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Aussie Curves

This week’s Aussie Curves Theme is Work… and I’m going to tackle an issue that comes up on the AC wall all the time… Where to find great work pants.

Plain Black Work Pants are an absolute staple of my work wardrobe. Like a great canvas for a bold cami or statement necklace, great black pants are an essential wardrobe piece… But finding the right style can be very hard… I struggled for years finding great plus size work pants, but i think I’ve finally got the formula right, so I’m going to show you my three favorites.



These are my favorite pants *in the world* and I wear them to work all the time. I actually own three pair of these pants – one I keep for ‘good’ occasions, and the other two get worn weekly. Dorothy Perkins Supersoft Eden Skinny leg Jeggings are available up to a size 22. Size down for a great long lasting fit. I’ve had these 16R for months and months – still no bum sag! My ‘good’ pair are 14R and are the newest pair. They also come in Tall – not required for me, but I know it’s important info for some of you!


They are the least corporate of my work pants, and often get a run on days I have a lot of internal meetings (or those rare gems when I have no meetings!). I pair them a-lot with my slouchy Best & Less Blazers (yes, I have them in all the colours) or patterned/coloured blazers for a funky yet professional look. In these pictures, I’m wearing them with a plain black singlet, statement necklace from New Look, and my collarless Ombré blazer from Suzanne Grae…




A few weeks ago I was sent these gorgeous Wide Leg pants from Christine Kardashian after being named their In-betweener Blogger of the Week. The cut and fit of these pants are impeccable and they have quickly become a wardrobe staple. I love how dressy they are – and I can effortlessly look corporate, stylish and comfortable at the same time. I’m wearing a size 2.


The high waist is uber stylish – I tend not to wear a jacket with these pants – and if I was going to, it would have to be crop length to emphasis the great cut and line of the pants. Heels are a must for me in Wide Leg pants – the higher the better to elongate my shape.

To show these pants off properly, I always wear something tucked in – like my Dorothy Perkins Alphabet Shirt with cut out shoulders, and I’m also wearing a blingy necklace from eQuip.




The City Chic TDF work pants range coped a lot of flack – but I’m not sure why – I love them! And because they were unpopular – I got them for only $10 at the City Chic Factory Outlet in Campbelltown (naturally I bought a few). I’m wearing the pear shape, size 14. They are vanilla – easy to wear, easy to style, but a bit bland and safe. But, play a very important role in my work wardrobe, and regularly are paired with a peplum top for an easy no-thinking-required outfit (usually Monday morning!) that always looks good.


Here I have gone with a plain black singlet and this cute City Chic pinstripe jacket with suede elbow patches.


There you go – that’s my round up on Plus Size Black Work Pants or Trousers. I know it used to be something that I struggled to find, so I hope I’ve been able to show some different looks and you can find one that works for you!

What cut do you prefer… Skinny? Wide Leg? Or Bootcut?

Make sure you check out all the fabulous Aussie Curves ladies and look out for the #aussiecurves on Instagram.
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Floral Pants – Three ways (Part 3)… The round up!

For the last two days I have been styling these statement Floral Pants from Autograph. Getting a good cost per wear is important – and being able to style a strong print piece in completely different ways is the best way to get value from a statement piece.

After covering off Work and Casual – it’s time to have some fun and style it for a Night out!


Today I’ve paired the pants with a black and mesh bodysuit from New Look. The bodysuit gives me a great smooth line, and always stays in place. Not wanting to take away from the neckline of the bodysuit, I decided on a statement belt and some big gold earrings to match…



I added some sky high platform heels from Torrid – I’m not particularly short or tall (169cms) – but I do find that some killer heels with ankle length pants makes my legs look extra long. I usually avoid 7/8th or crop pants for fear of making me look short and stumpy – but with a good pair of heels – I think they actually have the opposite effect and make me look taller. You know that ‘rule’ about having a garment finish at the skinniest part of your leg – I think my ankles are the skinniest part of me leg – and the 7/8th length is quite flattering. This style managed to surprise me!



