Style Me Friday {Leopard Print}

It’s time for this week’s Style me Friday Challenge, and I was all excited to push my boundaries and get me some leopard print.

I know Eboni rocks the hell out of her Leopard print, but I’ve always had a phobia about wearing it, stemming from the American Pie movies… I’ve posted about that irrational fear before

I headed to the shops with every intention of conquering my fear… But I just couldn’t find anything that really grabbed me… Until I saw this blazer. I’m so jealous of Eboni’s white blazer – it’s so versatile and looks so smart. This Suzanne Grae Blazer seemed to be the best of both worlds – stylish blazer, with a little animalistic edge.

To keep the look up to date with this season, I’ve gone for monochrome, with gaudy four tone metal chain for some serious cool factor.

I love the rock look of this outfit by Style Pantry. I always associate Blazers with a Work look, so I loved the easy breezy weekend rock vibe of this photo.

Doing something I NEVER really do – I’m wearing leggings as pants today.


Jacket: Ombre Collarless Blazer – Suzanne Grae
Leggings: Wet and Wild Scuba Legging from Harlow
Top: Black Singlet from Kmart
Necklace: New Look
Heels: Torrid
Sunglasses: ASOS




Style Me Friday {Grey Tee}

I’m really excited about this week’s Style Me Friday theme – the Grey Tee as it actually solves a bit of a style dilemma I’ve been having with a skirt I picked up from Forever 21!

I had never thought of styling it with a Grey Tee until I saw this inspiration pic from The Style Mogul
The plain grey tee helps tone down the glitziness off the skirt – I love the look.


Tshirt: JayJays
Skirt: Forever21
Jacket: Target
Boots: Torrid
Necklace: eQuip



Style Me Friday {Peplum}

So after a week off from Style Me Friday we are back with one of my absolute fashion staples – the peplum.

Inspiration was easy for me on this one – She the queen on the peplum/pencil skirt look – and the blogger that convinced me to give this look a go – She’s brave, funny, fierce and fabulous – with a little geek thrown in for good measure – it’s Melissa from Suger Coat It!


My wardrobe is choc-full of peplums – peplum tops, peplum dresses, peplum jackets, peplum skirts, pephem skirts. When I find something that’s on-trend and works for my body – I really hop on that band wagon.


From a body-shape perspective, the peplum emphasizes my waist and helps to balance out my shoulders and hips. (Best of all it hides my belly pouch – which has to be my least favourite part of my body).


Peplum top and pencil skirt is an easy work combo – I think of it as a bit of a quasi-uniform. Polished and flattering – yet I can add some punch and flavour with interesting patterns – like this Aztec Midi pencil Skirt from New Look…


Of all of the Peplums I have… I’ve gotta say – no one does it better than City Chic for plus size peplums! I find the peplum starts a little longer down the torso, and the frill is the perfect length – for me anyway!



Top: City Chic
Skirt: New Look
Necklace: Sportsgirl
Belt: City Chic



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Style Me Friday {Black and White}

So I’m deciding to tackle a dress that cause quite a bit of controversy at my house…

For those of you that follow me on Instagram (@icurvy), earlier this week I posted a picture of my new Black and White graphic dress from Dorothy Perkins.

Now, I love this dress, but it wasn’t so well received by my family. Mum didn’t like it, and my husband said the print…

Looks like a loudspeaker for your vagina

Such great compliments!

The lovely folks on IG agreed with me that the dress was great, and suggested the family might like it better when it was styled properly. And what a great opportunity to get dressed up, and show it off for Black and White Style Me Friday.

I’m taking my style inspiration today from Rochelle Humes from The Saturdays… This bold graphic TopShop dress was very popular with celebs – with the likes of Serena Williams and Ciara also snapped wearing this black and white bodycon beauty…


I should probably call this one a copycat look rather than ‘inspired’ as I have gone for almost identical styling!



Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Jacket: City Chic
Boots: Autograph Fashions
Ring: New Look




Style Me Friday {Crop Top}

Crop Tops are so far outside my comfort zone I seriously considered sitting this week out.

There are plenty of curvy bloggers who have absolutely rocked this look – its a lot to live up to… Add that to the fact that I don’t own any Crop Tops so was hoping to be able to make something ‘work’ from my existing collection, and this week was setting up to be one almighty challenge. Oh yeah, and then there the whole ‘belly out’ thing – I’ve never done that in public. I’ve never even done that around the house! I always always wear long tops, and keep my midriff under wraps. I was really tempted to sit this one out.

Then, there was a bit of soul searching… About how comfortable I was with my body, about the reasons I decided to try fashion challenges, and mostly about the idea of a comfort zone. The more and more I thought about my “comfort zone”… The more uncomfortable it made me! Really, my comfort zone was a bunch of labels I put on myself, a bunch of limits and rules about how I should look and what I should do… So, that soul searching led me to this moment, about to head out in public in a crop top – mostly to prove a point to myself about comfort zones – I can be such a bully sometimes…

Taking inspiration from the most fabulous Curvy Fashionista I decided to try the crop look over a high waisted pencil skirt (the Internet just ain’t ready for my belly jelly!)





Top: New Look
Skirt: Aztec Midi Skirt from New Look
Boots: Rubi Shoes



Style Me Friday {Double Denim}

So 2 years ago, double denim would have been an absolute crime in my book – A tragic fashion flash back to a time when Britney and Justin were the royal pop hotness…


Oh, don’t get me wrong… Life was fabulous in the 90s, if I got home in time from school, I would watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I had Spice Girls posters on my wall (Ginger was my favorite), New Kids on the Block and Girlfriend Cassettes… It was a great time in my life… But not a great time for fashion.

It was with great trepidation that I first attempted this trend at a music festival earlier this year – teaming dark denim jeans, and ombré Aztec tee and pale denim open shirt (check the look here) and I loved it!

Now, I own quite a few denim/chambray pieces, including a dress from New Look that I’m in total list with and wear it quite a lot. I’m still not convinced that I’m not going to look back in a couple of years and cringe though…

Now there are hundreds of fashion double denim pics I could have used for inspiration, I decided on this one of Ashley Madekwa partly because of the rockabilly look – something that would be quite a different look for me… But if I’m honest… Mostly because of my obsession with Revenge!

So, here it is, my Style Me Friday Double Denim look…


Top: Crossroads
Jeans: Kmart
Heels: Kmart
Earrings: eQuip






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Style Me Friday {Short Suits}

So I have a couple of location based challenges participating in The Fashionista Next Door’s Style Me Friday Challenge. The first is timezone – for me, it’s actually Style Me Saturday. The second? The weather.

So things are heating up in the States, thus inspiring a Shorts-in-the-Office theme this week. Down under… There’s a definite chill in the air, and winter is well and truly on its way! But, I do love a challenge, so for me, not only am I trying to pull together an outfit appropriate for my rather conservative office, but I also need something semi-practical so I don’t freeze to death (yes, I realize I’m being melodramatic since its about 20•c (68•F) at the moment… But I love my Aussie sunshine).

My inspiration pic this week is the ultimate in summery chic. I love the little pop of color amongst the monochrome, and I think it would be a great look for summer… It’s going to take some adaption to make this look work in winter… So here is where I landed…


I still got in my POP of colour with these fabulous Aztec earrings. Blazers are my go-to look in the office – they are my best friend, balancing out my pear shape and nipping me in at the waist.


I bought this jacket second hand off eBay, I love the elbow patches! It’s originally from City Chic (as are the shorts!). The booties are from Autograph Fashions. The earrings are from eQuip and the tights from Target. Since my office is rather conservative, I have decided to have a bit of fun with this outfit today and I added my New Look mesh bodysuit for a bit of funk!


So, despite it being Saturday (not Friday), and it’s freezing outside… I’m loving this weeks Style Me Friday outfit 🙂

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