City Chic Changeroom Confessions

“Window shopping only” I preached on Instagram… lets face it, we all knew that was a lie! Despite the best of intentions, I have made little attempt to hide my lack of self control in the past, and today was no different! I had a great time trying on a million things in City Chic at Miranda (NSW). Honestly, I always enjoy myself in a CC store. Not only because of the fabulous clothes – but I must say, I have never some across a rude CC employee – in fact, they bend over backwards to be helpful, give styling advice, are always enthusiastic about clothes and supportive. CC do a fantastic job in recruiting and training their staff. Top job. Now on to the clothes!

Ok, let’s start with the Sequin Love Skirt! I was so excited to try on this beautiful skirt as it was on my Lust List.


They only had a Large (I wear an XS at City Chic) so excuse the weird face as I am attempting to hold the back of the skirt so I get the right shape. Apparently holding the skirt, taking the photo, and smiling was one too many tasks for this blogger 🙂

The sequins and secured very well – you are paying for a quality item here. The black sections are not sequined (this was one of the things I personally wanted to check out about this skirt) and is a shiny (like Lycra) stretchy material. If I had an occasion to wear this – I would totally have bought it (cough cough invite me somewhere fancy cough cough)
Verdict: it’s moved to the top of my Lust List!

Next, a blouse that took my by surprise. I LOVED this top! I grabbed it as I’m seeing this harlequin design a lot at the moment, and thought I would give it a try. The cut of this top is sensational. I did not want to take it off.


I love the bold graphic, and the black section across the back. There was a good amount of room in the collar when the top button was done up and the material sat beautifully.
Verdict: I wish I had taken it home. Beautiful!

Next up, something that was not my cup of tea. This pinafore dress is really not my usual style – but I am all for pushing myself out of that comfort zone. This makes me think that my comfort zone is there for a reason. I think it makes me look very top heavy.

20130722-223027.jpgSPOT PINAFORE DRESS

Verdict: It’s just not me. I see ASOS Curve released a pinafore this week too so it may just be a spring trend that I will be sitting out!

I’d seen the colorful confetti version of this zip jacket all over Instagram, and I was keen to try it on, however I have a few colorful blazers and could not justify another.

20130723-062940.jpgZIP CONTRAST JACKET

The Zip concept is brilliant. I love it as a feature on the blazer – but I love getting 2 jackets for the price of one as well! I have unzipped it in the second picture and am wearing it as a crop jacket. The white contrast details are a super cute touch. For $130 it went on my wish list – if I needed a new work blazer I’d get it for sure, but I just can’t justify it right now. For you straight size gals I did find a very similar jacket in Target in their Hot Options range – which only goes up to a 16. They only had a 14 in Miranda – I tried it on – it fit comfortably across my back, but was nowhere near closing. I am going to try and hunt down a 16 as the Target version is half the price of CC.

20130723-063658.jpgand yes, this pic does mean that a Target Changeroom Confession is coming too!

Verdict: Smart idea, beautifully cut. If I didn’t have three black blazers, I’d get it!

I couple misses in the pants department are up next. I’m glad I tried on both styles but the are just not for me.

20130723-064153.jpgGEOMETRIC HAREM PANT

Cue the running man. I struggle a bit to get on the Harem pant bandwagon – I recently got a pair of hand-me-downs from my sister (plain black) and I’m still feeling them out for styling. These print ones are just a step too far for this blogger. They fit nicely though and the print is gorgeous.
Verdict: If you are comfortable in Harem pants – these are über cool. If your a little self conscious in that style – steer clear of these 90s inspired beauties!

These pants are another trend that I have been holding off, and it turns out, rightly so!

20130723-064616.jpgRINGMASTER SKINNY JEAN

I really didn’t want to post this uber unflattering pic, but I am going to anyway for the sake of a true and balanced Changeroom confession. To be fair to the pants, I would NEVER wear this style with a bodysuit so the unattractive gut-cling wouldn’t be an issue. But it’s more than that – as I walked around the stripes got crooked on my legs – I may be a messy person, but the stripes being crooked would drive me nuts! I have enough trouble wearing my grey jeans with the black racing stripe down each leg – and that’s only one stripe.
Verdict: I’m glad I tried them on, as it really confirmed they are not the pants for me!

Lastly, a stunning dress (and belt) that just had to come home with me!


This dress featured on my Lust List this month, and I was actually a bit disappointed when I saw it in person – there was a lot of brown in the print and I turned my nose up. I still wanted to try it on, and boy, did it blow me away. Worth every cent of the $90. Cut sensationally – vavavoom without cleavage or leg on display – that’s my kind of dress. Cudos City Chic – this ones a winner!
Verdict: Get in my closet!

Here it is with some different belts – and one with no belt so you can see the cut of the dress. I would never wear it without the belt – but I thought it may help you see the cut of the dress better!


Is there something you wish I had tried on? Send me the link and I’ll give it a go next time I’m in store – in very lucky to live so close to CC stores and I know how difficult online shopping can be when you can’t see/feel the clothes!



6 thoughts on “City Chic Changeroom Confessions

  1. I tried on the ringmaster pants and they looked shocking on me, that being said 95% of pants do! I REALLY love the dress you picked up, I don’t think I noticed that in store, but wowza!!

  2. I work at a city chic in QLD and I have the same taste in clothes as you, it would seem! I adore my harem pants, my sequin skirt and my one shoulder dress (in both black and the print you are wearing)! Have you tried on the newest One Sholder dress from the Jungle collection?

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