like it when people want to put an ‘order’ in for a cake and want to pay me. I completely understand why cakes cost $350+ because after materials, even if I charge myself out at $10 an hour – it would be around that much – and I don’t have the expense of staff, or rent, or a business. I like doing them as presents for people I love. I like making up my own designs, and making something up from my head. I’ve always been good at artsy things, and this is my latest outlet šŸ™‚

Here are a couple of my favorites…




My guilty pleasure is

Trashy TV. I love TV, I love reality TV, I love cheesy series.

I’m talking, stuff that noone else I know watches. Here’s the list of some of my most embarrassing addictions:
Geordie Shore
Hart of Dixie
Carrie Diaries
Say yes to the dress
Don’t tell the bride
Two Broke girls
Make It or Break It

And that’s in addition to the stuff I admit to watching like Chicago Fire, The Block, Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, and True Blood.

Favorite thing about my body

Is one of my tattoos. I have three tattoos, and used to have quite a few piercing a as well (they are all gone now, except for my ears). I got a heart with wings on my lower back when I was 19 on holidays in Brisbane with my friends (ok, yes, it’s a tramp stamp). I have a southern cross with an embellishment on my right foot which I got on holidays in Byron Bay when I was 21. I was about to set off backpacking around Europe, and this was a way of taking a little bit of home with me. I still love this tattoo, but my favorite is on my left foot near my ankle. Most people think its a snowflake, and it does look a bit like a snowflake. When I was on holidays on Iceland, we got told many stories of the brave Icelandic Vikings who would travel all over the world and always return home from their adventures. They would carry runes a lucky charms. My tattoo is the Viking rune symbolizing safe adventures. They used it like a compass to find their way back home. Then husband (back then he was my boyfriend) and I went to Camden in London just before we packed up to come home to Australia and I got this tattoo. So, I love what it stands for, I love that it reminds me of my crazy holiday to Iceland, I love that I got it in London and it reminds me of all the fun times in Camden, and I think it looks pretty freaking hot in a pair of heels…


The best day of my life was…

Awww, it’s cheesy but it was my Wedding Day. I married my best friend on 20-10-2010. We gave everyone 2 years notice that we were going to get married in Fiji, and at our wedding we had an absolute massive 80 people come to Fiji to celebrate. Most people stayed for the week and it was like a wonderful holiday with everyone special to us!



I also did a Trash The Dress session the day after which was a while lot of fun šŸ™‚



Travel, Travel, Travel

I was lucky enough to take a gap year after I finished uni, which turned into three years to traveling and living in London.
The most unusual place I’ve been is Russia.
The most random place is a tie between Estonia and Iceland
The most surprising place was Budapest
I’d never go back to Egypt
I’d go in a heartbeat to Turkey again (I’ve been 3 times)
The most recent place I’ve been is Japan
I loved living in London and miss all of my traveling friends.

My love

I met my husband in a beginners snowboarding class in France


My Party Trick

I have always had a large jaw, and its a bit of a family trait on my mums side – you inherited it of you can fit your fist in your mouth. Which I can, but that’s an awfully messy party trick – so, I switched it to something equally impressive, but much more delicious… I can fit a whole Magnum Icecream in my mouth. And close my lips around the stick.

No I won’t post a photo of it.

Living the Dream

I live on the beautiful South Coast, and am lucky enough to have the beautiful Lake Illawarra as my backyard


Me, in my spa on the back deck with the lake in the background ā¤

Pet Hate

I HATE being scared more than anything else in the world. My husband thinks it’s hilarious to hide and jump out at me all over the house. Usually he’s pretty bad at it (like, I call his phone when I can’t find him and the cupboard under the stairs starts ringing) so it’s just a bit of fun… But every now and then he gets me really good and it affects me for days. Hate, hate, HATE it.


I’ve had a real roller coaster ride the last 18 months with my health. I’ve been really nervous about posting about my weight loss on the blog. I guess it’s because my confidence in starting this blog hasn’t come from my weigh loss – trust me, I had just as many fabulous clothes (and looked great in them) back then. It’s from embracing the body positivity message and getting to know all the girls on Aussie Curves (through their blogs).

After almost 10years of searching for answers with dietitians, personal trainers and GPs, I finally had came across a doctor who listened to what I said, instead of judging me based on what I looked like… And it took months of poking, pricking, scanning and finally surgery, but I was diagnosed with a severe metabolic disorder, Polycystic Ovaries, and uterine tumors (benign) the combination of which was sending my body and hormones into overdrive. Anyway, my body is now functioning normally, and I am almost 60kgs down.

I’m going to sign off here, but I just don’t want people to think that I’m happier now because I’ve lost weight. I’m happy that I have medical answers to my issues, and that my husband and I have a plan for tackling them moving forward… But my life and I were fabulous at a size 26, and will continue to be fabulous no matter where I end up.

So that’s my 10 random facts done and dusted.

Can’t wait to learn more about everyone else!!




7 thoughts on “A Peek Inside… 10 Things About Me

  1. Fabulous post!
    I love your cake so jealous! and the wedding shots are beautiful, we had an island wedding too šŸ™‚
    Wow, i’m glad you got some answers re your health, I know it doesn’t define you but congratulations on the weight loss.

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