Top: Mesh Bodysuit from New Look
Pants: Autograph Floral Pants
Belt: City Chic
Heels: Torrid
Earrings: A present from Secret Santa last year
Jacket: Sequin Bomber Jacket from Harlow



In a stroke of serendipity – these pants are now ON SALE (All pants at Autograph are $40 for a limited time) so if you like them – be quick to snap up a pair!

So that’s it – getting value from a statement pair of pants by wearing them different ways… Which was your favorite look?


Disclosure: This post was made in partnership with Autograph

City Chic Changeroom Confessions

“Window shopping only” I preached on Instagram… lets face it, we all knew that was a lie! Despite the best of intentions, I have made little attempt to hide my lack of self control in the past, and today was no different! I had a great time trying on a million things in City Chic at Miranda (NSW). Honestly, I always enjoy myself in a CC store. Not only because of the fabulous clothes – but I must say, I have never some across a rude CC employee – in fact, they bend over backwards to be helpful, give styling advice, are always enthusiastic about clothes and supportive. CC do a fantastic job in recruiting and training their staff. Top job. Now on to the clothes!

Ok, let’s start with the Sequin Love Skirt! I was so excited to try on this beautiful skirt as it was on my Lust List.


They only had a Large (I wear an XS at City Chic) so excuse the weird face as I am attempting to hold the back of the skirt so I get the right shape. Apparently holding the skirt, taking the photo, and smiling was one too many tasks for this blogger 🙂

The sequins and secured very well – you are paying for a quality item here. The black sections are not sequined (this was one of the things I personally wanted to check out about this skirt) and is a shiny (like Lycra) stretchy material. If I had an occasion to wear this – I would totally have bought it (cough cough invite me somewhere fancy cough cough)
Verdict: it’s moved to the top of my Lust List!

Next, a blouse that took my by surprise. I LOVED this top! I grabbed it as I’m seeing this harlequin design a lot at the moment, and thought I would give it a try. The cut of this top is sensational. I did not want to take it off.


I love the bold graphic, and the black section across the back. There was a good amount of room in the collar when the top button was done up and the material sat beautifully.
Verdict: I wish I had taken it home. Beautiful!

Next up, something that was not my cup of tea. This pinafore dress is really not my usual style – but I am all for pushing myself out of that comfort zone. This makes me think that my comfort zone is there for a reason. I think it makes me look very top heavy.

20130722-223027.jpgSPOT PINAFORE DRESS

Verdict: It’s just not me. I see ASOS Curve released a pinafore this week too so it may just be a spring trend that I will be sitting out!

I’d seen the colorful confetti version of this zip jacket all over Instagram, and I was keen to try it on, however I have a few colorful blazers and could not justify another.

20130723-062940.jpgZIP CONTRAST JACKET

The Zip concept is brilliant. I love it as a feature on the blazer – but I love getting 2 jackets for the price of one as well! I have unzipped it in the second picture and am wearing it as a crop jacket. The white contrast details are a super cute touch. For $130 it went on my wish list – if I needed a new work blazer I’d get it for sure, but I just can’t justify it right now. For you straight size gals I did find a very similar jacket in Target in their Hot Options range – which only goes up to a 16. They only had a 14 in Miranda – I tried it on – it fit comfortably across my back, but was nowhere near closing. I am going to try and hunt down a 16 as the Target version is half the price of CC.

20130723-063658.jpgand yes, this pic does mean that a Target Changeroom Confession is coming too!

Verdict: Smart idea, beautifully cut. If I didn’t have three black blazers, I’d get it!

I couple misses in the pants department are up next. I’m glad I tried on both styles but the are just not for me.

20130723-064153.jpgGEOMETRIC HAREM PANT

Cue the running man. I struggle a bit to get on the Harem pant bandwagon – I recently got a pair of hand-me-downs from my sister (plain black) and I’m still feeling them out for styling. These print ones are just a step too far for this blogger. They fit nicely though and the print is gorgeous.
Verdict: If you are comfortable in Harem pants – these are über cool. If your a little self conscious in that style – steer clear of these 90s inspired beauties!

These pants are another trend that I have been holding off, and it turns out, rightly so!

