Who doesn’t love a flash sale!

So y’all loved my post on where to buy great work pants… And now I have some news that’s definitely squeal-worthy!

Remember these fabulous wide leg pants from Christine Kardashian? (I’m wearing a size 2 – AU14)


Well… What if I told you, you can snap them up for only $50AUD (Including delivery)?

Want even better news? their entire current collection will be on sale for $50 each!

For some amazing pieces like the wide-leg jumpsuit that I’ve been lusting after – that’s $395 down to only $50.

The Flash ‘Fifty’ Sale

What’s the catch? Well, we all wait with baited breath for the sale to begin as it will start with once Christine Kardasian receives 1050 likes on Facebook. Which is great news – because you can help this sale launch ASAP by heading over to their Facebook page and hitting the like button! Super keen for designer clothes at a bargain price? Share the page. Get your friends, your mum, your sister, that girl from high school that you didn’t even talk to but are somehow friends on Facebook to Like the Christine Kardashian Facebook Page

I’m as keen as you guys to get this sale up and running. More information about the sale can be found here.

Here are a couple of pieces I have my eye on:




So… Hop to it! Get liking, and score some Australian Designer clothes for an absolute steal!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I’m just as keen as you to take advantage of the sale! I need that jumpsuit in my life!


City Chic Factory Outlet

My netball game got rained out yesterday, and since I was half way to Campbelltown, I decided to drive out to the City Chic Factory Outlet at Brands On Sale to see what they have on offer.


I usually don’t bother to go the the outlet during the sales, but thought I would give it a go and report back in case anyone else was considering coming visiting the outlet.

I was really surprised with the stock levels! There were a lot of the sale items available in the other stores – but many many more sizes available. There was also lots of stock from the last sale too (I recognized quite a few pieces).

There were peplum tops and skater dresses galore!



I ended up getting the white bridal corset for $15, the white stop with mesh trim and studs for $15, and the mirror floral shirt for $20 (so stoked, picture below).


I ended up passing on this dress – a decision I’m sure will haunt me as I really do love it – I just felt like the sizing was a bit off. It looks OK in the picture but I was wearing an XS and it felt miles too big.


So, I’m a happy girl, and happy to say that the factory outlet was worth the drive! The staff were incredible helpful, and the whispers I have been hearing about a City Chic loyalty program was confirmed – they also confirmed at all your membership purchases to date will be taken into consideration – so long time big spenders (like myself) will be rewarded for our years of loyal shopping! YAY!

Considering it was a factory outlet store, the clothes were well organized and not chaotic. They need to fix the terrible lighting in the changerooms though – but I guess not many people are in the changeroom trying to blog 🙂

Happy shopping!


Brands On Sale
32 Queen Street, Campbelltown
9am – 5pm
7 days