A Peek Inside… My (Plus size) Wedding

It turns out, that despite all my wonderful outfit posts (well I think they are wonderful) the most popular photo on my blog is actually a little picture of my from my wedding!


So, I’m giving the people what they want… A peek inside my wedding 🙂


My husband and I met in 2006 in a beginners Snowboarding class in France. We lived together in London before moving back home to Australia. We got engaged in 2008, and we knew we wanted to have a destination wedding! We decided on Fiji, and gave all of our family and friends 2 years notice that on 20/10/2010 we would be married on he Coral Coast of Fiji.

We had 80 of our family and closest friends travel to Fiji for our wedding and it was seriously the best week of our lives!

The search for a plus size wedding dress was not a difficult one for me… A had a fabulous experience at all four dress shops that I went to – not once did I feel judged because I was plus size – each of the girls went out of their way to make sure I tried on any style that I wanted. I have to make special mention of the team at Dress Sense in Miranda NSW, those girls unpicked dresses to get them over my hips – the were all seamstresses and nothing was too much trouble. So, after allowing me to try on all the beachy flowy dresses I wanted, the seamstress asked me to try on one for her – apart from the bit of sparkly bling – it was nothing like the dress I thought I wanted. It was strapless, it was A-line, it had a sweetheart neckline, it was a corset – and it was perfect. Blew everything else I tried on out of the water. I got straps added to the dress for a bit of extra support, but I was in love!


I had my sister, my sister-in-law and my best friend as my bridesmaids – and I found them great colourful maxi dresses from Sussans (of all places!), in fact these dresses were the very first wedding-related thing that was purchased and the entire colour scheme for the wedding was based on these dresses!


Now, the groomsmen had quite a lot of fun… I had their shirts custom made to match the girls dresses.


While the girls were getting ready, the boys relaxed and enjoyed the view (and a beer)

I did my own hair and makeup on the day – this also helped me hold back the tears during the ceremony as I didn’t want to have to fix my makeup!


The day was perfect, and we had the most fabulous time….




I also did a Trash the Dress session the next day… I’ll post those photos soon.

Hope you enjoyed the peek inside my wedding!


Aussie Curves {Green}

So I’m trying to be a real smarty pants this week, and have both a green coloured, and ‘green’ outfit. Since second hand week was before I joined the challenge, today I’m going to showcase a skirt I bought second hand! Even better – I bought it from an Aussie Curvette 🙂

As someone who does her fair share of retail therapy, I do get the guilts about my consumerism, and the cost of my wardrobe on the environment. I’m not at all opposed to buying clothes second hand – my go-to is eBay. I wish I was the op-shop type – but it’s really not me. I also try to sell on my clothes when they don’t fit anymore – as well as doing the ‘green’ thing, it also means that I can recoup some money (to buy more clothes) and most importantly my clothes get to continue to be worn and have new fabulous adventures!

Knowing I wanted to wear my ‘green’ 2nd hand City Chic Skirt, I went shopping in my closet for a green top… Now, I like green, I think I look good in green, but curiously, when searching for it, there was a serious lack of green in my wardrobe. I took the opportunity to search the City Chic sale racks and came up with zilch (zilch green… i bought other things in the sale obviously). Then, I spotted the perfect top while looking for something else in Kmart (isn’t that how we all shop at Kmart… Go in for one thing, come out with arms full of other stuff?) and it was reduced to boot! I haven’t traditionally been a fan of Kmart clothes – and don’t get my wrong, their plus size range is DISMAL but I’m really impressed with their straight size line right now – super affordable and bang on trend.

I love the jewel green colour of this top – I love wearing a bright colour like this – and I could not think of a cheerier pairing than this top and necklace. Necklace was an impulse buy on sale at eQuip (picked it up for only $7!), when I bought it, I had no idea how or if I would wear it… But I love it paired with this outfit. Perfect addition to take this work outfit out to Friday night drinks…

After a few years of wearing thick black tights, I’m really loving sheers this winter. I really like the sheer 2pack plus size stockings at Kmart – they have a nice sheen and feel silky rather than crepe-y (if you know what I mean)… And for $5 a 2-pack, I’m not too devastated when I get a hole in them after 1 wear!

Top: Kmart
Skirt: Originally City Chic but bought from Ashley Rose
Neclace: eQuip
Stockings: Kmart
Heels: Torrid

Time to ‘do the rounds’ and see everyone else’s Green goodness…


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Style Me Friday {Double Denim}

So 2 years ago, double denim would have been an absolute crime in my book – A tragic fashion flash back to a time when Britney and Justin were the royal pop hotness…


Oh, don’t get me wrong… Life was fabulous in the 90s, if I got home in time from school, I would watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I had Spice Girls posters on my wall (Ginger was my favorite), New Kids on the Block and Girlfriend Cassettes… It was a great time in my life… But not a great time for fashion.

It was with great trepidation that I first attempted this trend at a music festival earlier this year – teaming dark denim jeans, and ombré Aztec tee and pale denim open shirt (check the look here) and I loved it!

Now, I own quite a few denim/chambray pieces, including a dress from New Look that I’m in total list with and wear it quite a lot. I’m still not convinced that I’m not going to look back in a couple of years and cringe though…

Now there are hundreds of fashion double denim pics I could have used for inspiration, I decided on this one of Ashley Madekwa partly because of the rockabilly look – something that would be quite a different look for me… But if I’m honest… Mostly because of my obsession with Revenge!

