Forever 21+ : Spring Haul

This is my second time ordering from Forever 21. Although I often lust after their Plus Size clothing range. My first haul was a few months ago – when I was just beginning out blogging. aww, n00bie. Read it here.

This time around – things were different. OK, postage was still ridiculously expensive, but it was uber fast. like less than a week. I also has a little more of an idea what size I should be ordering – I went for a size smaller than most of the items I ordered back in January – so it was still a little gamble – but a gamble that paid off as EVERYTHING has fit perfectly!

I’m so excited to show off my haul!

The postage damage was $58. It arrived in less that a week – which is unbelievable in terms of postage speed from the US!

HOT TIP: I typed Forever 21 discount code into google and came across one which got me a 10% discount. It’s worth a shot! It snuck me under a postage bracket, so ended up actually saving me quite a bit of money.

Size wise – I’m going to draw comparisons between Forever 21 plus size clothes, and other plus size and straight size retailers (Like City Chic, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, ASOS, Autograph) . They are just my opinions – but I hope they help!

Fab Skinny Jeans

I don’t have a photo as I’ve been wearing them constantly since they arrived, and now, they are in the wash!

Size Ordered: US12
Size felt like: AU16 from a straight size store. A 16 from Dorothy Perkins or New Look. Slightly smaller than a 14 in City Chic or Autograph.
Paid USD: $14.80
Pros and Cons: The fit and cut is amazing. The material is a little thin – but, HELLO! I just paid less than $15 for plus size jeans. I would buy them over and over again. Good amount of stretch. Held their shape after an entire weekend of wearing them. Not too low cut (but not high cut). “Fab” is definitely the appropriate word.
Buy them here

Eye-Catching Cutout Sweater

Size Ordered: USXL
Size felt like: AU16. Similar to a XS in City Chic or a 14 in Autograph. On par with a 16/18 in Dorothy Perkins or New Look or ASOS.
Paid USD: $24.80
Pros and Cons: Love the Khaki colour of this – and the cold shoulder. Like of a military vibe, but really sexy, without actually showing anything off. The jumper did show some signs of wear only after a few hours – but I was wearing a pointy necklace (and drinking) so I don’t think it can really be the jumper’s fault. The length is good, hits me just below the bottom of my fly.
Buy them here

Splash-Making Geo Swimsuit

Here’s the model.


Size Ordered: US 1X
Size felt like: Smaller than a CC XS or Autograph 14. On part with a straight size AU16 I guess. I havent ordered many swimsuits from overseas
Paid USD: $29.80
Pros and Cons: The colours are phenomenal. I am SO GLAD I read the reviews on this one which all said to size up. So I did. I’m 5’7 (169cms) so not tall or short – and this one is quite short in the body. The print hides a million sins and the colours are amazing. Cant wait to wear this one in Fiji. I’d pay $100 for it if it had cups instead of a shelf bra.
Buy them here

Cutout Polka Dot Bow Tee

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: City Chic XS, Autograph 14. Straight size 16/18.
Paid USD: $10.80
Pros and Cons: I lusted after this for so long and now I have it – It’s great, but I haven’t worn it. I’m not sure how I will style it. and its a little thin. I still really like it – but it is in danger of getting pushed to the back of the closet.
Buy them here

Celestial Skater Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: Smaller than City Chic or Autograph. Straight size AU or UK 16.
Paid USD: $24.80
Pros and Cons: Technically, I bought this for my sister-in-law. Sorry Mel, but I’m hoping *hardcore* that your boobs wont fit in this stunning dress so I can steal it all for myself!!! Its amazing. I LOVE IT. But buyer-be-warned – Its tight in the boob-department. I was able to squeeze and squash my double D’s in there – not sure Mel will have the same luck. I can always borrow it if it does fit! The material is light and floaty – perfect for wearing out in the heat of summer!
Buy them here

Geo Peplum Bodycon Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: CC XS, Autograph 14, Straight size 16/18 (mainly because of the stretch)
Paid USD: $22.80
Pros and Cons: It’s on the short side – but OMG I love it. Such a great peplum length. So sexy, and yet office appropriate. I’ve worn it twice in the office already. The print is great – heaps of stretch. So comfy to wear, and so polished. Material is a thick stretchy material.
Buy them here

