Aussie Curves {Work}

Aussie Curves

This week’s Aussie Curves Theme is Work… and I’m going to tackle an issue that comes up on the AC wall all the time… Where to find great work pants.

Plain Black Work Pants are an absolute staple of my work wardrobe. Like a great canvas for a bold cami or statement necklace, great black pants are an essential wardrobe piece… But finding the right style can be very hard… I struggled for years finding great plus size work pants, but i think I’ve finally got the formula right, so I’m going to show you my three favorites.



These are my favorite pants *in the world* and I wear them to work all the time. I actually own three pair of these pants – one I keep for ‘good’ occasions, and the other two get worn weekly. Dorothy Perkins Supersoft Eden Skinny leg Jeggings are available up to a size 22. Size down for a great long lasting fit. I’ve had these 16R for months and months – still no bum sag! My ‘good’ pair are 14R and are the newest pair. They also come in Tall – not required for me, but I know it’s important info for some of you!


They are the least corporate of my work pants, and often get a run on days I have a lot of internal meetings (or those rare gems when I have no meetings!). I pair them a-lot with my slouchy Best & Less Blazers (yes, I have them in all the colours) or patterned/coloured blazers for a funky yet professional look. In these pictures, I’m wearing them with a plain black singlet, statement necklace from New Look, and my collarless Ombré blazer from Suzanne Grae…




A few weeks ago I was sent these gorgeous Wide Leg pants from Christine Kardashian after being named their In-betweener Blogger of the Week. The cut and fit of these pants are impeccable and they have quickly become a wardrobe staple. I love how dressy they are – and I can effortlessly look corporate, stylish and comfortable at the same time. I’m wearing a size 2.


The high waist is uber stylish – I tend not to wear a jacket with these pants – and if I was going to, it would have to be crop length to emphasis the great cut and line of the pants. Heels are a must for me in Wide Leg pants – the higher the better to elongate my shape.

To show these pants off properly, I always wear something tucked in – like my Dorothy Perkins Alphabet Shirt with cut out shoulders, and I’m also wearing a blingy necklace from eQuip.




The City Chic TDF work pants range coped a lot of flack – but I’m not sure why – I love them! And because they were unpopular – I got them for only $10 at the City Chic Factory Outlet in Campbelltown (naturally I bought a few). I’m wearing the pear shape, size 14. They are vanilla – easy to wear, easy to style, but a bit bland and safe. But, play a very important role in my work wardrobe, and regularly are paired with a peplum top for an easy no-thinking-required outfit (usually Monday morning!) that always looks good.


Here I have gone with a plain black singlet and this cute City Chic pinstripe jacket with suede elbow patches.


There you go – that’s my round up on Plus Size Black Work Pants or Trousers. I know it used to be something that I struggled to find, so I hope I’ve been able to show some different looks and you can find one that works for you!

What cut do you prefer… Skinny? Wide Leg? Or Bootcut?

Make sure you check out all the fabulous Aussie Curves ladies and look out for the #aussiecurves on Instagram.
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Aussie Curves {Homemade}


Ok, so a seamstress I am not – but here’s what I can do – cakes and customising…

So, first up… My obsession with Pinterest coupled with a whole two weeks off work due to illness lead to me buying the full rainbow pack of sharpies and going to town on all things canvas.

These shoes are the result.

iCurvy customised sneakers 2.jpg

I love that they are monotone so are a funky addition, without overpowering an outfit.

iCurvy - Homemade - Aussie Curves.jpg

iCurvy AC Homemade.jpg

Jacket: Best and Less (Oxblood slouchy blazer)
Singlet: New Look (Stag Print Singlet)
Pants: Dorothy Perkins (Black Eden Jeggings)
Necklace: eQuip
Shoes: Plain canvas sand shoes from Big W – customization by ME!

AC Homemade.jpg

iCurvy Plus Size Outfit_Homemade.jpg

iCurvy Customised sneakers.jpg

Secondly, it’s time to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with cake… What are we celebrating? Aussie Curves 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to AC. If you have had told me a year ago I would have “Internet friends” I would have laughted hysterically in your face. I am humbled and honored everyday being involved in AC. These ladies have provided, not only a space for plus size fashion and an extensive network of bargain hunters and shopping enablers… But a supportive group of friends whose body positivity, confidence, humour, courage, and lets face it, overwhelming hotness, inspire me each day.

You will have to stay tuned for the actual cake – it will be making an appearance at the AC 1st Birthday Party on Saturday night… So you will just have to check it out in my round up next week!

