Autograph Haul

When you have a ridiculously good sale – I feel obliged to partake in the goodies. This is how my latest purchase from Autograph came about… I was alerted to the sale by an Aussie Curvette, and was very quick to snatch up these items – all under $20!!

I had originally ordered another blue stripy dress as well, but it turned out to be out of stock. I received a prompt email and refund. Can’t complain about that…

My items arrived super fast (within 2 days of purchase).

I find Autograph sizing to be inconsistent, so I don’t like to order online. As an avid online shopper, I find this quite off putting. But, when the sale is this good, I just took a stab.

…The Striped Blazer…

Blazers are definitely one Autograph item where I think the sizing is completely off. They are always way way too big. Or maybe they are supposed to look a bit shapeless and I miss the point… Whichever it is, I was they were cut better or smaller. I ordered a size 14 in this blazer. I would say it fits like an 18. A big 18. It’s still wearable – but it looks a little boxier than I would ideally like…


Blazer: Autograph
Pants: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: Diva
Flats: Kmart

…The Lace Dresses…

Yep, that’s right, dresses… Plural. For $20 each I really couldn’t decide which to get, so have bought both. I figured I could sell whichever one I like less – but I have the feeling I will (maybe) keep them both. Again I ordered size 14. They feel like a generous 16, or smallish 18. Snug in the arms – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – I quite like the way it holds me in. Lets call a spade a spade, I think the ‘gold’ underlay one should have been called ‘nude’ as that’s what it looks like. A little too racy for the workplace, which is where I was planning on wearing that one – on the plus side, it would be great for a night out. The black on black one is a little more drab than I had hoped. Not sure why I feel that way about it – the neckline is not too high/low cut, and it’s a good length. Always good to have a dress in the black of the closet in case of a funeral I guess… I may keep it back there, and if I don’t wear it, I may sell it…



Which do you like better?


…Striped Peplum Top…

Yes, I’m addicted to peplums – and it’s great cut and pattern peplum top is just adding to my love of this style. It’s an easy piece that can transition between work and weekend. Love the slight nautical feel. I ordered a size 14 and it fits like a 16.

Top: Autograph
Jeans: Acid wash Lilac Skinny Jeans from New Look
Heels: Nude heels from New Look


7 thoughts on “Autograph Haul

    • Hi! Yeah – the peplum is higher than my City Chic peplum, but about on par with the ones I have from New Look and Dorothy Perkins. *I have a peplum problem* 🙂

  1. So you have brilliant taste…. I also bought the blazer and the peplum top a couple of weeks ago lol I would have purchased the black lace dress too but couldn’t get the right fit. I prefer the black lace but the other one is also gorgeous on you 🙂

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