Floral Pants – Three ways (Part 3)… The round up!

For the last two days I have been styling these statement Floral Pants from Autograph. Getting a good cost per wear is important – and being able to style a strong print piece in completely different ways is the best way to get value from a statement piece.

After covering off Work and Casual – it’s time to have some fun and style it for a Night out!


Today I’ve paired the pants with a black and mesh bodysuit from New Look. The bodysuit gives me a great smooth line, and always stays in place. Not wanting to take away from the neckline of the bodysuit, I decided on a statement belt and some big gold earrings to match…



I added some sky high platform heels from Torrid – I’m not particularly short or tall (169cms) – but I do find that some killer heels with ankle length pants makes my legs look extra long. I usually avoid 7/8th or crop pants for fear of making me look short and stumpy – but with a good pair of heels – I think they actually have the opposite effect and make me look taller. You know that ‘rule’ about having a garment finish at the skinniest part of your leg – I think my ankles are the skinniest part of me leg – and the 7/8th length is quite flattering. This style managed to surprise me!



Top: Mesh Bodysuit from New Look
Pants: Autograph Floral Pants
Belt: City Chic
Heels: Torrid
Earrings: A present from Secret Santa last year
Jacket: Sequin Bomber Jacket from Harlow



In a stroke of serendipity – these pants are now ON SALE (All pants at Autograph are $40 for a limited time) so if you like them – be quick to snap up a pair!

So that’s it – getting value from a statement pair of pants by wearing them different ways… Which was your favorite look?


Disclosure: This post was made in partnership with Autograph


Floral Pants: Three ways (Part 2)

Remember these pants?

You should, I was only talking about them yesterday! Aren’t they fab?

So yesterday I styled up these great Autograph Fashion Floral pants for work – and today I’m having some fun and going bright – really bright!


This neon top was in Sussans – and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love! I actually find wearing it with a print tones it down a bit – with plain black pants it can be pretty blinding. With so many fabulous hues in the print of these pants – it’s easy to find a bright coloured top to match in.

I’ve kept the accessories simple and black – there’s more than enough going on without introducing another element.


Pants: Autograph Fashion Floral Pants. I’m wearing size 14.
Top: Sussans Neon Pink Top. I’m wearing size 12.
Wedges: Kmart
Necklace: hmmm… It’s really old, I’m sorry I don’t remember…

The same look can be achieved by choosing any one of the fabulous colours in the print! On the Autograph website – I also found this Turquiose Lattice Back Shirt, or if your quick, you could snap this Autograph Fuchsia Peplum on SALE which would also look great paired with these pants!

Aaaaaand tomorrow I’ll be styling these beauties for a night out!

HOT BREAKING NEWS!!! These pants are now on sale for just $40! All Autograph pants are on sale for a limited time only so make sure you head over there now to check out the sale!

Disclosure: This post was made in partnership with Autograph

Aussie Curves {Homemade}


Ok, so a seamstress I am not – but here’s what I can do – cakes and customising…

So, first up… My obsession with Pinterest coupled with a whole two weeks off work due to illness lead to me buying the full rainbow pack of sharpies and going to town on all things canvas.

These shoes are the result.

iCurvy customised sneakers 2.jpg

I love that they are monotone so are a funky addition, without overpowering an outfit.

iCurvy - Homemade - Aussie Curves.jpg

iCurvy AC Homemade.jpg

Jacket: Best and Less (Oxblood slouchy blazer)
Singlet: New Look (Stag Print Singlet)
Pants: Dorothy Perkins (Black Eden Jeggings)
Necklace: eQuip
Shoes: Plain canvas sand shoes from Big W – customization by ME!

AC Homemade.jpg

iCurvy Plus Size Outfit_Homemade.jpg

iCurvy Customised sneakers.jpg

Secondly, it’s time to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with cake… What are we celebrating? Aussie Curves 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to AC. If you have had told me a year ago I would have “Internet friends” I would have laughted hysterically in your face. I am humbled and honored everyday being involved in AC. These ladies have provided, not only a space for plus size fashion and an extensive network of bargain hunters and shopping enablers… But a supportive group of friends whose body positivity, confidence, humour, courage, and lets face it, overwhelming hotness, inspire me each day.

