Strangely disproportionate

I’m about to be a real whining princess, so consider yourself warned.

I have always had trouble fitting into pants. Big bum, bigger thighs and my saddle bags have always been my most difficult area – I’m forever adding bulk to my shoulders to try and balance myself out. I have lost a bit of weight this year, and was so excited that I was facing the prospect of going down a pants size.

This brings me down to a 20 in straight sizes and a 16/18 in plus sizes. Yay for me right? Well, my new size of pants fits all my problem areas great … But now I have a new very unlikely problem area.

My Calves!!



Not my ass, or thighs, or juicy saddle bags – but my CALVES (?!?) are preventing me from wearing a smaller size in pants.

At first, they were chinos and I blamed the pants – silly cut.

Then an old pair of skinny jeans which were baggy everywhere except the calves – again I blamed the pants – how silly of them to stretch out of shape everywhere but the calves…

Then, this morning I tried on a pair of my ‘goal’ pants. You know – the ones you bought, even though they were not in your size because you loved them so much? Well, mine fit. Sort of. This should be a massive victory! I should be shouting from the roof tops! They glided over my thighs, they zipped right up, there’s no hanging muffin top – BUT they are so damn tight on my calves they my calves are single handedly (or double leggedly?) pulling down my jeans! Ridiculous, no?

I’ve always loved my curvy legs – that I had shape – not two sticks straight up and down. I long ago accepted that I would never be able to wear regular width boots, and was happy to pay that price for curvy legs – but this, preventing me from dancing in my victory pants – is beyond a joke.

Grrrr to you my unlikely problem area!

I didn’t have the energy to change into some wide-leg pants to fit my calf-bulk, so wore the outfit anyway.


Top: Ribbed Peplum Tee from Dorothy Perkins
Pants: Black and Purple floral roses skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: Rose Gold look – Diva
Earrings: Rose Gold ball studs – eQuip


Plus size women snowboard too you know!

So, while I wanted to stay nice an positive in this blog, I do have a major gripe about a big gap (pardon the pun) in the plus size market – women’s plus size snowboarding and skiing gear.

In almost all other areas of my fashion life, I don’t feel that I am disadvantaged because of my size – in fact, I think many of the plus size lines available these days are way cuter than their smaller-sized counterparts. But when it came to finding plus size snowboarding gear for my trip to Japan, I came across a big fat frumpy zero options for women.

So, we are left to buy men’s plus size snowboarding gear, in which we face a few problems, both from a fashion, fit and practicality standpoint… And even then, although there are more sizes available in men’s lines, particularly in Australia, they are not easy to find…

While a gripe is the main theme of this post, I did want to give a little shout out to the Mountain Warehouse in the UK. Considering it was Christmas, and the pants I ordered were bulky, postage was both reasonable and fast. I ordered 2 men’s snowboarding pants, and chanced-it by ordering the biggest size they had – I figured I can always wear a belt right? So that was a men’s XXXL. Now I am an size 16 in plus size clothes and a 20 in standard lines. The men’s XXXL are swimming around my waist, but fit snugly on my hips – which highlights one of the big problems with plus size women wearing men’s clothing – men are not genetically designed to bear children and therefore have narrow hips. I will never find a pair of men’s pants that fit both my waist, hips are don’t drag over my boots!! I managed to pick up a pairs of men’s Rip Curl XXL pants, which are quite restrictive on my hips. I come across the same fit issues with men’s jackets – which women’s snowboarding jackets have a tapered waist to give you a nice curvy (albiet padded) shape. Men’s jackets are square and boxy, and again, narrow at the hips. Plus, lets face it, the men’s ranges are not pretty, and at the end of the day – don’t I deserve to feel as fabulous on the slopes as I do on the street??!

Have I missed something? Do you know of a line to save me from future frumpiness? Please leave a comment and let me know 🙂

Anyway, the ugliness of my outfits have been putting me in a mood before I go boarding – which, considering I am a terrible snowboarder and take an absolute battering on the slopes, is not the best frame of mind. I may spend a lot of time on my bum/knees/back/face in the snow – at least my outfit should look great!