20130723-064616.jpgRINGMASTER SKINNY JEAN

I really didn’t want to post this uber unflattering pic, but I am going to anyway for the sake of a true and balanced Changeroom confession. To be fair to the pants, I would NEVER wear this style with a bodysuit so the unattractive gut-cling wouldn’t be an issue. But it’s more than that – as I walked around the stripes got crooked on my legs – I may be a messy person, but the stripes being crooked would drive me nuts! I have enough trouble wearing my grey jeans with the black racing stripe down each leg – and that’s only one stripe.
Verdict: I’m glad I tried them on, as it really confirmed they are not the pants for me!

Lastly, a stunning dress (and belt) that just had to come home with me!


This dress featured on my Lust List this month, and I was actually a bit disappointed when I saw it in person – there was a lot of brown in the print and I turned my nose up. I still wanted to try it on, and boy, did it blow me away. Worth every cent of the $90. Cut sensationally – vavavoom without cleavage or leg on display – that’s my kind of dress. Cudos City Chic – this ones a winner!
Verdict: Get in my closet!

Here it is with some different belts – and one with no belt so you can see the cut of the dress. I would never wear it without the belt – but I thought it may help you see the cut of the dress better!


Is there something you wish I had tried on? Send me the link and I’ll give it a go next time I’m in store – in very lucky to live so close to CC stores and I know how difficult online shopping can be when you can’t see/feel the clothes!


Peplum V Peplum

On the Aussie Curves Facebook page – girls are always asking for advice on the best peplum – where different brands sit on the torso, how long is the peplum… Since I own a whole lot of peplum tops from different brands, I thought I would do a compare and share on Peplums…

The figures on my figure

So, to be helpful, I’m going to list my measurements at the time of the photos… Hopefully it will be useful information for you all! By the way, I’m 169cms tall.


I decided to wear a dark patterned bra so you can also see the quality of the peplums as well. Obviously if I was wearing them out in public – I would wear a nude bra or singlet… But this post is all about being a helpful resource!

City Chic

I’m wearing a size XS.

I feel like CC peplums are longer in the torso and the frill is much lower.



I’m wearing a size 14.

I find the waist a lot higher on the autograph peplum, and so the frill is more exaggerated and sits out from the body.

Dorothy Perkins


I’m wearing a size 20. It’s slightly see through, but being white you would expect that. The peplum sits at a nice height on my natural waist, and I like the volume of the peplum. I’d prefer an extra cm of length on the frill – but it doesn’t really bother me…

I’m what was a bit of lucky break for this review, I have accidentally ordered a Dorothy Perkins Petite size peplum top – so you can see the difference… I’m wearing a size 20 petite – as you can see, much shorter in the torso and the frill finishes much higher than I am comfortable with…

New Look

This is from the New Look Inspire line, and it’s one if my favorite peplums. I’m wearing a size 18. The waist is nice and low, and there is the right volume in the peplum, so it doesn’t sit too far out from my body.

This is a hi-low peplum from the straight size New Look range – I’m wearing size 18. As you can see the material is super thin, but I thought I would include it here for comparison sake.

Big W

And lastly I’m wearing a size 16 from the Emerson line at Big W. material is quite thin, and hasn’t held up that well to wear, but I’ve always liked the shape and fit of this peplum.

Hope you found that all helpful!

Where is your favorite place to buy peplums?

Happy shopping!


Style Me Friday {Black and White}

So I’m deciding to tackle a dress that cause quite a bit of controversy at my house…

For those of you that follow me on Instagram (@icurvy), earlier this week I posted a picture of my new Black and White graphic dress from Dorothy Perkins.

Now, I love this dress, but it wasn’t so well received by my family. Mum didn’t like it, and my husband said the print…

Looks like a loudspeaker for your vagina

Such great compliments!

The lovely folks on IG agreed with me that the dress was great, and suggested the family might like it better when it was styled properly. And what a great opportunity to get dressed up, and show it off for Black and White Style Me Friday.

