Aussie Curves {Heels}


Choosing between my shoes is like my own version of Sophie’s Choice. Ok, I’m being a little dramatic. But I do LOVE my shoes. Even my sketches…

Bianca: There’s a difference between like and love. Because, I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack.
Chastity: But I love my Skechers.
Bianca: That’s because you don’t have a Prada backpack.

I used to live in high heels. From about 18-21 I was always in sky high heels. Then, I headed of traveling and there wasn’t much room in my backpack for heels, and after a few years of flat-footed travel, I couldn’t stand wearing heels anymore. It didn’t stop my lust, but the searing pain of wearing heels did stop me from buying them for a few years. I’m back in the wagon now, and while I prefer a wedge (noone wants to be a fat girl on grass in heels – talk about a sinking feeling) I do have a few heels that I can’t do without.

I thought I would also give you guys a peek inside my wardrobe this week. My husband moved out of our wardrobe a couple of months ago (he uses the spare room wardrobe now) so I have just enough room for my stuff… Jewellery storage is still a bit of a nightmare for me and work-in-progress zone. I would get it set up properly – but we are building a new house this year, and I will have a built-in jewellery section so I’m just living with the chaos for now. On the plus side – I’m constantly finding things that I forgot I had – which is a lovely little bonus 🙂


I like my shoes up high where I can see them – but I do find they get dustier stored this way – mainly a problem for my suede heels.


Ummm, yes, that is four layers of shoes… And I still have to put some on the floor…

My Taller-than-my-husband Heels

From Torrid, the platform in these heels are amazing! There very little strain on the arch of my foot – which is good as I am pretty terrified of falling off them to my death each time I wear them. If they weren’t so heavy, they would get worn more often.


My Instant-Glam Heels

It’s bittersweet that I post about these heels as they do not fit anymore. I only ever wore them once – on carpet – so they are still pristine. They are just too wide for my feel now. The glitter wedge is perfect for adding a little bling without going overboard. They are from New Look.


My Comfy-Heels

Are actually wedges – they are from Target. I love that the lace up front means you can adjust the width. They are light, with a nice platform, as close to wearing flats as you get in heels!


My Can’t-live-without Heels

They have featured in almost every post for Aussie Curves and get a work out a lot at work – they are my Nude Heels from New Look. Slight platform, solid thick heel, shiny and nude. They are my go-to heel as they go with almost anything and don’t detract from my outfit.


And because I can’t write AC post without a full outfit pic – here’s a pic of me… In heels…


Top: Jay Jays
Skirt: New Look
Heels: Torrid

This skirt is part of my latest New Look haul – read the full review here
Or you can read my other recent Haul Posts here, here, and here.

My show-and-tell for Heels week is done and dusted… Time for me to ‘do the rounds’ and see what the other girls came up with…. Aussie Curves is a weekly fashion challenge for Australian and New Zealand bloggers, sizes 14+. Join in the fun!


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13 thoughts on “Aussie Curves {Heels}

    • Thanks Lisa – He actually volunteered to move out… which is perhaps more about the sheer volume of my clothes (or maybe lack there-of of coathangers) 😉 We have loved it so much that we are actually building seperate walk-in-wardrobes in our new place 🙂

  1. Love those glitter wedges, I’m yet to find a heel that I can actually walk in :/ I blame my tomboy mother for never teaching me lol

  2. SOOO jealous of your wardrobe I struggle for space in my room everyday! I need a new house and a new wardrobe!
    Love the outift at the end too, beautiful!

  3. I always love seeing what you are wearing! You look fantastic! Love the glitter wedges! I am going to be on the look out for some of those beauties!

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