Harlow Salon Saturday



Well, wasn’t I in for a treat heading to Harlow‘s Salon Saturday! Since I was in Melbourne for a friend’s birthday, I totally jumped at the opportunity to touch, feel and try on Harlow’s fab clothing and get a sneak peek of new items not yet released (plus get some great discounts offered on the day).

20130709-201726.jpgGetting my hands on the racks of beautiful clothes!

After seeing Danimezza in her Wet and Wild Scuba Leggings at the Sydney Aussie Curves Meet up – I know I had to get my hands on some Harlow pieces, and shortly after, I bought the Wet and Wild Scuba Pencil Skirt (see the post here). I was so excited to be able to visit Harlow and touch and try on the rest of their stuff! And it didn’t disappoint.

20130709-201816.jpgI was quick to get those Scuba leggings on and I teamed it with a gold slouchy hi-lo jumper (new stock – keep your eye out!)

I picked up a development sample of the Studio 54 Sequin Bomber jacket for an absolute steal ($50!) and they had some Salon Saturday discounts as well, which meant I gladly picked up the Wet and Wild Scuba Leggings for a discounted price too!

Kerry was a total doll, her passion for creating beautiful clothes for the curvy girl is pushing the Australian plus size fashion industry towards shiny new horizons. I was lucky enough to be able to try on, and get some happy snaps of some brand new stock that hasn’t even hit the website yet! Like this gorgeous metallic green velvety stretch pencil skirt…

20130709-201734.jpgStudio 54 Midi Skirt-Teal

And this gorgeous dress in the same fabric but in a midnight sparkling blue…


20130709-201844.jpgUmmm… Yep, I am a vain bitch who gets distracted by her own reflection in shiny items…

I also got to try on this Jungle love wrap front dress

I usually take snaps alone in my bedroom using an iPhone and tripod, so having my beautiful friend Alanna as my photographer made for a very nice change, and I appreciated everyone’s patience on the day while I tried on heaps of different looks, chased the right lighting and backdrops to show off the beautiful fabrics and took about a thousand happy snaps. It was a little weird for me to have an audience but I kinda loved it by the end!


Thanks for having me Harlow! And a little shout out to the gorgeous Chelsea who I also met while I was there – and was absolutely rocking her outfit x

By the way – this post was not sponsored or paid for – I decided to attend the open invitation to the Harlow Salon Saturday after reading about it on Instagram. I have a disclosure policy available in the iContact tab if you are interested in more information.



Featured on @honorcurves IG!

So I woke up this morning with a mountain of new IG followers and a tsunami wave of positive comments regarding my transformation post on my Instagram account.

The inspirational @honorcurves, founder of the #honormycurves movement and champion of body acceptance, had reposted my story, and the support was overwhelming.

I couldn’t be more humbled by the words of support from women who say that have been touched, or inspired by my post. I was really nervous I would get a lot of people ask me about the weight loss – and miss the whole point of my post.. For anyone that missed it, here it is…



iCurvy Blooper Reel

I saw a couple of the Aussie Curves do Blooper posts a while back… I enjoyed reading them so much I thought I would put one up myself…

Enjoy… Me being a dick…

First up, some behind the scenes magic from my Black and White Post… That backdrop was nicely cropped for the post – but is actually above my bed. I didn’t even bother to make it…


I take my photos using my iPhone, Gorillapod attachment and a self timer… So I occasionally get photo bombed by hubby…



Who the hell am I talking to?


Let’s call this… Trying an ‘artsy’ shot… And failing…


Weird lollipop head angle…


And finally this face…


Shop Stop – TS+14 and Virtu Clearance

It was another lazy Saturday with a trip to my favorite Sydney lunch hot-spot Kitchen by Mike, and since we were in the area, I managed to convince my hubby for a quick stop in to the TS+14 and Virtu Clearance Store in Waterloo.


I have to compliment the staff there – who were very attentive and were lovely to have a chat too. There was quite a lot of TS clothes on sale – I have to be honest and say that generally they are not my style, so I didn’t really spend much time in that section.

