A peek inside… My photo set up and processing

So I’m finally at a stage when I’m pretty happy with the setup I am using for my iPhone photos. As the name of the blog would suggest, I mainly use my iPhone 5 for blogging.

A already had a Gorilla pod from traveling – it was invaluable when backpacking alone to get yourself in photos 🙂 but I recently bought an attachment off eBay for under $5. It’s been great, and super useful when I take photos using my Camtastic App.

My Apps


Camtastic allows you to do a whole heap of cool things – I only use two of the functions. A 10 second delay, and the 8 photo burst mode. This lets me set up the phone with the gorilla pod, press the button, and I have 10 seconds to get in the frame. It then takes 8 photos so you can get a couple of poses in… If I’m doing a haul post – I usually get photos I can work with in one go. For an outfit post, I will got three or four times to get a variety of poses.

I edit my iPhone photos using the Tadaa App. It’s a photos sharing app like Instagram – but I never use it for sharing – only editing. You can save pics back to your camera role when you are done. I like the choice of filters, Kraftwerk is my favorite – I also like that you can scale down the effect of the filter – I generally only use my filters at 60%. 20130420-090456.jpg

You can independently adjust brightness, contrast and saturation which is handy. You can also crop via the app.

The feature I love the most is their focus/blur tab. It not only allows you to choose a section of the photo to be in focus (a circle or bar) and choose the depth of the radius around the item, and choose the degree of blur – you are also able to isolate individual items and blur everything else in the picture. Its great to disguise bad backgrounds – or selfies shot in the bathroom. It takes a little bit more time – but the end result is worth it!




I use PicFrame for adding multiple photos in an Instagram sized layout – they have heaps of layout options and its super easy to use. You can save to your phone album, or upload directly.


I also occasionally use Instasize for photos that are the wrong shape for Instagram (I don’t want my head or feet cut off) and it resizes the photo so the whole pic fits in your upload. Uploads straight to Instagram.


And every now and then, when I want to add a little bokeh, I used lenslight



So that’s pretty much it…

I also have a Lust List of items from Photo Jojo including an iPhone lens kit, and a remote photo clicker for my iPhone… I’m currently saving up for them both 🙂

Do you have any essential iPhone apps for photo editing? Let me know!!


8 thoughts on “A peek inside… My photo set up and processing

    • It takes a little bit of getting used to, but Tadaa is perfect for that! My standard edit is crop, lighten, and blur background… 🙂 can’t wait to see your new and improved ootd shots on IG. If you need any help, let me know x

  1. Awesome post! I’m a huge iPhonography fan. Take all my pics on my phone now. I have about 30 photo apps. My favourite is KitCam because it has some awesome filters, lense effects and frames but it also allows custom editing. You can’t select independent areas to focus on though. I’m going to have to download these apps you’ve suggested. I love a new app!

    • Thanks for telling me about KitCam! It’s a great App – I’m just playing around with it now – it may be even better than Camtastic for taking outfit shots! You’re a gem!

  2. Thanks for sharing the apps that you use. I thought I used a lot of apps to edit my food pics. 😉 Now I see I’m not alone.

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