Changeroom Confessions: Sussan and Autograph

Hmm, so I haven’t had a great week this week. On my way home the other night, I was involved in a bit of a car accident. It was not my fault, at all, I was rear ended by a distracted driver, but it means that my week has been full of doctors appointments, insurance claims, resting and pain.

On a personal note; I couldn’t be a bigger supporter of the current Get your hand off it! campaign. If the driver behind me had been paying attention to the road instead of his phone, I would not be in so much pain and my car would not be a mangled mess. Seriously NOTHING is so important that it cannot wait, and if it is that important PULL the darn car over! I was lucky, I have whiplash and a smushed car – but my bruises will fade and muscles will repair – too many people on our roads are not so lucky. Put down the phone while driving. PLEASE.

On to a nicer subject… My favourite subject… Shopping! Feeling sorry for myself, I decided to give myself a pick-me-up by headed to the shops to check out some of the great new spring stock hitting the shelves at the moment.

Autograph Fashions

The Monochrome trend continues for spring, and I’m loving this top available at Autograph right now…

I’m wearing a size 14. I love the mixed prints and the black panel. Comes with a plain black cami. Love it…

Then there was this Ombré knit jumper! The colour was stunning! The vivid pink is great for spring. I have a similar pale pink ombré jumper from Forever 21 last season, so I just couldn’t justify it. If the powers-that-be at Autograph happen to read this – please please please bring it out in another colour! 20130808-215242.jpgI’m wearing a size Small.


So one of the Aussie Curves girls (hey Jodie!) posted the new Sussans Look Book Video to the group wall and it was so beautiful that I had to go instore and check it out.

Wow did it not disappoint! Their colour pallet for spring is drop dead gorgeous, and the prints are beautiful. Fabrics and silky and crepey with great cuts. The sizing was a little inconsistent – which means I’d recommend you go instore rather than online to get the fit your looking for…

The Hot pink top is a size 12 (yep you read that right) and perfectly offset these great soft print silky pants. I loved this outfit so much it had to come home with me. I’m wearing a size 16 in the pants. The 18s just had a little too much thigh/ass room so sat a little baggier… The back of the waist band is elasticated, with I usually dislike, but the front has a fly and button closure with a cute bow tie – more than acceptable and means I can wear tops tucked in… A long necklace is required to break up the top, but it’s such a great pairing that I had to have it! I can easily see the pants working with ballet flat around the office, or with some heels out to dinner. Printed pants are a massive trend at the moment, and I’m so glad I found the right ones for me!

The sizing on this dress is whack, which is devastating because it is freaking beautiful! Also the cute coral belt doesn’t come with it – I pulled that off the sales rack as I straight shift dress does nothing for me. This print it to die for! Maybe it’s just my body shape, or the way I choose to style it, but I couldn’t get the fit I wanted. The 18 was way way too big in the top, I had folds and folds of material where the belt sat at my waist and it ruined the pattern (again, the belt was my addition, so it’s probably an issue of my own making!), it was so big that I decided to try the 14. The size 14 was good on my boobs, but hideously small on my thighs. The size 16 was a little baggier than I wanted in the top, and a little smaller than I wanted on the bottom (that’s the 16 in the picture- you can’t really tell but it’s grabbing my saddle bags). I was like a devastated Golilocks who never found the one that fit perfect. Such a shame because the print is so lovely. If If I found the 16 on sale, I would consider getting it and wearing some thigh spanx… Although that does defeat the purpose of such a breezy summery dress…

I think I preferred the pattern on these printed pants over the others, but these were crepey rather than silky, and didn’t have the fly/tie waist combo so they didn’t look as good. Kinda puffed out from the waistband. I put the singlet over the top of the waistband and was happier with the look, but still not as good as the other pants. Still loved the print – and of I didn’t find the other silky printed pants – these ones would probably we in my wardrobe right now!

So that’s it for the car crash edition of Changeroom Confessions…



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