Aussie Curves {Maxi}

My favorite – The Maxi dress.

So easy, so pretty. The maxi dress doesn’t care if your having a fat day, or didn’t shave your legs. She covers all manner of sin, and that’s why I love her…

I’m a fan of looking for fashion in unusual places. Unless I know they don’t have anything that will fit me – I will always go for a little look-see into shops to see what I can find. I saw this dress in the window of Rockmans and fell in love with it. They only had size 8 left, so without even trying it on, i began ringing around all the stores in a 50km radius so see if I could find one in an 18. I had no clue if the 18 would even fit, but I wanted it. 7 stores later, i found one and drove (that same afternoon) out to buy it. Yes, i do have a shopping problem, but lets breeze over that for now as I’m talking about a dress I love… that was ON SALE people. Crazy behaviour is totally acceptable in a sale environment. I wore this dress to a family friend’s wedding and got so many compliments I couldn’t believe it – it was quite a swishy wedding so I felt a little embarrassed telling all these impeccably dressed women that I got the dress they were admiring from Rockmans 🙂

It’s a colorful sheer outer layer with a bright tight orange minidress underneath (so its just the sheer fabric from the knees down). The outer layer wraps around the front layer, creating a split on each leg when you walk. It’s a very generous size 18 with an elastic waist. I would say it would easily fit a size 20 or 22.

Here it is at the wedding, I styled it with a gold Grecian necklace from eQuip and a gold snakeskin textured clutch from Colette. Given the bright colours in the dress, I kept it simple with nude heels from New Look.




Dress: Rockmans
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: eQuip
Earrings: Diva
Clutch: Colette
Makeup: Napoleon
Sunglasses: eBay – these were a miracle find by my husband. While watching the NZ show – GO Girls – the character Brad wore these sunnies in the third season, I loved them, and my not-so-tech-savvy hubby found them his very first time every using eBay. Not just a pretty face!


Oh, and that’s my gorgeous hubby, Darren. He didn’t want to be left out, so wanted me to point out the the shirt is from Target, and the pants and shoes are from his mate’s wedding where he was one of the groomsmen. Given the wedding was in early January, he went without the suit jacket. #ootd 🙂


Anyway, so its been a bit of a cheat, using the photos from the wedding, that’s my take on Maxi Dress week. For the record – I did get dolled up and put the dress on to take photos for this week, but the lighting was off and the colours didn’t come out that well… It was easier in the end to dig out the old photos than edit the new ones… Here’s one as proof that I at least made the effort…


– I can’t wait to ‘do the rounds’ and see what the other girls came up with…. Aussie Curves is a weekly fashion challenge for Australian and New Zealand bloggers, sizes 14+. Join in the fun!


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11 thoughts on “Aussie Curves {Maxi}

  1. that is the most amazing maxi dress – i totally get why you ran around looking for it. the styling was SPOT ON – you looked amazing. And I love that you included Darren’s outfit… LOL

  2. So Jo now we understand that you are a woman of style!. That dress is gorgeous and looks nothing like a cheapy from Rockmans. Congratulations on your good taste and how you rock that dress

  3. I LOVE THIS DRESS! Seriously, I nearly bought it myself but I couldn’t justify it, it’s so beautiful! The colours are amazing and you just suit it to a tee, it looks like it was made for you to wear it!!

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