I’m taking my style inspiration today from Rochelle Humes from The Saturdays… This bold graphic TopShop dress was very popular with celebs – with the likes of Serena Williams and Ciara also snapped wearing this black and white bodycon beauty…


I should probably call this one a copycat look rather than ‘inspired’ as I have gone for almost identical styling!



Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Jacket: City Chic
Boots: Autograph Fashions
Ring: New Look




City Chic Factory Outlet

My netball game got rained out yesterday, and since I was half way to Campbelltown, I decided to drive out to the City Chic Factory Outlet at Brands On Sale to see what they have on offer.


I usually don’t bother to go the the outlet during the sales, but thought I would give it a go and report back in case anyone else was considering coming visiting the outlet.

I was really surprised with the stock levels! There were a lot of the sale items available in the other stores – but many many more sizes available. There was also lots of stock from the last sale too (I recognized quite a few pieces).

There were peplum tops and skater dresses galore!



I ended up getting the white bridal corset for $15, the white stop with mesh trim and studs for $15, and the mirror floral shirt for $20 (so stoked, picture below).


I ended up passing on this dress – a decision I’m sure will haunt me as I really do love it – I just felt like the sizing was a bit off. It looks OK in the picture but I was wearing an XS and it felt miles too big.


So, I’m a happy girl, and happy to say that the factory outlet was worth the drive! The staff were incredible helpful, and the whispers I have been hearing about a City Chic loyalty program was confirmed – they also confirmed at all your membership purchases to date will be taken into consideration – so long time big spenders (like myself) will be rewarded for our years of loyal shopping! YAY!

Considering it was a factory outlet store, the clothes were well organized and not chaotic. They need to fix the terrible lighting in the changerooms though – but I guess not many people are in the changeroom trying to blog 🙂

Happy shopping!


Brands On Sale
32 Queen Street, Campbelltown
9am – 5pm
7 days

Aussie Curves {Green}

So I’m trying to be a real smarty pants this week, and have both a green coloured, and ‘green’ outfit. Since second hand week was before I joined the challenge, today I’m going to showcase a skirt I bought second hand! Even better – I bought it from an Aussie Curvette 🙂

As someone who does her fair share of retail therapy, I do get the guilts about my consumerism, and the cost of my wardrobe on the environment. I’m not at all opposed to buying clothes second hand – my go-to is eBay. I wish I was the op-shop type – but it’s really not me. I also try to sell on my clothes when they don’t fit anymore – as well as doing the ‘green’ thing, it also means that I can recoup some money (to buy more clothes) and most importantly my clothes get to continue to be worn and have new fabulous adventures!

Knowing I wanted to wear my ‘green’ 2nd hand City Chic Skirt, I went shopping in my closet for a green top… Now, I like green, I think I look good in green, but curiously, when searching for it, there was a serious lack of green in my wardrobe. I took the opportunity to search the City Chic sale racks and came up with zilch (zilch green… i bought other things in the sale obviously). Then, I spotted the perfect top while looking for something else in Kmart (isn’t that how we all shop at Kmart… Go in for one thing, come out with arms full of other stuff?) and it was reduced to boot! I haven’t traditionally been a fan of Kmart clothes – and don’t get my wrong, their plus size range is DISMAL but I’m really impressed with their straight size line right now – super affordable and bang on trend.

I love the jewel green colour of this top – I love wearing a bright colour like this – and I could not think of a cheerier pairing than this top and necklace. Necklace was an impulse buy on sale at eQuip (picked it up for only $7!), when I bought it, I had no idea how or if I would wear it… But I love it paired with this outfit. Perfect addition to take this work outfit out to Friday night drinks…

After a few years of wearing thick black tights, I’m really loving sheers this winter. I really like the sheer 2pack plus size stockings at Kmart – they have a nice sheen and feel silky rather than crepe-y (if you know what I mean)… And for $5 a 2-pack, I’m not too devastated when I get a hole in them after 1 wear!

Top: Kmart
Skirt: Originally City Chic but bought from Ashley Rose
Neclace: eQuip
Stockings: Kmart
Heels: Torrid

Time to ‘do the rounds’ and see everyone else’s Green goodness…


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