Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney!

Thanks to Styling You and Maybelline, last night I got a behind the scenes peek at the opening night of Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney 2013 (mbffs). #luckiestgirlever

In what could only be described as a state of outfit paranoia – I had a massively difficult time choosing what to wear… I didn’t actually decide on an outfit until the morning of, and I packed 2 spares just in case.


In the end – the Sydney cold snap dictated my outfit. I had been waiting on a Metallic Kardashian Kollection Blazer from Dorothy Perkins (it didn’t arrive in time) but then I found my white tuxedo jacket hanging in the back of the closet and the outfit came together from there… The hero of the entire outfit is undoubtedly these sky-high Stiletto shoes from Wanted. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have them… And by the time I got some in my size delivered to a store near me, they were on sale for $40! BARGAIN!!


So the neon pop meant that the rest of my outfit had to be neutral. I knew I wanted to wear my Harlow Wet and Wild Scuba leggings – I have been working up the courage to wear them as pants and last night was the perfect excuse. The denim shirt was a last minute choice made whilst standing in my bra exasperatedly cursing at my closet – and as soon as I slipped it on, I knew it was perfect!

To add a little bling, I wore a Guess watch my hubby bought me for Christmas a few years ago, and used some blingy stud earrings as collar tips to add some spice to the top. With the pop of neon yellow in the shoes, I felt unfinished without another pop – so I headed off to Kmart at 7am before work yesterday – and they pulled through big time with the neon yellow bangle! Seriously – where else could you go at 7am to find a last minute neon accessory! It may not be cutting edge designer fashion – but Kmart saved my butt for mbffs!


Shirt: Denim Top from Dorothy Perkins
Pants: Wet and Wild Scuba Leggings from Harlow
Jacket: White Tuxedo blazer from Tempt
Collar tips: Studs from eQuip
Shoes: Chevron Stilettos from
Wanted – Get them here
Bangle: Neon bangle from Kmart

Arriving at Town Hall with plenty of time before the trends show – I was slipped past the waiting paparazzi (ok, they were not at all interested in me – although some tried to take some pics of my shoes as I walked up town hall steps – talk about intimidating – please don’t fall, please don’t fall, PLEASE DON’T FALL – luckily i was able to master the stairs and was whisked away by fabulous fashiony-types to a private room where I was treated to nibbles and champers. Hosted by the vivacious Nikki from Styling You and Maybelline, we chatted and had photos taken (and scored an amazing gift bag of goodies!).


Next we were off on a behind the scenes tour! With only an hour until show time – I couldn’t believe the calm backstage… The dressing area was full of beautiful clothes and an army of dressers and assistants dutifully standing by their racks – but not a model in sight… Until we got to hair and makeup! It was a buzzing hive of activity. I can’t believe the incredible Nigel Stanislaus (Maybelline New York Makeup Director) took time out to explain the trends look for this evening show. From a hair and makeup perspective – it was all about youth.






Created though contouring, an animated Nigel spoke us through a how-to for chiseled cheekbones. The most prominent look was the Boy Brows – thick, straight and strong was being showcased. I’m not sure I could pull it off – but the models looks amazing. Next it was over to the head Hair designer from Redkin, who explained that the hair tonight was also about youth – through texture. Most of the girls had strong side parts with low sitting pony tails. No stick looks here – it was about natural looking hair. For me – kinda like a kid whose been out playing all day.



From there it was over to take a look at the runway, where we met the flawless Ruby Rose (Maybelline ambassador) who was rocking the boy brow look. Her hair was so many shades of pink, purple, blue and white – she looked like effortless perfection. Lets just say, it did my self esteem no favours standing so close to someone that beautiful! She chatted away, obliged for some happy snaps – could not have been nicer and more easy going. For a woman in such high demand – she certainly didn’t treat anyone like she was in a rush, and we had a great time chatting away and talking about the trends show.



Finding our seats, I turn to my left and happen to be sitting next to Katy Potaty! She was so lovely in person! More excited chatter, before a glitter cannon went off and it was time for the main event!


…and it surpassed my expectations. Running for a full hour – I lost count at about 15 designers who had showcased their work. I tell you what – digital mirror prints are going to be massive next season. Other trends were use of textures like leather and lace for summer, loads of exposed zippers, colour everywhere, and super itty bitty bikinis!


After the show we headed downstairs to the Style Hub, and were met with an array of treats from the various sponsors. And cocktails. And nibbles. And icecreams. And freebies.

Maybelline had a touch up studio – which I immediately got them to darken my brows a bit – and I tried their new Whisper Colour lipstick. I went bold with a hot pink shade to match my neon pops – Pink Possibilities it was a fabulous shade on me if I do say so myself.


My fabulous shoes were getting fabulously painful, and just in the nick of time, the house lights came up and it was time to say goodbye. Not before another goody bag was thrown my way – with a great mix of little gifts from all the sponsors. I cannot believe how lucky I was to get to go – I had the most fabulous night.

This chicky is a blogger, not a model. I carried flats in my bag, and as soon as we were out the door… The stilettos were off and my feet were rejoicing in flats.

A huge thank you to Nikki from Styling You for hosting the night, and of course, Maybelline for all their fabulousness and gifts.

For anyone that wants to get along, I believe you can still purchase some tickets to some events over the next few days – you would just have to check out the MBFFS website for more info…

There are a heap more photos – I will post them all on my facebook page – see the album here!

I’m still on my fashion high, and I don’t think I’ll be coming down any time soon!


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