Floral Pants – Three ways (Part 3)… The round up!

For the last two days I have been styling these statement Floral Pants from Autograph. Getting a good cost per wear is important – and being able to style a strong print piece in completely different ways is the best way to get value from a statement piece.

After covering off Work and Casual – it’s time to have some fun and style it for a Night out!


Today I’ve paired the pants with a black and mesh bodysuit from New Look. The bodysuit gives me a great smooth line, and always stays in place. Not wanting to take away from the neckline of the bodysuit, I decided on a statement belt and some big gold earrings to match…



I added some sky high platform heels from Torrid – I’m not particularly short or tall (169cms) – but I do find that some killer heels with ankle length pants makes my legs look extra long. I usually avoid 7/8th or crop pants for fear of making me look short and stumpy – but with a good pair of heels – I think they actually have the opposite effect and make me look taller. You know that ‘rule’ about having a garment finish at the skinniest part of your leg – I think my ankles are the skinniest part of me leg – and the 7/8th length is quite flattering. This style managed to surprise me!



Top: Mesh Bodysuit from New Look
Pants: Autograph Floral Pants
Belt: City Chic
Heels: Torrid
Earrings: A present from Secret Santa last year
Jacket: Sequin Bomber Jacket from Harlow



In a stroke of serendipity – these pants are now ON SALE (All pants at Autograph are $40 for a limited time) so if you like them – be quick to snap up a pair!

So that’s it – getting value from a statement pair of pants by wearing them different ways… Which was your favorite look?


Disclosure: This post was made in partnership with Autograph


Floral Pants: Three ways (Part 2)

Remember these pants?

You should, I was only talking about them yesterday! Aren’t they fab?

So yesterday I styled up these great Autograph Fashion Floral pants for work – and today I’m having some fun and going bright – really bright!


This neon top was in Sussans – and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love! I actually find wearing it with a print tones it down a bit – with plain black pants it can be pretty blinding. With so many fabulous hues in the print of these pants – it’s easy to find a bright coloured top to match in.

I’ve kept the accessories simple and black – there’s more than enough going on without introducing another element.


Pants: Autograph Fashion Floral Pants. I’m wearing size 14.
Top: Sussans Neon Pink Top. I’m wearing size 12.
Wedges: Kmart
Necklace: hmmm… It’s really old, I’m sorry I don’t remember…

The same look can be achieved by choosing any one of the fabulous colours in the print! On the Autograph website – I also found this Turquiose Lattice Back Shirt, or if your quick, you could snap this Autograph Fuchsia Peplum on SALE which would also look great paired with these pants!

Aaaaaand tomorrow I’ll be styling these beauties for a night out!

HOT BREAKING NEWS!!! These pants are now on sale for just $40! All Autograph pants are on sale for a limited time only so make sure you head over there now to check out the sale!

Disclosure: This post was made in partnership with Autograph

Dorothy Perkins Haul – Part 1

I know it seems like I have done a lot of online shopping lately. Thats probably because I have.

I stick to (an almost) zero budget – in that I have to sell clothes to buy clothes. Because of my weigthloss, I’m finding it easier than ever before to part with clothes – mainly because they dont fit anymore.

I was never much of a Dorothy Perkins fan when I lived in London. To be honest – I dont ever remember shopping in a store. But recently I have become obessed!

eek – maybe its because im older now. I see value in clothes that can be worn to work as well as on weekends. Plus, If im going to spend 60 hours a week in the office – I may as well LOVE what I’m wearing.

Dorothy Perkins is a bit more expensive than New Look, but probably on par with ASOS in terms of both quality and price. I have always found their garments to be well made, and I have been impressed with the quality of the fabric.

I do find that their jersey and ponte starts to pill after a while – but I tend to wear chuncky necklaces and are not helping the matter.

DP postage is pretty quick. I placed this order on the 29th March and it arrived on the 8th April. Postage is generally around 10pounds, but they have promotions very frequently for free international shipping. They also do great discount codes – and if there is nothing currently on offer (and you are a student) than you can get a 15% off discount code through Unidays.

So, for this order, I got free international shipping and 15% Unidays discount. The discounts apply to sale items too – which is a nice touch – expecially since I was buying a bit of sale stuff 🙂

Petite lace sweetheart dress

Now, I didnt read the first word for this dress – I just saw it and loved it. Serves me right – it’s PETITE and I am NOT. It fits – dont get me wrong – it fits beautifully – its just miles too short. My friends would call this a Gosford Skirt (as its only a short distance from the Entrance) – thats a little joke for the NSW folks out there.

Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: Cute blush colour, nice fit, good quality lace
Cons: Length and if im being really picky, the arm hole size could have been bigger – but thats probably my fault for not reading the word Petite!
Price: £24.00
Find it here
I plan to style this dress with leggings for winter anyway, so it will not be that much of a drama.


Ivory foil pussybow blouse

Size: 18
Fits like: 18-20
Pros: The gold foil print is STUNNING
Cons: It doesnt come with an undershirt/singlet – just the sheer layer. That was clear in the description, but for the price, would have been nice
Paid: £26.00
Find it here


Eden black ultra soft jegging

If I could afford to get these in every colour available I would. Great amount of stretch, great fit.
Size: 16R
Fits like: 18
Pros: I LOVE these. I order a size smaller as they are superstretchy and I like my jeggings tight (plus they will last me longer). I wore my size 20 Cement coloured ones from sizes 22 – 18. I only recently got rid of them as they were a bit baggy in the bum – still great in the legs.
Cons: Nil
Paid: £23.00
Find it here


Here they are together


Coral bonded lace panelled top

I wasnt sure on this one – but ABSOLUTELY love it.
Size: 20
Fits like: 18-20
Pros: I took a gamble on the sizing for this one as they didnt have an 18. It’s perfect. Love the little cap sleeves. Love the colour. Love the Zip detail on the back for something a little funky (it has a black and gold exposed zip down almost the length of the back of the top). Love the length – it comes down to just the right point for me! Love that its bonded lace so it doesn’t get caught on necklaces and earring, but still has a beautiful texture.
Cons: Nil
Paid: ON SALE £15.00
Find it here
I wore it out to dinner on Saturday with my New Look Silver Collar necklace…


Embroidered yoke Western shirt

Size: 16
Fits like: 16
Pros: Im dissapointed in this one
Cons: I was surprised by the materials – it was like a cheescloth – It was a little disappointing – there was nothing on the website to give me an indication that it would be that fabric. The whole top just looks a little more hokey than I was expecting. In a different material, with embrodery thread – this may have looked great. Did not live up to expectation.
Paid: ON SALE £17.00
Find it here


Black and stone graphic dress

At least I’m finishing up Part 1 on a high – I LOVE this dress!!
Size: 18
Fits like: 18
Pros: Fully lined, very well finished. nice cut and pattern
Cons: Top half is a perfect 18, bottom half is tighter, not unwearable – but im not sure this is supposed to be bodycon and that is how it is fitting. Still looks good as far as I’m concerned – just not sure I would be able to sit in it all day at work.
Paid: £25.00
Find it here


Online shopping binge

Warning: there’s no makeup in the pictures in this post. Readers easily offended by dark eye circles and uneven skin tone should turn away now! 🙂

So with the proceeds of my market stall burning a hole in my pockets, my online shopping ban was lifted and I gorged myself on Easter sales…

My peplum addiction continued with three more from City Chic. Now, the one listed as ‘Neon Coral’ wasn’t showing up on their website, but the purple one seemed quite tame so I ordered it anyway… I love it, I’m just not quite sure how I will wear/style it… Any neon tips appreciated 🙂
br />
I also did a stint at Crossroads. Their sale was pretty incredible, 40% off everything, including sale stock. So for $90 I got 2 shirts and three dresses. And postage was free. The shirts I had my eye on for a while and I was so excited to pick them up in sale. The dresses were all impulse buys and I’m pretty darn happy!

I always have issues in the bust with Crossroads. I bought an 18 on all of the clothes, and they are all a little tight on the bust. Nothing that a minimizer and a few safety pins can’t handle though…

My favorite item has to be the Collar Tips Shirt. Front cut out details, gold buttons and collar tips, hi-low style… It’s fabulous in so many ways.



I’ve paired it here with my Kmart velvet patterned jeans (damask) in deep blue, and my tab heels from Betts.


The other top was a Chambray press stud shirt with a light blue lace yoke. This shirt came with a nude suede belt – which was ridiculously small! It didn’t even go half way round my waist! Don’t know what went on there with the sizing but it was a fail. I have a tonne of belts that will work, so I’m not worried, just annoying.


Yup – that is the belt that came with the top around my thigh!!

My biggest splurge was at New Look and when my packages arrive (yes plural) I will do a separate review :)<