Basic Peplum Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: CC XS, Autograph 14, Straight size 16/18 (mainly because of the stretch)
Paid USD: $17.80
Pros and Cons: Easy, breezy, beautiful. Again, a touch on the short side – but the Forever 21+ line is junior plus sizes – they are meant for younger ladies – it’s a youthful hemline. Material is thinner than the other peplum dress, but no issues.
Buy them here

Destroyed Acid Wash Skinny Jeans


Size Ordered: 12
Size felt like: At first, smaller than an Autograph or City Chic 14, but after a few hours, they had a bit of give.
Paid USD: $27.80
Pros and Cons: I’m in love and have gone to destroyed denim heaven. Learned my first lesson this weekend re: wearing destroyed denim – wear sunscreen on your thighs! Lets just say I have very interesting sunburn this week.
Buy them here

Bold Peplum Combo Dress

Size Ordered: US XL
Size felt like: CC XS, Autograph 14. Straight size 16.
Paid USD: $24.80
Pros and Cons: Love the back – this was an impulse buy and I didn’t even notice the cut outs – its done really well so I can still wear my normal bra. Again, on the short side, but not unwearably so. Material is thick and stretch. Very comfortable to wear, with some wow-factor at the back.
Buy them here


Changeroom Confessions: Sussan and Autograph

Hmm, so I haven’t had a great week this week. On my way home the other night, I was involved in a bit of a car accident. It was not my fault, at all, I was rear ended by a distracted driver, but it means that my week has been full of doctors appointments, insurance claims, resting and pain.

On a personal note; I couldn’t be a bigger supporter of the current Get your hand off it! campaign. If the driver behind me had been paying attention to the road instead of his phone, I would not be in so much pain and my car would not be a mangled mess. Seriously NOTHING is so important that it cannot wait, and if it is that important PULL the darn car over! I was lucky, I have whiplash and a smushed car – but my bruises will fade and muscles will repair – too many people on our roads are not so lucky. Put down the phone while driving. PLEASE.

On to a nicer subject… My favourite subject… Shopping! Feeling sorry for myself, I decided to give myself a pick-me-up by headed to the shops to check out some of the great new spring stock hitting the shelves at the moment.

Autograph Fashions

The Monochrome trend continues for spring, and I’m loving this top available at Autograph right now…

I’m wearing a size 14. I love the mixed prints and the black panel. Comes with a plain black cami. Love it…

Then there was this Ombré knit jumper! The colour was stunning! The vivid pink is great for spring. I have a similar pale pink ombré jumper from Forever 21 last season, so I just couldn’t justify it. If the powers-that-be at Autograph happen to read this – please please please bring it out in another colour! 20130808-215242.jpgI’m wearing a size Small.


So one of the Aussie Curves girls (hey Jodie!) posted the new Sussans Look Book Video to the group wall and it was so beautiful that I had to go instore and check it out.

Wow did it not disappoint! Their colour pallet for spring is drop dead gorgeous, and the prints are beautiful. Fabrics and silky and crepey with great cuts. The sizing was a little inconsistent – which means I’d recommend you go instore rather than online to get the fit your looking for…

The Hot pink top is a size 12 (yep you read that right) and perfectly offset these great soft print silky pants. I loved this outfit so much it had to come home with me. I’m wearing a size 16 in the pants. The 18s just had a little too much thigh/ass room so sat a little baggier… The back of the waist band is elasticated, with I usually dislike, but the front has a fly and button closure with a cute bow tie – more than acceptable and means I can wear tops tucked in… A long necklace is required to break up the top, but it’s such a great pairing that I had to have it! I can easily see the pants working with ballet flat around the office, or with some heels out to dinner. Printed pants are a massive trend at the moment, and I’m so glad I found the right ones for me!

The sizing on this dress is whack, which is devastating because it is freaking beautiful! Also the cute coral belt doesn’t come with it – I pulled that off the sales rack as I straight shift dress does nothing for me. This print it to die for! Maybe it’s just my body shape, or the way I choose to style it, but I couldn’t get the fit I wanted. The 18 was way way too big in the top, I had folds and folds of material where the belt sat at my waist and it ruined the pattern (again, the belt was my addition, so it’s probably an issue of my own making!), it was so big that I decided to try the 14. The size 14 was good on my boobs, but hideously small on my thighs. The size 16 was a little baggier than I wanted in the top, and a little smaller than I wanted on the bottom (that’s the 16 in the picture- you can’t really tell but it’s grabbing my saddle bags). I was like a devastated Golilocks who never found the one that fit perfect. Such a shame because the print is so lovely. If If I found the 16 on sale, I would consider getting it and wearing some thigh spanx… Although that does defeat the purpose of such a breezy summery dress…

I think I preferred the pattern on these printed pants over the others, but these were crepey rather than silky, and didn’t have the fly/tie waist combo so they didn’t look as good. Kinda puffed out from the waistband. I put the singlet over the top of the waistband and was happier with the look, but still not as good as the other pants. Still loved the print – and of I didn’t find the other silky printed pants – these ones would probably we in my wardrobe right now!