Aussie Curvesdisclaimer_aussiecurves12


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Peplum V Peplum

On the Aussie Curves Facebook page – girls are always asking for advice on the best peplum – where different brands sit on the torso, how long is the peplum… Since I own a whole lot of peplum tops from different brands, I thought I would do a compare and share on Peplums…

The figures on my figure

So, to be helpful, I’m going to list my measurements at the time of the photos… Hopefully it will be useful information for you all! By the way, I’m 169cms tall.


I decided to wear a dark patterned bra so you can also see the quality of the peplums as well. Obviously if I was wearing them out in public – I would wear a nude bra or singlet… But this post is all about being a helpful resource!

City Chic

I’m wearing a size XS.

I feel like CC peplums are longer in the torso and the frill is much lower.



I’m wearing a size 14.

I find the waist a lot higher on the autograph peplum, and so the frill is more exaggerated and sits out from the body.

Dorothy Perkins


I’m wearing a size 20. It’s slightly see through, but being white you would expect that. The peplum sits at a nice height on my natural waist, and I like the volume of the peplum. I’d prefer an extra cm of length on the frill – but it doesn’t really bother me…

I’m what was a bit of lucky break for this review, I have accidentally ordered a Dorothy Perkins Petite size peplum top – so you can see the difference… I’m wearing a size 20 petite – as you can see, much shorter in the torso and the frill finishes much higher than I am comfortable with…

New Look

This is from the New Look Inspire line, and it’s one if my favorite peplums. I’m wearing a size 18. The waist is nice and low, and there is the right volume in the peplum, so it doesn’t sit too far out from my body.

This is a hi-low peplum from the straight size New Look range – I’m wearing size 18. As you can see the material is super thin, but I thought I would include it here for comparison sake.

Big W

And lastly I’m wearing a size 16 from the Emerson line at Big W. material is quite thin, and hasn’t held up that well to wear, but I’ve always liked the shape and fit of this peplum.

Hope you found that all helpful!

Where is your favorite place to buy peplums?

Happy shopping!


Style Me Friday {Black and White}

So I’m deciding to tackle a dress that cause quite a bit of controversy at my house…

For those of you that follow me on Instagram (@icurvy), earlier this week I posted a picture of my new Black and White graphic dress from Dorothy Perkins.

Now, I love this dress, but it wasn’t so well received by my family. Mum didn’t like it, and my husband said the print…

Looks like a loudspeaker for your vagina

Such great compliments!

The lovely folks on IG agreed with me that the dress was great, and suggested the family might like it better when it was styled properly. And what a great opportunity to get dressed up, and show it off for Black and White Style Me Friday.

I’m taking my style inspiration today from Rochelle Humes from The Saturdays… This bold graphic TopShop dress was very popular with celebs – with the likes of Serena Williams and Ciara also snapped wearing this black and white bodycon beauty…


I should probably call this one a copycat look rather than ‘inspired’ as I have gone for almost identical styling!



Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Jacket: City Chic
Boots: Autograph Fashions
Ring: New Look




(Another) Dorothy Perkins Haul!

I don’t have an excuse… There was a sale, and I wanted dresses.

(See the other Dorothy Perkins hauls here and here)

So, long story short, here what I bought…

It was Fashion Week, I love a discount code, and I got 30% off my whole order, and free postage!


Size: 18
Fits like: 16
Pros: The black sparkles on navy is uber cool. The pattern is amazing. Shoulder pads are genius, fabric is very good quality and the gems are fixed well.
Cons: Fit is small, its not just an 18 that fits like a 16, it would be a small 16.
Buy it here



Size: 16
Fits like: 16-18
Pros: Cute pattern, great price
Cons: no lining, very thin material, more like a jersey cardigan than a jacket
Buy it here



Size: 16
Fits like: 16
Pros: Beautiful print, gorgeous cut, the cut out at the back is super cute
Cons: no stretch, material is not what I was expecting. Like a stiff matt cotton – still lovely though. Doesn’t fit me (yet)
Buy it here



Size: 16
Fits like: 18
Pros: Great dress! Exposed zip and pattern is great. 3/4 sleeve is great!
Cons: Not lined, thin-ish material
Buy it here



Size: 16
Fits like: 18
Pros: Now this dress is stunning! So sparkly, the lace is beautiful, the sequins are beautiful. The colour is gorgeous.
Cons: The ribbon around the waist is a little funny – kind stuff and awkward. Sequins are super scratchy and the neck line is quite high. Quite big in the waist.
Buy it here



Size: 16
Fits like: 16-18
Pros: By far, the favorite item in this haul. I do have an obsession with sunray pleats, but this dress is the bomb.
Cons: none. Lined, good length, good fit, well made
Buy it here



Size: 16
Fits like: 16-18
Pros: It’s WAY more stunning than the pictures! Could not be more happy with this tunic.
Cons: I wouldn’t call it a dress, way too short for a dress. Much more like a tunic.
Buy it here



Size: 16
Fits like: 16-18
Pros: Wide sleeve holes (I was a bit worried), belt was a good length.
Cons: I was unsure about whether to get this dress, but I’m pretty happy with it, although its quite short.
Buy it here



Size: 18
Fits like: 16-18
Pros: The print is pretty freaking awesome!
Cons: Fit is a little small… and now looking at the pictures, I’m wondering its its drawing too much attention to my ‘downstairs’ area?
Buy it here


Dorothy Perkins Haul – Part 1

I know it seems like I have done a lot of online shopping lately. Thats probably because I have.

