New Look Haul – Part 1

So, when Danimezza and the Aussie Curves girls request a haul post, you listen 🙂


So, here are my latest purchases from New Look…


I am in the process of slimming down, so some items were brought deliberately a size too small… These will be obvious from the pictures 🙂


I want to very clear that I have done NO styling what-so-ever for these shots. I grabbed the first singlet, tights and heels I saw in my closet to take these pics. In addition to the ceiling light in my room, I also have a double headed lamp lighting me up so some things are showing up a little more see-through than they look in person – maybe some celebs should use this set up to check their red carpet looks to avoid wardrobe malfunctions 🙂


Ok, so these purchases are from New Look. Postage to Australia was free as I spent over £40. You get what you pay for with New Look – they are relatively cheap clothes – designed to wear for one season. Typically the clothes are well made, but not lined etc.


Their straight sized line goes up to an 18, and their plus size line – Inspire starts at 18 – so I get to buy from both clothing lines. When I lived in the UK, New Look was one of my favorite stores – you wouldn’t have to spend very much money to get something bang on trend, and it wouldn’t fall apart after two wears….


New Look’s mobile website is incredibly frustrating – it doesn’t display properly on my iPhone and is difficult to navigate from the home page as the main directory doesn’t show up – it displays perfectly on my iPad, and I went through the whole purchasing process on the iPad with no issues. They accept credit card and Paypal.


International shipping costs £9 standard flat rate, and is usually free if you purchase over a certain amount. Postage is not the fastest – but I did have Easter in the middle of my order – this order was placed on the 27th March, and arrived on the 9th April.


I find that things go on sale at New Look, then get restocked and go back to normal price – so it can depend on when you are buying for the price you will pay. On the plus side – I find that they restock popular items quickly – sometimes I will get an email about new stock and I will immediately go on the website and my size is sold out… but if I wait a couple days, my size will come back. Anyway – thats just my experience.


So, here are my purchases 🙂 This post is called Part 1… as I got a really good discount code after this and bought a whole lot more. It’s still in the post. Although I have done Pros and Cons, I do want to say that I’m really really happy with my purchases and I’m being very picky/critical with my cons… But I thought they may help some of you if you are considering purchasing from NL…


White Heart and Arrow Print Dip Hem Vest

Size ordered: 18
Feels like: 18
Pros: The print is actually like a velvety raised print, great for festivals
Cons: bit see through, slightly shorter at the front than I was expecting
Paid: £12.99
Find it here


Inspire White Dweeb Print T-Shirt

Size ordered: 18
Feels like: 18
Pros: super cute
Cons: a little thin
Paid: £7.99
Find it here


Blue Denim Stud Yoke Shirt Dress

Size ordered: 18
Feels like: 18
Pros: total rocking it for this season, the yoke detail is unlike other similar dresses I’ve seen
Cons: a little tight in the bust
Paid: £22.99
Find it here


Black Mesh Insert High Neck Body

I deliberately didn’t join Aussie Curves until after swimsuit week – so for my own comfort I have put leggings under the bodysuit. This is not how I would wear it 🙂
Size ordered: 18
Feels like: 20
Pros: Very stretchy, hot look
Cons: under the bright lights its a little see-through but not noticeable under normal lighting conditions
Price: £13
Find it here


Pink Aztec Print Bodycon Dress

This dress photographed way better than it looked in person – it’s WAY TOO tight. I put the spanx on to see how it would look
Size ordered: 18
Feels like: 16
Pros: love the pattern, and when it fits right – the length will be great
Cons: Colour is different from the website. Not sure about it with my pale skin. It’s obviously very tight.
Paid: ON SALE £9.00
Find it here


Urban Bliss Pink Graphic Wet Look Bodycon Dress

WARNING: this dress only came in a 16 – I bought it anyway coz I loved it. As I’m squeezing into it, it’s appearing shorter than it should be. Oh- and so very classy – you can see my spanx from behind. Noice!

The black details on this dress are Wetlook pleather type material which don’t really stretch so are forcing the back of the dress to stretch over my body…

Size ordered: 16
Feels like: 16
Pros: Freaking Hot dress. Pattern works well to disguise lumps and bumps
Cons: so it’s a size too small, I will need a spray tan to wear this dress, and its length should be a little less offensive when I am the correct size. The whole back should be a little less offensive when I’m to correct size to wear it!
Paid: £24.99
Find it here


32in Lilac Acid Wash Skinny Jeans

Size ordered: 18
Feels like: 18
Pros: feels like a mix between velvet and satin. So luxurious. Nice stretch. I like my skinny jeans tight so they are perfect, without causing a muffin top. Mineral wash print is very cool, colour is more subtle in person
Cons: ? No sure there are any. I want the other colours now!
Paid: £22.99
Find it here


Inspire Grey Speckled Pencil Skirt

Size ordered: 18
Feels like: 18
Pros: love the zippers, great shape to wear high
Cons: waist is a little snug (I’m guessing its because your supposed to wear it high)
Paid: ON SALE £9.00
Find it here


Shell Pink Jacquard Print Tea Dress

Size ordered: 16
Feels like: 16/18
Pros: love the details, love that I can get into it now so don’t have to wait, love the bow belt and LOVE the little birdie print
Cons: arm holes are a little tight, and its a little short for my liking – but I will probably style with tights for winter so no dramas there. I noticed it when I was living in the UK and am always mindful when I order from over there- UK girls love getting their pins out!!
Paid: ON SALE £9.00
Find it here


So thats all for now – I had part 1 of a Dorothy Perkins delivery arrive yesterday too, so I may do up a haul post for that too…

Is there anything else you need to know or want me to include in a haul post?
Whats your fav item?

I would like to put a little disclaimer here that this post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by New Look – these are just my personal online shopping experiences.


5 thoughts on “New Look Haul – Part 1

  1. Awesome post. Love, love, love the body suit on you. It looks amazing.
    Also love the aztec print dress. I know you’re unsure of the color but I really like it on you.
    Who am I kidding, I love all your new stuff. Great pics with even better prices.

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