You will have to stay tuned for the actual cake – it will be making an appearance at the AC 1st Birthday Party on Saturday night… So you will just have to check it out in my round up next week!

Aussie Curvesdisclaimer_aussiecurves12


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Aussie Curves {Ruffles}

Aussie Curves

Stumped. Absolutely, positively stumped by the theme of ruffles.

I don’t know when I stopped buying them. I used to have a wardrobe full of ruffles – on everything – dresses, shoes, cardigans, skirts. But as I stare into my wardrobe… I’m coming up completely blank.

It wasn’t a conscious decision. I just must have stopped buying them.

I considered doing peplums as a ruffle – but I recently did a post that included almost every peplum I own to compare and contrast different brands (read it here). It would be a bit of an easy out. So I decided to head to the shops to see if there were any ruffles that took my fancy, not to buy, just for inspiration… and I still couldn’t find anything ruffled that I really liked…

I was completely prepared to be sitting this one out.

Then I was sitting at my desk and realised that my cardigan had a waterfall edge – a ruffle!

A couple of happy snaps in the office later, and I have a very very brief post for ruffles week!


Cardigan: Crossroads

Sweater Dress: Vitru

Belt: City Chic

Boots: Torrid


Yes, its a long bow to be drawing – but better to be involved than sitting on the sidelines!

Oh, and please excue the Security pass which I forgot to remove. But on a side note – how CUTE is my new badge reel? It’s from Etsy



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Aussie Curves {Metallic}

I had my outfit all chosen, and my post written, but I’ve ended up somewhere totally different for this week’s Aussie Curves challenge – Metallic! That’s why I love this challenge – forcing me to think outside the box!
On Saturday morning, I dashed to the shops to buy a black jacket for my trip to Melbourne in a couple of weeks and got some collateral items – most of which are included in this post 🙂 nothing better than showing off some new bargains!
Starting with the jumper… It’s Valley Girl, and it’s a M… To be fair – it’s a little shorter than I would ideally like, and if they had a L, I would have bought it in that size – but the point is more that the M fits fine – it’s not a shop I have ever paid attention to in the past on the assumption that nothing would fit – I’m so glad that Suger styled a Valley Girl jumper in her Leather AC post – it’s opened up a whole new shop of possibilities 🙂 this jumper was on sale for $15!

The slouchy blazer is another new purchase – from Best and Less. I’m actually wearing the size 18 from their straight size line, but Lily and Lou do a +size version with a white, blue or leopard print lapel. I love the slouchy front pockets and the 3/4 sleeves. All winter clothing at Best and Less is currently 30%off too – it’s worth checking out. I had another 5 or 6 items I could have easily bought too – it’s another store that is a bit unexpected for style pieces – but I have always found it worth checking out…

The jeans are from Target – they are black coated (metallic) jeans – they look a bit like leather-look, but less shine and more sheen if that makes sense?

Straight after work I’m heading out to dinner with my hubby’s family for a 70th birthday. I will be wearing everything but the pants to work today (I will put on plain black pants) as the metallic jeans are just a bit too much for the office. I’ll pop these fab pants on before I head to dinner!

Jumper: Valley Girl
Blazer: Best and Less
Jeans: Target
Necklace: eQuip (and another worn as a bracelet)
Shoes: Rubi Shoes
Clutch: Colette

Here is a close up of the gorgeous pearl and bronze knit jumper with Rosé gold sequins…

So today’s post, although Metallic themed, seemed to be more about my Saturday morning shopping trip… But it’s always good to share bargains (or enable those around you to spend their money)…

I hope wherever you are, the weather is nicer than Sydney! I’m off to do the rounds and see what everyone else is wearing for Metallic Week!



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A Peek Inside… My (Plus size) Wedding

It turns out, that despite all my wonderful outfit posts (well I think they are wonderful) the most popular photo on my blog is actually a little picture of my from my wedding!


