Forever 21+ : Spring Haul

This is my second time ordering from Forever 21. Although I often lust after their Plus Size clothing range. My first haul was a few months ago – when I was just beginning out blogging. aww, n00bie. Read it here.

This time around – things were different. OK, postage was still ridiculously expensive, but it was uber fast. like less than a week. I also has a little more of an idea what size I should be ordering – I went for a size smaller than most of the items I ordered back in January – so it was still a little gamble – but a gamble that paid off as EVERYTHING has fit perfectly!

I’m so excited to show off my haul!

The postage damage was $58. It arrived in less that a week – which is unbelievable in terms of postage speed from the US!

HOT TIP: I typed Forever 21 discount code into google and came across one which got me a 10% discount. It’s worth a shot! It snuck me under a postage bracket, so ended up actually saving me quite a bit of money.

Size wise – I’m going to draw comparisons between Forever 21 plus size clothes, and other plus size and straight size retailers (Like City Chic, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, ASOS, Autograph) . They are just my opinions – but I hope they help!

Fab Skinny Jeans

I don’t have a photo as I’ve been wearing them constantly since they arrived, and now, they are in the wash!

Size Ordered: US12
Size felt like: AU16 from a straight size store. A 16 from Dorothy Perkins or New Look. Slightly smaller than a 14 in City Chic or Autograph.
Paid USD: $14.80
Pros and Cons: The fit and cut is amazing. The material is a little thin – but, HELLO! I just paid less than $15 for plus size jeans. I would buy them over and over again. Good amount of stretch. Held their shape after an entire weekend of wearing them. Not too low cut (but not high cut). “Fab” is definitely the appropriate word.
Buy them here

Eye-Catching Cutout Sweater

Size Ordered: USXL
Size felt like: AU16. Similar to a XS in City Chic or a 14 in Autograph. On par with a 16/18 in Dorothy Perkins or New Look or ASOS.
Paid USD: $24.80
Pros and Cons: Love the Khaki colour of this – and the cold shoulder. Like of a military vibe, but really sexy, without actually showing anything off. The jumper did show some signs of wear only after a few hours – but I was wearing a pointy necklace (and drinking) so I don’t think it can really be the jumper’s fault. The length is good, hits me just below the bottom of my fly.
Buy them here

Splash-Making Geo Swimsuit

Here’s the model.


Size Ordered: US 1X
Size felt like: Smaller than a CC XS or Autograph 14. On part with a straight size AU16 I guess. I havent ordered many swimsuits from overseas
Paid USD: $29.80
Pros and Cons: The colours are phenomenal. I am SO GLAD I read the reviews on this one which all said to size up. So I did. I’m 5’7 (169cms) so not tall or short – and this one is quite short in the body. The print hides a million sins and the colours are amazing. Cant wait to wear this one in Fiji. I’d pay $100 for it if it had cups instead of a shelf bra.
Buy them here

Cutout Polka Dot Bow Tee

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: City Chic XS, Autograph 14. Straight size 16/18.
Paid USD: $10.80
Pros and Cons: I lusted after this for so long and now I have it – It’s great, but I haven’t worn it. I’m not sure how I will style it. and its a little thin. I still really like it – but it is in danger of getting pushed to the back of the closet.
Buy them here

Celestial Skater Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: Smaller than City Chic or Autograph. Straight size AU or UK 16.
Paid USD: $24.80
Pros and Cons: Technically, I bought this for my sister-in-law. Sorry Mel, but I’m hoping *hardcore* that your boobs wont fit in this stunning dress so I can steal it all for myself!!! Its amazing. I LOVE IT. But buyer-be-warned – Its tight in the boob-department. I was able to squeeze and squash my double D’s in there – not sure Mel will have the same luck. I can always borrow it if it does fit! The material is light and floaty – perfect for wearing out in the heat of summer!
Buy them here

Geo Peplum Bodycon Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: CC XS, Autograph 14, Straight size 16/18 (mainly because of the stretch)
Paid USD: $22.80
Pros and Cons: It’s on the short side – but OMG I love it. Such a great peplum length. So sexy, and yet office appropriate. I’ve worn it twice in the office already. The print is great – heaps of stretch. So comfy to wear, and so polished. Material is a thick stretchy material.
Buy them here

Basic Peplum Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: CC XS, Autograph 14, Straight size 16/18 (mainly because of the stretch)
Paid USD: $17.80
Pros and Cons: Easy, breezy, beautiful. Again, a touch on the short side – but the Forever 21+ line is junior plus sizes – they are meant for younger ladies – it’s a youthful hemline. Material is thinner than the other peplum dress, but no issues.
Buy them here

Destroyed Acid Wash Skinny Jeans


Size Ordered: 12
Size felt like: At first, smaller than an Autograph or City Chic 14, but after a few hours, they had a bit of give.
Paid USD: $27.80
Pros and Cons: I’m in love and have gone to destroyed denim heaven. Learned my first lesson this weekend re: wearing destroyed denim – wear sunscreen on your thighs! Lets just say I have very interesting sunburn this week.
Buy them here

Bold Peplum Combo Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: CC XS, Autograph 14. Straight size 16.
Paid USD: $24.80
Pros and Cons: Love the back – this was an impulse buy and I didn’t even notice the cut outs – its done really well so I can still wear my normal bra. Again, on the short side, but not unwearably so. Material is thick and stretch. Very comfortable to wear, with some wow-factor at the back.
Buy them here


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