So that’s it for the car crash edition of Changeroom Confessions…


ASOS Returns… My Experience

So here’s something you should know about me – I live in chaos. Not because I can’t live without mess, I actually like a bit of mess around. This is important background information as it helps to explain why I’m so damn impressed with my returns experience with ASOS.

I have never returned an online shopping purchase before (by mail). I’ve either gone in-store, given it away, or sold it. But given that ASOS has a Sydney based mail returns address, and there were quite a few things to return, I thought I would give it a whirl.

So the Returns Policy is 28days from the date you received the delivery. Here is where my chaos got in the way. I had repackaged up my returns and popped them in the corner of the bedroom, ready for a day when I could pop down to the post office. Then life happened. 30 odd days of chaos later, I found the returns pile neatly buried under a manic “I-have-no-idea-what-to-wear-today” pile of clothes. Eeek!

I thought, what the hell – it’s worth a shot, so I skipped down to the post office, and $8.50 later my package was on its way. Hot Tip– turn your ASOS delivery bag inside out, bang on the label and seal it up! Free postage bag!

The instructions said that it could take up to 10days to process, but less than 24 hours later, I had an email confirming my return, and another day later – the refund is back in my account – talk about customer service!

I couldn’t be more impressed!

Thanks ASOS for a pleasant returns experience. Wanna see what I bought? The haul post is here

This is weird. A post without a picture. Ok, here’s a picture of me from a couple weeks ago when I went to the ice hockey. Why yes, it is random and completely unrelated. It’s not even ASOS. But I did warn you that I like a little bit of chaos *cue evil laugh*

Dress: Best & Less
Scarf: Kmart
Stockings: Target
Boots: Torrid
Beanie: Etsy
Necklace: eQuip

Best and Less – One Price Fits All Campaign

So a little birdie told me about a new campaign by Best and Less… I was intrigued and quite excited!

So here are some of my pet shopping peeves
• Vanity Sizing – I’m an 18, and I’m ok with that! It’s doesn’t make me feel better going to a plus size range and getting a 14. The inconsistency is frustrating, and to be honest – give plus size women some credit – we are awfully savvy these days!
• Stores who carry both straight and plus size ranges – but they don’t offer ANY of the cute straight size lines in a plus size.
• Paying more for a plus size garment than the identical style in a smaller size.

It appears that Best and Less are coming to the party in all three of these areas.

Not only are they bringing out a chic and stylish new line – every style will be available from size 8 – 26, and all consistent pricing across the sizes. And they go one step better – each piece will be under $30!

If the promotional images are anything to go by – I’m going to love the style of this new range. Here’s what they had to say about the new line…

This summer, think classic cuts in forever-stylish monochrome stripes, pencil skirts and form fitting dresses with hints
of lime, for a fresh take on work wear. Elegant details such as jewelled necklines and satin trims add understated glamour to tunics and tanks for effortless evening wear, while printed tops and colourful florals are perfect for a chic yet casual look.


Personally I can’t wait to get my hands on the new line – and I promise to do a Changeroom Confession post as soon as it hits the shops. Until then, I honestly hope they can live up to the hype – it’s an exciting step forward for plus size fashion in Australia.

Note: This post is not sponsored. Information is based on the Press Release issued by Best and Less. I figured, if I’m interested, you guys might be too!

Target Changeroom Confessions

All those Gok Ads have been making my shopping-bone itch, so I headed out to Target to look at their new lines!

I had a little look around the Moda section – but there really wasn’t that much that was my style. Except this one Monochrome Chevron top – I’ve layered with with a long sleeve bodysuit in this photo – it is short sleeve. The material made it sit beautifully, and it was a good length to be able to wear it tucked in or hanging out…


Target’s straight size range now extends to a size 20. I’m loving the monochrome dresses out right now – here are my three favorites!