I stick to (an almost) zero budget – in that I have to sell clothes to buy clothes. Because of my weigthloss, I’m finding it easier than ever before to part with clothes – mainly because they dont fit anymore.

I was never much of a Dorothy Perkins fan when I lived in London. To be honest – I dont ever remember shopping in a store. But recently I have become obessed!

eek – maybe its because im older now. I see value in clothes that can be worn to work as well as on weekends. Plus, If im going to spend 60 hours a week in the office – I may as well LOVE what I’m wearing.

Dorothy Perkins is a bit more expensive than New Look, but probably on par with ASOS in terms of both quality and price. I have always found their garments to be well made, and I have been impressed with the quality of the fabric.

I do find that their jersey and ponte starts to pill after a while – but I tend to wear chuncky necklaces and are not helping the matter.

DP postage is pretty quick. I placed this order on the 29th March and it arrived on the 8th April. Postage is generally around 10pounds, but they have promotions very frequently for free international shipping. They also do great discount codes – and if there is nothing currently on offer (and you are a student) than you can get a 15% off discount code through Unidays.

So, for this order, I got free international shipping and 15% Unidays discount. The discounts apply to sale items too – which is a nice touch – expecially since I was buying a bit of sale stuff 🙂

Petite lace sweetheart dress

Now, I didnt read the first word for this dress – I just saw it and loved it. Serves me right – it’s PETITE and I am NOT. It fits – dont get me wrong – it fits beautifully – its just miles too short. My friends would call this a Gosford Skirt (as its only a short distance from the Entrance) – thats a little joke for the NSW folks out there.

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: Cute blush colour, nice fit, good quality lace
Cons: Length and if im being really picky, the arm hole size could have been bigger – but thats probably my fault for not reading the word Petite!
Price: £24.00
Find it here
I plan to style this dress with leggings for winter anyway, so it will not be that much of a drama.


Ivory foil pussybow blouse

Size: 18
Fits like: 18-20
Pros: The gold foil print is STUNNING
Cons: It doesnt come with an undershirt/singlet – just the sheer layer. That was clear in the description, but for the price, would have been nice
Paid: £26.00
Find it here


Eden black ultra soft jegging

If I could afford to get these in every colour available I would. Great amount of stretch, great fit.
Size: 16R
Fits like: 18
Pros: I LOVE these. I order a size smaller as they are superstretchy and I like my jeggings tight (plus they will last me longer). I wore my size 20 Cement coloured ones from sizes 22 – 18. I only recently got rid of them as they were a bit baggy in the bum – still great in the legs.
Cons: Nil
Paid: £23.00
Find it here


Here they are together


Coral bonded lace panelled top

I wasnt sure on this one – but ABSOLUTELY love it.
Size: 20
Fits like: 18-20
Pros: I took a gamble on the sizing for this one as they didnt have an 18. It’s perfect. Love the little cap sleeves. Love the colour. Love the Zip detail on the back for something a little funky (it has a black and gold exposed zip down almost the length of the back of the top). Love the length – it comes down to just the right point for me! Love that its bonded lace so it doesn’t get caught on necklaces and earring, but still has a beautiful texture.
Cons: Nil
Paid: ON SALE £15.00
Find it here
I wore it out to dinner on Saturday with my New Look Silver Collar necklace…


Embroidered yoke Western shirt

Size: 16
Fits like: 16
Pros: Im dissapointed in this one
Cons: I was surprised by the materials – it was like a cheescloth – It was a little disappointing – there was nothing on the website to give me an indication that it would be that fabric. The whole top just looks a little more hokey than I was expecting. In a different material, with embrodery thread – this may have looked great. Did not live up to expectation.
Paid: ON SALE £17.00
Find it here


Black and stone graphic dress

At least I’m finishing up Part 1 on a high – I LOVE this dress!!
Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: Fully lined, very well finished. nice cut and pattern
Cons: Top half is a perfect 18, bottom half is tighter, not unwearable – but im not sure this is supposed to be bodycon and that is how it is fitting. Still looks good as far as I’m concerned – just not sure I would be able to sit in it all day at work.
Paid: £25.00
Find it here