Target Changeroom Confessions

All those Gok Ads have been making my shopping-bone itch, so I headed out to Target to look at their new lines!

I had a little look around the Moda section – but there really wasn’t that much that was my style. Except this one Monochrome Chevron top – I’ve layered with with a long sleeve bodysuit in this photo – it is short sleeve. The material made it sit beautifully, and it was a good length to be able to wear it tucked in or hanging out…


Target’s straight size range now extends to a size 20. I’m loving the monochrome dresses out right now – here are my three favorites!

20130728-133214.jpgThis dress is the perfect fit! I loved it, and the metal detail belt was so cute! I can’t believe that a super cute dress like this is available (in a size that actually fits me) from Target at an affordable price! #winning!

20130728-133505.jpgthe waist on this bodycon dress could have been a little tighter – If it was coming home, I would have seen how the size 16 went…

20130728-133456.jpgAlthough gorgeous, the stiff material in this dress caused the arm holes to gape. My boobs couldn’t squish into the next size down, so even though I loved this dress, it just didn’t work for my body…

I do find the sizing inconsistent at Target – I love their stuff, but it means I need to go instore to try stuff on – I’m such a fan of online shopping that its a little painful to trek instore every time there’s something I like.

Here’s a classic example of 2 beautiful pieces… Both are size 18 – one way to big, and one too small…

20130728-134350.jpgthis peplum is miles too big Road worker chic?

20130728-134500.jpg Such a cute dress – but a 20 is definitely required!

As I was wondering around the store, This Tokyo Dolls top caught my eye – so beautiful. If it had been on sale, I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat!

20130728-134651.jpgChic with a little sexiness – perfect as a transition piece from office to after hours! It was a little on the pricey side for a work top. But beautifully made, and I’ll be keeping my eye on it! I’m wearing a size 16.

This jacket is GENIUS!! I saw a similar one in City Chic last week, and this one is half the price! Unfortunately there were none in my size, so this is a size 14. Surprisingly it did for across my back – but my ‘bangers’ (as Gok would say) were never going to get in there.


Lastly – I headed to the sales rack – this gorgeous dress was a steal at only $40!

Perfect for brightening up the working week.

So that’s all from the changeroom for now!



3 thoughts on “Target Changeroom Confessions

  1. I’m in the same boat with the sizing inconsistencies! But that last dress is absolutely adorable on you! I will definitely be searching for it for myself.

  2. I love that white and black ‘lace’ dress. It looks amazing on you.
    I have the last dress too – its so awesomely colourful for boring work days.

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