20130728-133214.jpgThis dress is the perfect fit! I loved it, and the metal detail belt was so cute! I can’t believe that a super cute dress like this is available (in a size that actually fits me) from Target at an affordable price! #winning!

20130728-133505.jpgthe waist on this bodycon dress could have been a little tighter – If it was coming home, I would have seen how the size 16 went…

20130728-133456.jpgAlthough gorgeous, the stiff material in this dress caused the arm holes to gape. My boobs couldn’t squish into the next size down, so even though I loved this dress, it just didn’t work for my body…

I do find the sizing inconsistent at Target – I love their stuff, but it means I need to go instore to try stuff on – I’m such a fan of online shopping that its a little painful to trek instore every time there’s something I like.

Here’s a classic example of 2 beautiful pieces… Both are size 18 – one way to big, and one too small…

20130728-134350.jpgthis peplum is miles too big Road worker chic?

20130728-134500.jpg Such a cute dress – but a 20 is definitely required!

As I was wondering around the store, This Tokyo Dolls top caught my eye – so beautiful. If it had been on sale, I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat!

20130728-134651.jpgChic with a little sexiness – perfect as a transition piece from office to after hours! It was a little on the pricey side for a work top. But beautifully made, and I’ll be keeping my eye on it! I’m wearing a size 16.

This jacket is GENIUS!! I saw a similar one in City Chic last week, and this one is half the price! Unfortunately there were none in my size, so this is a size 14. Surprisingly it did for across my back – but my ‘bangers’ (as Gok would say) were never going to get in there.


Lastly – I headed to the sales rack – this gorgeous dress was a steal at only $40!

Perfect for brightening up the working week.

So that’s all from the changeroom for now!


City Chic Changeroom Confessions

“Window shopping only” I preached on Instagram… lets face it, we all knew that was a lie! Despite the best of intentions, I have made little attempt to hide my lack of self control in the past, and today was no different! I had a great time trying on a million things in City Chic at Miranda (NSW). Honestly, I always enjoy myself in a CC store. Not only because of the fabulous clothes – but I must say, I have never some across a rude CC employee – in fact, they bend over backwards to be helpful, give styling advice, are always enthusiastic about clothes and supportive. CC do a fantastic job in recruiting and training their staff. Top job. Now on to the clothes!

Ok, let’s start with the Sequin Love Skirt! I was so excited to try on this beautiful skirt as it was on my Lust List.


They only had a Large (I wear an XS at City Chic) so excuse the weird face as I am attempting to hold the back of the skirt so I get the right shape. Apparently holding the skirt, taking the photo, and smiling was one too many tasks for this blogger 🙂

The sequins and secured very well – you are paying for a quality item here. The black sections are not sequined (this was one of the things I personally wanted to check out about this skirt) and is a shiny (like Lycra) stretchy material. If I had an occasion to wear this – I would totally have bought it (cough cough invite me somewhere fancy cough cough)
Verdict: it’s moved to the top of my Lust List!

Next, a blouse that took my by surprise. I LOVED this top! I grabbed it as I’m seeing this harlequin design a lot at the moment, and thought I would give it a try. The cut of this top is sensational. I did not want to take it off.


I love the bold graphic, and the black section across the back. There was a good amount of room in the collar when the top button was done up and the material sat beautifully.
Verdict: I wish I had taken it home. Beautiful!

Next up, something that was not my cup of tea. This pinafore dress is really not my usual style – but I am all for pushing myself out of that comfort zone. This makes me think that my comfort zone is there for a reason. I think it makes me look very top heavy.

20130722-223027.jpgSPOT PINAFORE DRESS

Verdict: It’s just not me. I see ASOS Curve released a pinafore this week too so it may just be a spring trend that I will be sitting out!

I’d seen the colorful confetti version of this zip jacket all over Instagram, and I was keen to try it on, however I have a few colorful blazers and could not justify another.

20130723-062940.jpgZIP CONTRAST JACKET

The Zip concept is brilliant. I love it as a feature on the blazer – but I love getting 2 jackets for the price of one as well! I have unzipped it in the second picture and am wearing it as a crop jacket. The white contrast details are a super cute touch. For $130 it went on my wish list – if I needed a new work blazer I’d get it for sure, but I just can’t justify it right now. For you straight size gals I did find a very similar jacket in Target in their Hot Options range – which only goes up to a 16. They only had a 14 in Miranda – I tried it on – it fit comfortably across my back, but was nowhere near closing. I am going to try and hunt down a 16 as the Target version is half the price of CC.

