Aussie Curves {Timesavers}



It’s not a habit, it’s an addition.

I tried it once for my engagement party in 2008.

And again for friend’s wedding in 2010.

I thought, I’ve only done it a couple times, I’m fine, I can stop any time I want.

Then in mid 2012, I started and I couldn’t stop.

It’s not cheap, but I just can’t don’t want to live without it…

And it’s the biggest timesaver I have… So, here it goes, the big confession… They are not real… They are big fat fake ones…


My eyelashes that is… 🙂


So, I completely know that eyelash extensions are indulgent. And maybe if I had kids, or my hubby and I weren’t both working full time, or I had less disposable income, I would consider giving them up. But right now, as vain as it sounds, they make me happy and I love them.

I guess I should explain that eyelash extensions are individual false lashes that are bonded to you own lash one at a time. They are ‘permanent’ in the sense that they stay on until the eyelash naturally falls out (eyelashes have a lifespan of about 6weeks), and you can shower/swim/wear makeup with them on…

Having the right eyelash lady is essential. I’ve had them many times before and something wasn’t quite right (they were clumpy, or sparse, or the ends stuck into my eyes when I tried to sleep). I thought I just couldn’t handle them and would apply disposable false lashes… All the ladies at my hair salon have fabulous lashes, so one day I asked them where they get them done. They all started gushing about Marie at once… Something I didn’t understand until I went and got mine done. She is amazing. The best. So gentle, and detail oriented. She cares about the ongoing health of your lashes, and about having them as comfortable as possible. It’s about the extra level of care and attention and now, I’m completely hooked… And gushing about Marie too…

Anyway, I get infills every three weeks (yes, I know!) and they always make me feel fabulous and feminine. Putting on some tinted moisturizer when I have my lashes done feels like a full face of makeup. And that’s where the ‘timesaver’ part comes in. I’ve worn makeup ever since I was in the 9th grade, but nowadays, I often go without and still feel confident and fabulous.

So there it is ladies! My timesaver confession.

If anyone is in the Wollongong Area and wants fabulous lashes (you can get them just for a special occasion/vacation… Or at least you can justify it to yourself that way and become completely addicted) let me know and I can email you the details…

FYI in terms of the costs
Full set is $120
Infill (3-4 weeks) $55
Infill (over 4 weeks) $75

Also, I wanted to put the disclaimer that Marie doesn’t even know I have a blog, let alone doing this, so these are completely my opinions and are in no way sponsored. She just that good…

So drum roll… No makeup… Before and after shots…



I think the ultimate compliment is that people think they are real – I often have people tell me how ‘lucky’ I am to have such beautiful eyelashes.

I haven’t worn mascara since I started getting them done, and I rarely wear eyeliner anymore either (as they are thinker and black they define the eye really well too). The top you can see is from Autograph – you can see me whole haul here.

Anyway, that’s my timesaver confession – cant wait to read all the other girls’ secrets this week!




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11 thoughts on “Aussie Curves {Timesavers}

    • Be careful – once you pop its hard to stop xx

      Seriously – they are THE BEST. Also – added benefit – so they last longer I never NEVER rub my eyes – which has to be good in the prevention of wrinkles – right? 🙂

      • I am an advocate for the eyelash extension too! I get my done by a guy in St. Marys. He and his wife are the only two people I trust to do it. When I have my lashes on i only wear bronzer….no eyeliner or mascara needed. I usually wait for a while before I get them done again…..usually at least a month so my own lashes can grow back thicker and healthier. They make me feel pretty too….even at 6:00am at the gym when I sweating my bumhole out!!! Looks like you get individual lashes yeah? They look purty!

    • Eyelash extensions are awesome – I’m glad there are other people out there addicted to them – I sould so vain when I rave about them – but seriously, I would rather get my eyelashes done than my hair!

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