So, here it is, my Style Me Friday Double Denim look…


Top: Crossroads
Jeans: Kmart
Heels: Kmart
Earrings: eQuip






To join the fun and get inspired – Visit The Fashionista Next Door and join me on in the Style Me Friday challenge!


Aussie Curves {Sequins}


Sequins Week – time to go big or go home!

I have been waiting and waiting for an excuse to pull this baby out!

She is from Forever 21 (plus) and was worth ever cent of postage!

If I’m going over the top with a fabulous dress like this – I’m not stopping there – you better believe I am going the whole way with bright red lips and killer heels to boot!

Dress: Forever 21 (size 1X)
Heels: Torrid
Lips: ElisFaas lip stain
Earrings: eQuip

When I originally bought this dress, I did a mini/review of my Forever 21 shopping experience – you can read that post here

I can only wear this dress for a little while before the sequins start really scratching up under my arms. Beauty is pain though, right? And in my book, this dress is worth every second of scratchiness…

This outfit makes me feel ultra glam – and 12 months ago I never would have dreamed of drawing so much attention to myself! Thanks to the beautiful Aussie Curves girls for providing a supporting environment for me to live out my fashion fantasies and giving me the confidence to take my fat fabulousness to the streets! Xx






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Style Me Friday {Short Suits}

So I have a couple of location based challenges participating in The Fashionista Next Door’s Style Me Friday Challenge. The first is timezone – for me, it’s actually Style Me Saturday. The second? The weather.

So things are heating up in the States, thus inspiring a Shorts-in-the-Office theme this week. Down under… There’s a definite chill in the air, and winter is well and truly on its way! But, I do love a challenge, so for me, not only am I trying to pull together an outfit appropriate for my rather conservative office, but I also need something semi-practical so I don’t freeze to death (yes, I realize I’m being melodramatic since its about 20•c (68•F) at the moment… But I love my Aussie sunshine).

My inspiration pic this week is the ultimate in summery chic. I love the little pop of color amongst the monochrome, and I think it would be a great look for summer… It’s going to take some adaption to make this look work in winter… So here is where I landed…


I still got in my POP of colour with these fabulous Aztec earrings. Blazers are my go-to look in the office – they are my best friend, balancing out my pear shape and nipping me in at the waist.


I bought this jacket second hand off eBay, I love the elbow patches! It’s originally from City Chic (as are the shorts!). The booties are from Autograph Fashions. The earrings are from eQuip and the tights from Target. Since my office is rather conservative, I have decided to have a bit of fun with this outfit today and I added my New Look mesh bodysuit for a bit of funk!


So, despite it being Saturday (not Friday), and it’s freezing outside… I’m loving this weeks Style Me Friday outfit 🙂

To join the fun and get inspired – Visit The Fashionista Next Door and join me on in the Style Me Friday challenge!

Harlow Scuba Skirt

So I’m not sure if it technically constitutes a ‘Haul’ post of you only bought one item – but I am so excited with my first purchase from Australian label Harlow that I need to tell you guys all about it!



At the Aussie Curves Sydney Meet, Danimezza was wearing her new Harlow wet-look scuba leggings – and I knew I had to get some – they were so much thicker than my cheap New Look wet look leggings – the sheen was to-die-for! And although it was slightly awkward for Danimezza – we all couldn’t resist feeling the material over and over.

I have a cheapie Kmart leather look skater skirt, but I knew I wanted to add a pencil skirt to my collection, and when I got alerted to a Mothers Day Sale over at Harlow – my credit card details were being entered into the payment screen without a second thought!


Postage was free as part of the sale, and super fast! I ordered on Tuesday night and it was delivered on Friday. Wrapped in tissue paper with a hand written postcard from the Harlow team – it was a nice touch.



Tops: layered plain black long sleeve top and oxblood chiffon top with cross details – both Kmart
Skirt: Harlow
Heels: New Look
Legs: incredibly pale – sorry!!


There are a million pros – I love the material – it’s out of this world, the fit is great, cut beautifully and so comfortable. If I was being really picky with cons – it makes a swishy noise when I walk – and I would have preferred a waistband rather than an elasticated waist – just means I would never wear it with a top tucked in.


Aussie Curves {Leather}


You know when people make the definition between Book-smart and street-smart… Sometimes I think it’s because of me they had to do that….


I spend all day talking to people about organisational transformation, and yet planned to stay at my parents house the other night and forgot pajamas, clothes to wear to work the next day and underwear. I didn’t forget completely – I packed a necklace I wanted to wear – I just didn’t think through all of the steps…

What I am getting to (albeit in a round-a-bout fashion) is that I had to do an emergency trip to Kmart the other night to pick up some of my missing essentials and scored an absolute bargain for this week’s Aussie Curves challenge!

I feel like this jacket add a bit of ‘funk’ to my outfit, and helps it transition from something I would wear to work, to something I can wear straight out to dinner…


Jacket: Kmart
Skirt: Aztec Midi Skirt from New Look
Top: Jay Jays
Wedges: Kmart
Necklace: eQuip




I’m really loving Rose Gold right now, and I went with simple accessories this week – although I think looking back at the pictures I could have gone a little stronger on the bling… Still, loving the simplicity of the rose gold necklace and studs.


So, it’s a cheapie PU jacket from me for Leather Week. Can’t wait to see the looks put together by the other ladies!

Aussie Curves is a weekly fashion challenge for Australian and New Zealand bloggers, sizes 14+. Join in the fun!


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