20130723-063658.jpgand yes, this pic does mean that a Target Changeroom Confession is coming too!

Verdict: Smart idea, beautifully cut. If I didn’t have three black blazers, I’d get it!

I couple misses in the pants department are up next. I’m glad I tried on both styles but the are just not for me.

20130723-064153.jpgGEOMETRIC HAREM PANT

Cue the running man. I struggle a bit to get on the Harem pant bandwagon – I recently got a pair of hand-me-downs from my sister (plain black) and I’m still feeling them out for styling. These print ones are just a step too far for this blogger. They fit nicely though and the print is gorgeous.
Verdict: If you are comfortable in Harem pants – these are über cool. If your a little self conscious in that style – steer clear of these 90s inspired beauties!

These pants are another trend that I have been holding off, and it turns out, rightly so!

20130723-064616.jpgRINGMASTER SKINNY JEAN

I really didn’t want to post this uber unflattering pic, but I am going to anyway for the sake of a true and balanced Changeroom confession. To be fair to the pants, I would NEVER wear this style with a bodysuit so the unattractive gut-cling wouldn’t be an issue. But it’s more than that – as I walked around the stripes got crooked on my legs – I may be a messy person, but the stripes being crooked would drive me nuts! I have enough trouble wearing my grey jeans with the black racing stripe down each leg – and that’s only one stripe.
Verdict: I’m glad I tried them on, as it really confirmed they are not the pants for me!

Lastly, a stunning dress (and belt) that just had to come home with me!


This dress featured on my Lust List this month, and I was actually a bit disappointed when I saw it in person – there was a lot of brown in the print and I turned my nose up. I still wanted to try it on, and boy, did it blow me away. Worth every cent of the $90. Cut sensationally – vavavoom without cleavage or leg on display – that’s my kind of dress. Cudos City Chic – this ones a winner!
Verdict: Get in my closet!

Here it is with some different belts – and one with no belt so you can see the cut of the dress. I would never wear it without the belt – but I thought it may help you see the cut of the dress better!


Is there something you wish I had tried on? Send me the link and I’ll give it a go next time I’m in store – in very lucky to live so close to CC stores and I know how difficult online shopping can be when you can’t see/feel the clothes!


Peplum V Peplum

On the Aussie Curves Facebook page – girls are always asking for advice on the best peplum – where different brands sit on the torso, how long is the peplum… Since I own a whole lot of peplum tops from different brands, I thought I would do a compare and share on Peplums…

The figures on my figure

So, to be helpful, I’m going to list my measurements at the time of the photos… Hopefully it will be useful information for you all! By the way, I’m 169cms tall.


I decided to wear a dark patterned bra so you can also see the quality of the peplums as well. Obviously if I was wearing them out in public – I would wear a nude bra or singlet… But this post is all about being a helpful resource!

City Chic

I’m wearing a size XS.

I feel like CC peplums are longer in the torso and the frill is much lower.



I’m wearing a size 14.

I find the waist a lot higher on the autograph peplum, and so the frill is more exaggerated and sits out from the body.

Dorothy Perkins


I’m wearing a size 20. It’s slightly see through, but being white you would expect that. The peplum sits at a nice height on my natural waist, and I like the volume of the peplum. I’d prefer an extra cm of length on the frill – but it doesn’t really bother me…

I’m what was a bit of lucky break for this review, I have accidentally ordered a Dorothy Perkins Petite size peplum top – so you can see the difference… I’m wearing a size 20 petite – as you can see, much shorter in the torso and the frill finishes much higher than I am comfortable with…

New Look

This is from the New Look Inspire line, and it’s one if my favorite peplums. I’m wearing a size 18. The waist is nice and low, and there is the right volume in the peplum, so it doesn’t sit too far out from my body.

This is a hi-low peplum from the straight size New Look range – I’m wearing size 18. As you can see the material is super thin, but I thought I would include it here for comparison sake.

Big W

And lastly I’m wearing a size 16 from the Emerson line at Big W. material is quite thin, and hasn’t held up that well to wear, but I’ve always liked the shape and fit of this peplum.

Hope you found that all helpful!

Where is your favorite place to buy peplums?

Happy shopping!