There were a nice selection of Virtu summer maxi dresses for under $50 and scarfs for $9. Channeling my inner Suger I decided to try on some pencil skirts. Both were on sale for $30. The floral one had sweet little hummingbirds on it too (and there was a blazer in the same print for $50). The striped one had a fabulous texture – the white stripes are raised – almost like very small straight ruffles. When they are closer together it looks like a fat white stripe, when they get further apart, it’s looks like a black stripe. Very effective pattern also available in hot pink and hot orange. I wish I had gotten a better top to wear them with (but I was trying to be quick as hubby was being very patient waiting in the car) but I just wasn’t in love with either – and evidently it was written all over my face!


I did get a great grey sweater dress for $20! But I’m stumped for #aussiecurves military week, so you may just have to wait until then to see it! I also picked up a couple of belts for $5 each, and all their statement jewelry was $12 so I couldn’t help myself!


So, all in all, it was a very restrained shopping trip for me. Would I drive all the way there just to go shopping? Probably not. Generally TS stuff is not my style, and to be fair – I don’t think I’m their target demographic. There are some Virtu goodies to get for a fair price, but not a lot of jaw-dropping bargains (like you can get at the CC Clearance store). That being said, it’s definitely worth popping in if you’re in the area… And I’m leaving as a happy customer 🙂

Good bye is the hardest word…

Well two words. whatever. Saying goodbye to favorite clothes 😦 does anyone else feel sad?

I have a husband-imposed mid season clear-out of clothes today as a lot of it is a bit too big and doesn’t fit. I am fine if I sell them, or give them to someone else to have a new fabulous life… But what about those items that have done their dash 😦

I have a size 22 Calvin Klein dress. I never thought I would ever own a designer dress like that, it’s jersey with pleat trim and little pockets. I wore it proudly and many many times. And unfortunately with all that loving wear, has come many many pils…

So am I just supposed to throw it out? Seems criminal to do that to such a rare item. It’s a plus size Calvin Klein dress for Pete’s sake!

Emotional roller coaster in my closet today. Saying goodbye to old friends is hard 😦


OMG Onsen

An Onsen in a traditional Japanese hot spring bath. My bestie and I headed out today for our first Onsen experience.

While you can get indoor, outdoor, mixed and single sex Onsens – the one thing that is constant is that you must use an Onsen naked. That’s right, public nudity – two words that strike fear right into the heart of most curvy girls.

So, in my head I have been waging an internal struggle between wanting to experience this amazing cultural (and not to mention healing) Onsen, and not wanting to have my rolls out in public… And what I realized is that being fat has held me back from so many things – last year I didn’t go white water rafting with my friends as not only did I not want to be seen in a wetsuit, but I was sure I wouldn’t be able to pull myself back into the raft if I fell out. I haven’t been to a nightclub in ages because of the looks from gorgeous girls. I read a really interesting blog yesterday by Modish Maracas about women reclaiming their arms – with the main point being – the only people who care about fat arms are fat girls. At the end of the day – no one is going to be looking and judging my big fat ass – they will be too worried about the way their own butt looks to be judging others. My bestie (who has an amazing body) confirmed this – even she was worried about getting her body out in public. Which is probably a bit of a sad comment about the way women look at themselves – but it is a notion for another time…

Plus, I figure if people are going to stare at my butt, it’s not going to be because its a huge fat ass – they are going to be mesmerized by my giant nasty ass bruises from snowboarding 🙂

So, off to the Onsen we went 🙂 we chose to go to one at the other end of town, women only with an outdoor pool overlooking a garden and the volcano – heaven! Service was in Japanese only, so we read up online about what we should and should not do, and headed off for a brave, naked adventure.

And, it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

I’m more determined than even not to let my weight hold me back from life – and this was such an amazing experience, but it would have been easy to talk myself out of it…

And because I can’t blog without a picture, here are a couple of happy snaps…

Sunrise in niseko and me on our apartment balcony



Red faced after a 40 minute (naked) soak in a traditional outdoor Onsen… Me, and my bestie, Tee.