So, I’m giving the people what they want… A peek inside my wedding 🙂


My husband and I met in 2006 in a beginners Snowboarding class in France. We lived together in London before moving back home to Australia. We got engaged in 2008, and we knew we wanted to have a destination wedding! We decided on Fiji, and gave all of our family and friends 2 years notice that on 20/10/2010 we would be married on he Coral Coast of Fiji.

We had 80 of our family and closest friends travel to Fiji for our wedding and it was seriously the best week of our lives!

The search for a plus size wedding dress was not a difficult one for me… A had a fabulous experience at all four dress shops that I went to – not once did I feel judged because I was plus size – each of the girls went out of their way to make sure I tried on any style that I wanted. I have to make special mention of the team at Dress Sense in Miranda NSW, those girls unpicked dresses to get them over my hips – the were all seamstresses and nothing was too much trouble. So, after allowing me to try on all the beachy flowy dresses I wanted, the seamstress asked me to try on one for her – apart from the bit of sparkly bling – it was nothing like the dress I thought I wanted. It was strapless, it was A-line, it had a sweetheart neckline, it was a corset – and it was perfect. Blew everything else I tried on out of the water. I got straps added to the dress for a bit of extra support, but I was in love!


I had my sister, my sister-in-law and my best friend as my bridesmaids – and I found them great colourful maxi dresses from Sussans (of all places!), in fact these dresses were the very first wedding-related thing that was purchased and the entire colour scheme for the wedding was based on these dresses!


Now, the groomsmen had quite a lot of fun… I had their shirts custom made to match the girls dresses.


While the girls were getting ready, the boys relaxed and enjoyed the view (and a beer)

I did my own hair and makeup on the day – this also helped me hold back the tears during the ceremony as I didn’t want to have to fix my makeup!


The day was perfect, and we had the most fabulous time….




I also did a Trash the Dress session the next day… I’ll post those photos soon.

Hope you enjoyed the peek inside my wedding!

Aussie Curves {Green}

So I’m trying to be a real smarty pants this week, and have both a green coloured, and ‘green’ outfit. Since second hand week was before I joined the challenge, today I’m going to showcase a skirt I bought second hand! Even better – I bought it from an Aussie Curvette 🙂

As someone who does her fair share of retail therapy, I do get the guilts about my consumerism, and the cost of my wardrobe on the environment. I’m not at all opposed to buying clothes second hand – my go-to is eBay. I wish I was the op-shop type – but it’s really not me. I also try to sell on my clothes when they don’t fit anymore – as well as doing the ‘green’ thing, it also means that I can recoup some money (to buy more clothes) and most importantly my clothes get to continue to be worn and have new fabulous adventures!

Knowing I wanted to wear my ‘green’ 2nd hand City Chic Skirt, I went shopping in my closet for a green top… Now, I like green, I think I look good in green, but curiously, when searching for it, there was a serious lack of green in my wardrobe. I took the opportunity to search the City Chic sale racks and came up with zilch (zilch green… i bought other things in the sale obviously). Then, I spotted the perfect top while looking for something else in Kmart (isn’t that how we all shop at Kmart… Go in for one thing, come out with arms full of other stuff?) and it was reduced to boot! I haven’t traditionally been a fan of Kmart clothes – and don’t get my wrong, their plus size range is DISMAL but I’m really impressed with their straight size line right now – super affordable and bang on trend.

I love the jewel green colour of this top – I love wearing a bright colour like this – and I could not think of a cheerier pairing than this top and necklace. Necklace was an impulse buy on sale at eQuip (picked it up for only $7!), when I bought it, I had no idea how or if I would wear it… But I love it paired with this outfit. Perfect addition to take this work outfit out to Friday night drinks…

After a few years of wearing thick black tights, I’m really loving sheers this winter. I really like the sheer 2pack plus size stockings at Kmart – they have a nice sheen and feel silky rather than crepe-y (if you know what I mean)… And for $5 a 2-pack, I’m not too devastated when I get a hole in them after 1 wear!

Top: Kmart
Skirt: Originally City Chic but bought from Ashley Rose
Neclace: eQuip
Stockings: Kmart
Heels: Torrid

Time to ‘do the rounds’ and see everyone else’s Green goodness…


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